Singhar(sev) Jhi Mithai

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Mithai or Indian sweets are immensely popular across the world, simply because of the sheer variety, richness (calories too), taste, texture and tempting appearance.For people who like sweets, a glimpse of Gulabjamuns or a plate of rosgulla is irresistible bite of rasmalai, the aroma of hot jalebis, the richness of Khoya burfi and the simple sweetness of Malai pedas is sure to drive your “sweet sense” to the heights of delights

In India, Mithai is closely associated with festive spirits.Every occasion or festival, calls for a celebration with these sweet delicacies.

As one moves from North of India, where Gulabjamuns ,jalebis, Motichoor ke ladoo dominates the palates of people, towards the South of India, coconut burfi and Mysore pak, kesari bath and Badam halwas are relished like anything

East has a different genre of Mithai, mostly Known for its Bengali sweets like rosgolla, chamcham, Mishti doi, Sandesh etc whereas West of India has its own unique sweet flavors as in Modaks, kajukatli, Basundi etc

Sindhi cuisine also has some interesting sweets namely Tosha, Dhouthi, GhearΒ , praghree (these all are lesser known to other communities). The more famous ones are NarelaΒ  jhi mithai (coconut) and singhar (sev) jhi mithai

So let’s start with Singhar jhi mithai today…

The base of this sweet is Singhar (sev or fried Strings of besan/gramflour). But this recipe calls for non salty sev (hmmm… where to hunt these?). So if you are lucky enough to get your hands on some unsalty sev…..grab them… and make this mithai in jiffy.Wait…there is one more hitch (one more…huh?) It also calls for feeka maawa (unsweetened mawa), which is nothing but milk boiled and reduced till granulated form is achieved. In India one can get this mawa without much hunting, but for other places around the globe, it could beΒ  hard to locate mawa. In that case you have the choice of making it at home by reducing the milk on low flame (might take as long as 2 hours to reduce 1 lit of milk) till grainy consistency is obtained.


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Singhar (sev) Jhi Mithai
Famous Indian Mithai, unsalted sev cooked with Mawa to make delicious mithai
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • Feeka (unsalted) sev 250 gm
  • Feeka ( unsweetened) mawa 250 gm
  • Sugar 250 gm
  • Water 1½ cup
  • White rose essence just few drops
  • Yellow food color two pinches if using powder form, or else few drops if liquid colour is used
  • Almonds /non salty pistachios or varq (thin edible silver foil sheet) for garnishing
  1. In a thick bottomed pan take approximately one and half cup of water and add sugar.
  2. Heat it and mix properly till sugar melts.
  3. Now add yellow colour if using, along with sev and mix gently, taking care not to mash the strings.
  4. Add unsweetened mawa and mix again till a thick mixture is formed.
  5. Finally add few drops of essence, mix and immediately take off from fire.
  6. Take a plate with flat surface or a baking tray and grease it slightly with vegetable oil.
  7. Pour the mithai mixture on greased surface and spread out evenly.
  8. Use chopped almonds/unsalted pistachios or silver varq to garnish.
  9. Let it cool properly, and then cut it into desired shape.
  10. Consume it within a day or two.

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48 thoughts on “Singhar(sev) Jhi Mithai

  1. Little Prince says:

    OMG so easy, I thought it would be too complex. I guess salted sev will take the flavour to next level. Will try and let you know.

    Thanks & keep rocking.

    • Thank you for all the lovely recipes that you have put together. I love the way you write, interesting tidbits before the recipe. I tried singhar jhi mithai today and it turned out very good. Just went a little easy on the sugar to adjust to our taste.
      Food is such an important part of Sindhi culture and so happy to have a go-to blog for reference.
      Lots of love πŸ™‚

  2. Love it! Ordered some from Areeva Foods from Oak Hills Virginia and they shipped it to me via mail fresh in couple days! The taste was authentic and super fresh.. and not as greasy as some of the stores have it in India. Thank you Areeva Foods!

