Chaawaran jho Dodo(rice flour flatbread)

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 Chhawaran jho Dodo

Sultry summers are gone here in Mumbai and monsoon showers have knocked the parched earth, giving a sigh of relief, from dusty, sweaty, nasty heat of summer. However, I’ll  miss some of my favorite summer things, like making falooda icecream, chilled mangoshakes, jaljeera and of course chilled masala chaach (buttermilk). One more food that associates me with summer afternoons is Dodo, which is a type of flatbread, made from rice flour.It’s bit sticky, light, not too much spicy yet it serves as a delicious accompaniment  with any veggie or Dal and I just love to wash it down with some flavoured masala buttermilk

This Dodo (funny name, isn’t it?) recipe calls for a type of rice, called sona mussorie (not sure, how it is spelt). I guess, people from South of India might be aware of this type of rice, as mostly it is used in Idli/Dosa batters

Wikipedia says……

Sona masuri (or its original name Swarna Masuri) is a medium-grain rice grown largely in the Indian states of Andra Pradesh and Karnataka. In Telugu Sona Masuri rice is called as Bangaru Theegalu(meaning Golden Ivy).It is lightweight and aromatic, and considered to be of premium quality.By large it is considered to be a healthy diet as it contains less starch and is easily digestible. Ideal for preparing dishes like sweet pongal, biryani, fried rice etc…….

So first of all , you will need to hunt for this type of rice, then wash rice thoroughly, dry  for few days in sunlight and then take them to your local chaki waala (flour mill) and get it pounded to get the rice flour.My mom used to follow this procedure, but I generally buy the ready made flour. I compromise on the quality, but I can’t help..there is no enough sunlight around to dry rice and neither any local flour mills in close vicinity.

Generally all the Indian flatbreads are made, by rolling the dough with rolling pins and then cooked.But Dodo is a sindhi specialty which is made by patting the dough with palms of your hands.No rolling pins are used.This is bit tricky, but check out the easier option at the end of this post

This one is for my yet another, new friend (of late, I am making lots of friends in blogosphere) Srivalli of Cooking 4all seasons who is hosting a Rotimela

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Chaawaran jho Dodo(rice flour flatbread)
Recipe type: Indian Bread, roti
Serves: 1
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Indian bread, Dodo is kind of roti made from rice flour
  • Rice flour (a cup for each dodo)
  • Chopped onion,a spoonful for each
  • Chopped Green chilly/es
  • Chopped Coriander leaves 1 spoon for each
  • Salt
  • Oil 2 tsp for each dodo
  • Water to knead the flour
  1. Mix all the ingredients except water
  2. Now add water little by little, mixing it properly and knead it, till you get a soft manageable dough.Smooth-en it properly
  3. Now bring together the dough and shape it in a round ball.Pat it gently on your palms (you can grease or wet your palms before doing so, to avoid sticky mess)
  4. Then carefully place  it on  greased, hot griddle and quickly keep patting it, till it reach the thickness of paratha.
  5. Now this could be really tough for novices, as most of the deed will end up with red palms, burnt  dodo, or some stuff which just refuses to part from the griddle.Don't get disheartened with that.Just try it this way.....Take a clean plastic sheet (or cut open a poly bag or ziplock pouch), sprinkle some dry flour on that and start patting the dough on that till it  achieves required thickness.Then carefully transfer it on griddle, let it cook for few seconds and slide it on the inverted flat plate, then transfer it back on griddle ( this is to help flip) and cook on other side
  6. Cook it on medium flame on both sides.Apply  some oil  after flipping sides,so as to make it crisp
  7. Enjoy it hot (it only taste good when hot) with any veggie or dal or buttermilk

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16 thoughts on “Chaawaran jho Dodo(rice flour flatbread)

  1. hi i liked the recipes they r simple & easy to make

  2. hi, can you kindly post recipes of khoraak, mazoom and taayeri?

  3. Surrayya Kapri says:

    brilliant is all I am going to say. Do give the bajra and jow ji maani aswell

  4. Hi, first time here, and u do have great blog. Roti looks delicious, thanxxxx for sharing!!!

  5. Hi sushma,
    Welcome to my Rasoi(kitchen)…hope u had a nice here!
    Hi sri,
    Waiting anxiously for the round up of roti mela!
    Hi shriya,
    Thanks for ur comments and i m happy that u like it!
    Hi lakshmi,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this info wid us,i was really surprised to know that there is a flour mill for every 10 houses!
    Hi pooja,
    Thanks for the award dear,and count me in for sure in your vegetable of week event,coz bottle gourd is one of my fav. too!
    Hi Ghanshyam,
    Feel really happy that u liked it!
    It just doesn’t look yummy,it tastes the same too;-)
    hi sagari,
    Thanks dear!
    Hi Medha,
    The pleasure is mine!
    Hi Uma,
    Wow so i finally found sum one who loves this!

  6. delicious rice roti. My most fav.

  7. They look lovely. Thanks for sharing..:)

  8. roti looks delecioussssss alka

  9. those dodos look yummy … 🙂

  10. Hi Alka,
    What a great recipe, tried today and can say it surpassed all what i have tried before, please keep us honoured with your tasty recipes specially with old sindhi connotations, thanks and best wishes.

  11. that is a nice entry for roti mela.
    check out my blog , there is something for you 😀

  12. i prefer sona masuri to ponni. you know people in mylapore in chennai still go to the local flour mills. i think mylapore has one flour mill for every 10 houses, they’re everywhere!! akki rotti (as we call the dodo :D) is looking very delicious.

  13. Looks so good and an unique recipe too. As srivalli said good to know about the sonamasuri part. Nice Entry.

  14. alka..that looks real yummy…good to know that this is specially made with sona masuri…thanks for the entry!

  15. hey first time here u got a very interesting blog with nice recipes. For us also it is a delicasy..

    • Hi alka

      This seems like ‘thalipeeth’ for me. My mom makes similar one with rice flour as well as ‘thalipeeth bhajni’ thanks for sharing. Missing my mom now:)

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