The Reliance Digital Experience (Mumbai)

It feels great to re-connect with all of you, dear readers of this blog!
I know I am being on and off blogging, pretty consistently. Well, blame it all, on the ups and downs of life !

I am going to spare you all from my rants about how hard the life gets ( at times), as I am here today to share some thing else with you. And this is a non food related stuff !
I  attend almost all the events organized in Mumbai, by my favorite group Indiblogger, since I enjoy meeting the ever enthusiastic, lively people of this group and also, to meet the fellow bloggers. Hence this time too I joined these guys to have some good ‘Reliance Digital Experience’. Alas this one turned out to be of mixed emotions, since the things were disorganized sort of!

RelianceDigital_RCity_Home_Appliances4 copy
Not going into much details, all I want to share is that we had been to Reliance Digital store located at R City, Ghatkopar, as per their invitation, on 9th of June. But being a Sunday, the store was crowded and the staff was too occupied  to take us for the tour. There were no bloggers around. Bad luck , is  what I can say!

RelianceDigital_RCity_Home_Appliances6 copy
We had been to other Reliance Digital outlets and have purchased loads of gadgets/ electronics in the past, and have absolutely no complaints or grudges. The staff is always cordial and the store does stock latest products when it comes to electronic items, Kitchen appliances, home appliances, gaming products as well as other accessories. Thumbs up for the variety and the reasonable pricing!

RelianceDigital_RCity_Home_Appliances5 copy
So all I can say is that this is just a case of a campaign going haywire , and hence I have hardly anything to talk about the ‘Digital Experience’ on the said day!
However, there were other bloggers who visited for the same event, on different days and came back with good experience. You can read, one such experience, here.

RelianceDigital_RCity_Home_Appliances7 copy
Whatever the event experience was, Reliance Digital store will still remain in the list of my most favorite stores to shop for my kitchen appliances, and probably a Hand blender, an Ice cream maker, and ( *gulp* ) a kitchen aid is on my ‘To shop’ list 😉

ipod shuffle
And oh! I received a gift from The Reliance Digital store, a cute iPod Shuffle, as promised by the store, for being a part of the event. So thank you Reliance Digital store and of course the Indiblogger team.

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  1. Wow wat a lovely ipod colour.

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