Soyabean (Soya Nuggets) Tikki and chunks in Gravy -Revisited

soyabean tikki

This month Sia of Monsoonspice , is hosting JFI soya.

Since I already had posted both the recipes with soybean on sindhirasoi, I am re posting them just for dear Sia. Hope this finds place in your event:-)

Soybean Tikki

This is yet another favorite of mine and I love making these wonderful soya-potato tikkis again and again.Simple, easy to make, delicious and healthy too.

The recipe is here

Soyabean tikki whole

And other one is Soybean Chunks in Gravy

This one is hot favorite of family,hubby dear likes to have this with Roti,while I love to binge upon it with  hot and spicyyyyyyyyy Bhugha chaawaran (browned onion rice).

It’s recipe is posted here

soyabean in gravy

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3 thoughts on “Soyabean (Soya Nuggets) Tikki and chunks in Gravy -Revisited

  1. tikki lajawaab hain! Very beautiful and crisp:)

  2. Alka,
    Love the way the tikkis look, yummy. lovely pictures. I love anything made of Soya yours again are quiet different from how we cook it.

  3. That looks amazing! Wonder how it will turn up if I baked them! Hmm

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