Bhee Paalak~Lotus stem in spinach curry

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Before the invasion of Paneer (cottage cheese) in Sindhi kitchens, Bhee or Lotus stem or kamalkakdi enjoyed the Numero Uno position,where festive food was concerned. Bhee and Dingri (mushrooms) were supposed to be the food for family functions, marriage ceremonies, festivals etc, when nonveg was restricted .

Here is an information about Lotus stem that I collected from few wonderful sites .

Lotus roots (or stem) nourishes the blood, removes blood stasis and improves blood circulation.Consuming the lotus root also helps your liver function effectively. It is highly lauded for strengthening the heart, stomach and spleen. Apparently, drinking uncooked lotus juice can stop internal bleeding and clear “heat” , while the cooked lotus root can treat anemia from heavy menstruation and promote greater energy.(source:The feastcrusade )

The underground(underwater) stem contains moisture 83.80 %, protein 2.70 % , fats 0.11% , starch 9.25 % , sucrose o.41 % and calcium. Vitamin B, vitamin C and aspirin (2 %) are also present in it(source Ayushveda)

The rhizome itself can be eaten raw, or cooked with other vegetables. Its chambers can be stuffed; it can be battered for frying, whole or in slices, finely shredded and squeezed, its juice can be made into a rich, creamy tea that acts to relieve congestion of the sinuses, lungs and intestines. The rhizomes are also dried and ground into a powder to create a somewhat less effective (and much less tasty) tea that is available in most Asian markets.It could be pickled,chips could be sundried and later fried ,it could be baked etc etc.

If you live in an urban area with an Asian market, don’t fail to look for this special food.  Look for a firm, pinkish or grayish root. It should NOT have dark spots on it, or soft spots. When sliced, the channels should NOT be ringed with a dark brown or black lining: that is a sign that the root is old and past its usefulness. . In an Asian market, the roots are boxed and wrapped in newspapers or straw, in a cool place, and they remain quite healthy for quite a while that way.(source  Geocites)

So here is yet another Sindhi style lotus stem curry made in Spinach gravy, known as Bhee paalak .

Bhee ( bhein/ Lotus stem) Paalak


Bhee Paalak~Lotus stem in spinach curry
Recipe type: Maincourse
Serves: 3
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Traditional Lotus stem in spinach gravy recipe.
  • Lotus stem (kamalkakdi or bhee) ¼ kg
  • Spinach  ½kg
  • Onions 2 medium sized
  • Tomatoes 3
  • Ginger
  • Garlic  10-12  cloves
  • whole Garam masala(Tejpatta 1, cloves -2, daalchini ½ inch  stick)
  • Green chillies 3 -4
  • Salt as per taste
  • Coriander powder 1 tsp
  • Turmeric powder ½ tsp
  • Oil 3 tsp
  1. Wash, peel and cut lotus stem into thin slanted slices
  2. Peel and grate onion and add it to pounded ginger,garlic and whole garam masala
  3. Take  some oil in pressure cooker and add onion paste
  4. Fry it till light pink in colour and add pureed tomatoes along with green chillies
  5. Add some salt, turmeric powder and coriander powder
  6. Add chopped spinach and mix properly
  7. Add little amount of water, close the lid and wait for 3 whistles of cooker
  8. Now add lotus stem pieces and saute properly for at least 3 minutes
  9. Add some more water, close the lid and wait for at least 3 whistles. Later check whether bhee is cooked or not, or else cook it further accordingly
  10. Another option is to boil the bhee first in salted water and then add into spinach and cook on the low flame till bhee absorbs the flavour of spinach


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13 thoughts on “Bhee Paalak~Lotus stem in spinach curry

  1. Hey.. just posting yr link for a pic of Bhee in my blog (not taking the pic though).. Hope you don’t mind 🙂 Thanks

  2. Basantlal Nagdev says:

    Very tasty dish. The only condition is that lotus root should be soft, fresh and does not contain mud in the holes? Wash lotus root in lots of water before cooking.
    As a variation, make spinach puree and add after lotus root is cooked. The green spinach will look more attractive and dish will turn out more tasty.
    For those who do not like lotus root ? Boil half lotus pieces with beetroot pieces and then cook. You will have pale yellowish brown and red lotus roots in bright green spinach paste.
    If “eye” likes, your tongue too will follow suit and you will love this “costly” root. It has lots of iron, Vitamin B & C and has lots of medicinal value. Believe me and make it your lovable root?

  3. Hey Alka,
    Thanks for visiting my site :). Definately try it & im sure it will go very well with your Bhee Palak!
    I hv been a silent visitor to your website.

  4. Dear Alka,

    I want to inspire you check out my blog

  5. that looks lovely .. its a totally new dish me for though ..

  6. my husband and mom are going to love this but not me I have still not developed the taste for bhee.

  7. Wow awesome recipe with lotus stem..i tried twice the lotus stem as kormas..but urs looks superb n tempting me to prepare soon..delicious!!!!

  8. When i was in Delhi , my friends used to bring. I have never tried. Now i think i should try.

  9. Nice recipe

  10. Yummy curry. Info on lotus stem is good. All i make of lotus stem is sun dried fritters. And here I find many interesting recipes.

  11. Lovely curry Alka. It a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time we did not have this lotus stems. I remember in childhood my mom used to make something with lotus stems. will ask her. I bookmarked this page :). It must be tasty.

  12. This curry looks yumm. I have never cooked with lotus stem.

  13. Alka, the curry looks delicious. I have tasted lotus root only once and don’t remember the texture or taste. I have a packet sitting in my freezer but have been postponing cooking thinking the texture is going to be that of celery. How is the texture of lotus root when cooked?

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