  3. Dear Alka, you run an inspirational blog and we have enjoyed reading it for quite a while and be motivated from it. We recently taked about our introduction to Sev Barfi in a blog post about one of the vendors in pune we get it from we were absolutely tempted to include your recipe link for those who wanted to try it on their own. I hope its okay to do. Thanks for a delightful recipe.



  5. The singar mithai was really easy to make & tasty too.

    • If you live in North America Singhar Mithai is now commercially available from Areeva Foods in Washington DC. We’ve spent the last 2 years to re-create the very original and authentic taste from the most fresh ingredients. We are seeking and developing local retailers around North America, in the meantime eager connoisseurs can order it from us directly. Contact us directly at / 703.829.7755.

  6. Hi alka iwant vemicille mithai, it is with coconut and condense, I have not eaten yet but want to try to take some Pooja , gathering,,u please write me thanks how to prepare , thanks

  7. Singar recipe is good. Please tell me where I can get fika sev in mumbai

  8. Hi alka first time I am reading yr singer mithai, can we use murmla ready Made pkts a bit salty. Can u write me recip of tosha and kaju Katri , i made did not. come out good thanks

  9. Thank you πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Alka,

    Can you please share the receipe for unsalted i tried finding it out..but not easily husband loves this mithai..want to make it for him

  11. No Karishma, I haven’t found unsalted sev here in CA as yet. I’ll keep looking….

  12. Hi Alka,
    This is regarding the mava, one of the ladies enquired in the above posts.
    If we don’t get fika mava from stores, we can prepare some at hom in a jiffy.
    We can take some whole milk powder and add some ghee and rub it in softly till the mix resemble bread crumbs. Now you can knead this mix with water or fresh milk ino a soft dough .
    Keep it covered for abt 10/15 mins and you have mava ready.
    you can crumble it with hands or if it has turned a bit hard then grate it,
    Use it as per your requirement.
    I made this singar ki mithai with this mava, and it turned out fab !
    Also I used Kewra instead of rose essence.

    Thanks Alka once again for sharing you receipes, I just love them.

    • This is one of my favorite sweet, I hope they should start selling in New Jersey.

      • actually a restaurant named kailash parbat has opened in new York.i know them from Mumbai.they make the best singar mithai.but I am not sure if they have it here too.i simply love it.but have not been lucky to find the salt free sev in Orlando.

  13. Jyoti Kishnani says:

    Thanks for the recipe. This is one of my fav sweets :). I am not able to get salt less sev. Can you post that recipe as well πŸ™‚

  14. hi Alka,

    thx for this recipe. i was looking for it since long time. this is my favourite mithai. but i have some questions. as i live in u.s. virgin islands i donot get unsalted sev & unsweetened mawa. can you pls give me the recipe for these two things. I didn’t find them on

    thank you,

  15. Kashyap Ray says:

    My mouth waters. Unfortunately here in Calcutta Sindhi Mithai shops have closed shop a long time ago.


  16. Lovely recipe. However, I haven’t been able to find unsalted sev in the indian store here in California. Can you please tell me where to find unsalted sev?

  17. sev mithai receipe is very nice,i want to know Bhorinda receipe.please

  18. this is very nice receipe,i want to know Bhorinda receipe.please

  19. Hey,

    I was so sad today because my mom was not able 2 send me singhar ki mithai for diwali as it gets spoiled pretty soon. But your recipe sounds simple (hope it is for me…because I m not that gr8 at cooking)….so I am going to try to make some. Thankz a lot.

  20. dadi suthi

  21. Hi Alka,
    Tht looks really awesome..on every Raksha bandhan i ask my sis to get Singar ki mithai for me..ths my fav..thanks for sharing the receipe..i ll surely ask them to try this at home..thanks once again..God Bless πŸ™‚

  22. thts was really awesome!! on Raksha bandhan i asked my sis to get only singar ki mithai for me..i ll surely gv this receipe to them..ll try it to preapre for sure..thanks a lot for sharing ur wonderfull recepies..God bless πŸ™‚

  23. Absolutely tempting Alka! I have an odd question: is this mixture ever rolled into ladoos?

  24. Surrayya Kapri says:

    the picture reminds me of having this singar halva in Shikarpur once. I had thought at the time that singar was a vegetable! Now I realize that I was confusing singar with the vegetable sangar. Thanks for the lovely recipe.

