Tairi|Sindhi Sweet Rice For Chetichand

Tairi, tahiri, sindhi sweet rice, chetichand ChetiChand, the New year of Sindhis is just round the corner and like every year, there are plenty of requests for Tairi Recipe (Tahiri/Tayri/Sindhi style Sweet rice). Tairi or Tahiri/ Tayri is a traditional  aromatic sweet rice preparation, cooked on special occasions like Marriages, Mundan, Pooja ceremonies and also during festivals like Chaliha, Chetichand etc. […] Get the recipe

Dal Tikki|Baked patty from leftover Dal

baked snacks dal tikki Lentils…there are possibly million ways to cook and relish lentils and India is a blessed country, with the sheer variety of lentils grown here, the number of way these get incorporated into our daily diet and the exhaustive combinations of meals that we can make, using split dried lentils or Dal….be it Chana dal, or […] Get the recipe

Besan Jo Chilro| Savory Pancakes

Savory pancake recipe, besan chila, chilro Hectic mornings, empty stomach, loads of pending work and time crunch..an awful combination to drain away my energy. And when the thoughts of rolling out some Koki, Paranthas or cooking some elaborate breakfast like Dal Pakwan, is a big no no, that is when these pancakes come to my rescue…easy to whip up, easy to […] Get the recipe