Cook Off with Sanjeev Kapoor at MasterChef India 2 videos

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As promised in previous post, here are some exclusive videos that I would like to share with you all. These videos are about the event ‘Cook-off with Sanjeev Kapoor’ on MasterChef India Season 2, sets.

Kindly note that the real cook Off challenge that is going to be aired on Christmas  weekend will be different. This was more of fun than a challenge, where not only the top 5 contestants enjoyed the thrill of cooking along Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, we, the spectators had a blast watching the Chef SK cook, while Chefs Vikas Khanna and Chef Kunal Kapoor guided and motivated the contestants to give their best shot.

 Video 1:

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor talking with silly me (Please Ignore the astonished tone of mine, I was trembling with excitement!), before the challenge took off !

Video 2:Chef Sanjeev Kapoor kick starting the’ Cook off challenge’. He cooked the Chicken flower dumplings, with amazing speed!

Video 3 : Chef Sanjeev Kapoor making the Spiced Fish sauce dip for Cook Off challenge.

Video 4: Catch the glimpses of the four contestants facing the Cook Off challenge.Watch the Judges having fun while tasting and talking about the dish! This is my favorite one, and Hubby dear slogged hard to edit this one (Thanks dear,You are undoubtedly my BETTER half ;-))

That’s all friends, I hope you enjoyed a virtual visit to the sets of MasterChef India .

4 thoughts on “Cook Off with Sanjeev Kapoor at MasterChef India 2 videos

  1. Sukanya Ghosh says:

    Hi Alka, was going through your site, very nice one, so you took part in Masterchef that's really incredible, SK is my most fav chef, ijust blindly followed his recipe, and every time it become a hit. R u from Mumbai?
    btw just saw u r running on swift theme, have really done a gre8 job modifying the theme, I moved from swift to arras.

  2. Sanjeev kapoor is a great chef…

  3. Well done and congratulations to you Alka ! So are you going to be on TV ? If yes when !

  4. Please provide the list of ingredients and the procedure for cooking of Palak panner kofta recipe shown in MCI2

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