Rules are meant to be broken

Hello everybody,

This is to let you all know that the last date of JUST FOR YOU Event had been extended till 18 th of February


Well firstly ,many of fellow bloggers complained that they are planning to make something special for their dear ones(read… hubby dear) on V-day.So they cannot send me their entries before 12th of February as was announced.And asked  me could they get few extra days to participate in this event?I was confused as what to do,but kept postponing to decide upon that(sorry for my fumbling mind dearies !)

Then i myself got occupied with my kid’s exams and some more unavoidable stuff,which i have to look upon,so as it is i, won’t be able to post a round up anytime before next week.So why not let the entries keep pouring in till then 🙂

Finally  a thing that compelled me to bend the rules was a Email from one of the Lady,who wished to participate in this event,and since she do not have a food blog,she send me in the recipe and even the step by step pics.Moreover that recipe is a Sindhi Special,so i decided to post it here on my blog,in place of just adding it in roundup,coz i cannot obviously include the whole recipe and pictorial ,in the roundup along with loads of other lovely entries,thanks to all the enthusiastic blogger friends around(Did i mentioned a Big Thank you to you all sweeties ?)

So now JFU will be running for few more days,so those who are celebrating Valentine day with something cooked for someone special,do share that with us too,through this JFU event

Bye for now and do return back,for yet another Sindhi Special recipe,send in by a dear Visitor of the blog.

Off i go to draft her post………Tada ………

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3 thoughts on “Rules are meant to be broken

  1. Are you allowing more than one entry?,perhaps I could send another recipe.And thanks for your kind comments.
    Please trail back to my blog for a Token of gratitude🙂

  2. Will try to send in something!

  3. I will try to send something for you.

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