Behrana sahib

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Bahrana saheb

Chetichand,which is  the beginning of a new year and the birth anniversary of Jhulelal ,the patron saint of sindhi community, is celebrated by taking out Processions, rituals performed in temples,distribution of “prasad”  and cultural programmes , organised to give it a true festive spirit

Cheti Chand is observed on the first day of the month of Chaitra. Chaitra is known as Cheti in Sindhi, hence the name Cheti Chand.

Many people carry” Bahrana saheb” to the temple to seek Jhulelal’s blessings
The Bahrana saheb is a nicely decorated  bronze thaal in which the idol of Jhulelal is placed and a Kunri (an earthen vessel) , full of water and  covered with red cloth is kept .Wheat   flour is kneaded and given a  shape of a cone,  and is decorated with vermillion, cardamom, almonds,cashews and cloves On top of it a large piece of refined suger (Misri Jo Sangh),is placed .This cone is surrounded with fresh flowers,fruits, Scented Dhoop and  agarbattis, and lighted diyas which transform the whole atmosphere into a divine experience.

This Bahrana sahib is then taken to the temple with people dancing and singing bhajans all the way.This is known as CHEJ.The contents of this thaal are then immersed in the water  ,which is considered as our humble offering to Jhulelal .

A prasad of black chana and sweet rice (Tayhiri) are distributed and one can see people in groups distributing the prasad and sherbet  on roads,outside temples,outside shops etc
So Happy Chetichand to all of you!

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5 thoughts on “Behrana sahib


    BEHRANA SAHEB . oh what a Wonderful article .
    Since long I was aspiring for it .


    may LORD bestow all the strength & courage 2 u to spread and propogate the sindhi culture thr’out the world .

    LOL .

  2. Hi,
    we are creating a website on Sindhi prayers and rituals and I wanted to add your information on Behrana and your description to our site. Can we get your permission to copy this material?

  3. Thanks fr yr prompt response. I did do the thaal fr behrana sahib. It was a miracle that the rain stopped only till we finished puja at yamunaji. Thanks once again.

  4. yaar u have given a wonderful article on ‘Behrana Sahib’

    I loved it so much……………………………………………………..

  5. Dear Alka,
    Thanks for information of Behrana Saheb. I liked it . May God bless You . :-))

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