  25. i remember waiting in queue in khar, bombay for a this at a shop that only sells it on sundays.


  26. Hi sangeeth,
    Thanks for visiting ,a hearty welcome to u dear
    Hi pooja,
    Hope u got my mail on that !
    Hi priyanka,
    Thanks for ur comments,i m seeing fantastic recipes on ur blog daily…u r rocking gal!
    Hi sri,
    Send in to me ur address,and if its reachable in a day thru courier,i wud love to send u some more delicacies from here(these mithais need proper handling and quick consumption )
    Hi vanamala,
    Thanks for ur matters a lot to me!
    Hi vaishali,
    I love to hear that,and do get back to me,if u r stuck up wid anything regarding sindhi food
    Hi jyothsna,
    Yep u r right,the rose essence surely imparts wonderful flavor and aroma to any sweet
    Hi shriya,
    I wish i can pass on this to u thru cables πŸ˜‰
    Hi kalva,
    I feel good when sum one get nostalgic about the food
    Hi Medha,
    yes every place has its own specialty of food,and i m sure the place u r talking about must have some amazing sweets… share it with us dear(atleast recipes)
    Hi priya,
    Thanks for the info,u provided,i try hard to know what every dish or ingredient i use is called in other regions and religions.Wikipedia do help me,but inputs from fellow bloggers are most treasured ones!
    Regarding ur query i guess u had got my mail,if not pls do get back to me
    For spicy lovers,
    I love visiting Andhra flavors and i m dying to try out that haldiram snack recipe from ur blog…and yeah my hubby too loves this mithai
    Hi sunshine mom,
    I hope ur Diwali be wonderful and not blunderful while trying this,coz i have messed a lots of times while trying sweets on festivals,i guess the hurry and anxiety and increase work load during festivals spoil the whole show while trying out these tricky stuff
    All the best dear

  27. I have had this once form Ulhasnagar. Yours looks yummier…reserved for Diwali:)

  28. Wow great recipe. my hubby love this methai.

  29. Nice Recipe.

    We have a similar recipe in southern India. It is called “Monaharam” or “Manoharam”. Those who hail from “Tirunelveli” District make a thick fritters out of gram flour. Those who hail from “Thanjavur” District will make the fritters out of Rice flour. The syrup is made up of Jaggery.

    OK! I have a question. Is it good to replace the Mawa with Non fat dry milk powder?

  30. Alka I love Singhar Mithai, yummmy … I now am missing this. My fav are from chennai, in a place called Kilpauk next to sindhi darbar. We always get some from there when I am in chennai.

  31. Nice sweet dear. i remember having this back home.. Lovely sweet

  32. It looks amazing and mouthwatering. Your sweet looks simply perfect. Man I never made this perfect sweet looks so yummy. I really really wanna grab one. Can I?

  33. I’ve had a lot of singhar ki mithai in Bombay- my hubby n I literally fight over it. The rose essence adds a freshness to the taste.

  34. Alka, What a lovely blog you have. And how wonderful to find a Sindhi food blog. I must confess I’m not very familiar with Sindhi food, so this will be a great resource for me.

  35. Mitai looks super..lovely photo

  36. omg are just too can you cook something soo so yummy…:) looks fit to wipe off the screen..where do you live?..just wanted to know if you can parcel me some..seriously I mean..

  37. this looks yummy…nd new for me ..thnks for sharin..

  38. that really looks yummy. i think i never had it really . I have some store bought sev at home , will that do ???

  39. wow! this is great…the pic really makes me drool…i made kaju katli yday and this sweet is really tempting too…..first time here and luved ur template…..

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