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Chana paalak, jeera rice

Back and How !

The Year 2009 was surely a year of many events, good and bad. Much happened in past few months, when I was not Blogging here. Besides celebrating a contest Win (Click Photography event for Most Delish Picture– Gulabjamun), our Kid’s Birthday, our Marriage Anniversary,  an engagement Ceremony of a dear Family member, the year end […]
Chaap chola~ragda pattice

Chaap Chola~Ragda Patties

There is a happening place, a bit far from our home called GOL MAIDAN (circular garden), which is famous for the Thela food (food sold on carts).The tangy panipuris and batar papdi are the most popular street food there, along with fresh juices, falooda ice creams, patties samosa and many more ! Just on the […]
Guaar patata

Guaar Patata(Cluster beans with Potato)And Dhoklas for Tried and Tasted

Guaar or gavar or Cluster beans, is one green veggie that my son is not very fond of.Still when I add potatoes  to the guaar, he eats it without any fuss.Personally I too find it very bland unless I make it with potato.The  school exams of my son had forced my blogging to take a […] Related Posts with Thumbnails