Link Your Recipes of # Potato

In case you are not aware of the event just announced at SindhiRasoi, called Link Your Recipes Of…. , then let me quote the announcement.

LYRO is an ongoing event at Sindhirasoi, an event wherein I request you all (Especially, the adorable and awesome food bloggers here!) to link back here, the recipes from you blog. If that recipe is not yet published , write in brief about the ingredients , measurements and the procedure in the comment section.This holds valid for non food bloggers too, who want to share their recipes.

So to begin with, we need to choose an ingredient which will be in spotlight for a week.And is it hard to know which ingredient rules  our kitchens? Ofcourse a Potato.

Pic. courtesy here

Boil it, roast it, fry it, stuff it, add to curries, fill in  Pita breads, make parathas, make sandwiches, group it with bittergourds, pair it with peas, mix it in salads or fill it in wraps, make Tikkis, or make koftas..its importance cannot be neglected, when it comes to pick the most versatile vegetable. So I am sure you have plenty of recipes to share with us, where potato shines as a main ingredient.

So what are you waiting for? Dig in your blogs and update your blogposts, where you have shared  a magical recipe with potato.Post it in comment section.

Waiting to be flooded with the variety of recipes…..share your skills and your recipes,  you lovely bloggers !

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12 thoughts on “Link Your Recipes of # Potato

  1. Hi..I chanced upon ur blog while looking for lotus stem the blog!! Anyways I started blogging two months back..and am painfully new at this, but would love to share one of my potato recipes here…
    Here’s the link… back-potatoes.html

  2. hey alka

    can you see my recipes..I sent about 6-7 …I can’t see…



  3. Here is my recipe for your potato event.

  4. I like the concept of the event. – All potato recipes at one-place. :). Below are my share:

    Hashbrown Melt
    Aloo Kofta Curry
    Bocadillos with Casera Sauce
    Mama’s Vegetable Biryani with Aloo Kurma

    Will come back and check what others have posted.


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