Click Crust for Jugalbandi

click crust

Jai and Bee of Jugalbandi are one of my inspiration behind food photography.Trust these guys for some cool pics and heady stuff in all of their posts.And my personal favorites are of course the fuming “Forgive Me My Nonsense“.I confess that i am always more interested in their pics and rantings,than their recipes(sorry guys)

Jugalbandi comes up every month with a CLICK food photography event,with some amazing themes.And i would lie if i say that I am not tempted to come in their  25 best pics list,so what if i had not succeeded till now?I am not gonna give up so soon 🙂

This month theme is crust, and it’s details are here So Bee,here is my  entry for your Click- Crust theme.

The above picture is of a Semolina Rusk. According to wikipedia….A rusk is a rectangular, hard, dry biscuit or a twice-baked bread (zwieback). It is sometimes used as a baby weaning food. In the UK, the name also refers to as  food additive.In sindhi  we call this as Tosh,and mostly enjoy it with Adrak waali chai (ginger tea)

I placed this rusk over my balcony,where the green swinging trees and mushroomed apartments provided a sort of  contrasting backdrop.Since the breeze was heavy,no matter how hard i tried,some crumbs did scattered around,so i left them as it is !

Hope i had done justice to your theme

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16 thoughts on “Click Crust for Jugalbandi

  1. Now that’s some serious crust.

  2. Oh!! So crisp – I feel like just picking it up and biting into it:)

  3. hey alka, thanks for stopping by my blog. well u might want to grate the amul cheese cubes and then spread it on the sandwich. cubed cheese would not give strings. u can even cut really thin slices and then place it on the bread. but i feel grated is better. let me knw if u try it out.

  4. This is such a simple yet beautiful shot.
    Semolina Rusk, is that store brought ? I like such crusty toasts with Milk.

  5. Looks lovely, great capture!

  6. nice shot Alka. Best of Luck

  7. wowowo, how did u make it stand?, nice click

  8. Look really great. I hope you win this time.

  9. thats a lovely click..really cute

  10. Thats a lovely click…looks cute..

  11. what a lovely concept!!! thank you, dear alka. i’m off to rant now.

  12. Thanks Alka for bringing the error to my notice. The word blogspot was misspelt. Since Autofill settings was on, always the misspel link got in. Now I have corrected it. Thanks again.

  13. Nice click. Good idea to use nature at the background.

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