Click April ~Autumn/Spring

Jugalbandits declared this  month’s Click Theme  as Autumn/Spring

In India Spring lasts for too short and by the time Jugalbandits announced the theme, Summer had already set in .The harsh sun rays doomed the blossoming flowers , and the green vegetables were no longer green when they landed at my refrigerator

So with reluctant  mind, i am submitting this picture of Spinach in basket as my Entry for this month’s Theme

Thank you Jai (and Bee too) for the Forums, I am so glad that such a place exists for Amateur Photographers like me to learn from my mistakes before submitting a picture for the Event, for the whole world to see and grin

I tried to work on the things you pointed out, but i know i  still have a long way to go before i am satisfied with my Clicks .I somehow was unable to highlight the spinach ( the basket  hogged the limelight in all pictures).And also i failed to keep the white blank spaces from all sides 🙁

Now with no more time in my hands to  experiment further, here i go …..


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17 thoughts on “Click April ~Autumn/Spring

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  2. thank you, dear alka, for a beautiful entry. i loved the dill in the other pic, though. i contrasted nicely with the spinach.

  3. Wow…lovely click!

  4. lovely click,..looks so fresh…

  5. elegant and lovely click!

  6. Looks great Alka..Well captured..

  7. The picture looks great Alka. I love your spirit and your attitude. Great job though.

  8. Cute click Alka! Am sure it will click the click! 😀

  9. Nice Job.You will do it !!!(am sure)

  10. Gorgeous and perfect click.

  11. Beautiful click alka!!! I haven’t sent my entry yet…

  12. it looks good to me Alka. Why would you be reluctant? That is a real cute basket:-)

  13. Wow awesome click… Looka authentic and picture perfect,..

  14. The click is just GR8!!!!!!!

  15. hey Alka,the picture looks simply superb..dont be reluctant yaar..

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