Ladies’ Day Out !

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Kindly note that these goodies survived  a storm of huge crowd in train, thus losing their shape and texture but not the Taste :-).You can view the yummy pics of the cookies and brownies at Tongueticklers,nicely dressed up,fresh and glazing

Few days back when i received a mail from Sunshinemom ,about the Mumbai Blogger’s meet, i was thrilled.I was unsure whether the day will clash with my Son’s school Exams or will i be able to Meet some wonderful bloggers from Mumbai with whom i just communicated via comments and Emails. A first call to Sunshinemom ,and i was hearing the most giggling voice in my life time. Immediately i visualized a chirpy,bubbly,charming person who is as addicted to food and blogging as your’s Truly  🙂

She was the one who was co-coordinating between me, Simran of Bombay foodie,and Marie of  Flavours and aromas .A few emails ,a few calls and  few days later ,the stage was set(no no not THE stage),i mean the location was decided, the timings were fixed, and now it was time for deciding what to carry as a token of our Maiden Meet.After lots of IFS and BUTS, yes and no, This or that,i finally settled upon Koki and Nariyal Mithai.Though i wished to make some Sindhi Curry,but it was not possible to carry it to the decided location since it required adventurous train journey(c’mmon those who travel in Mumbai local trains know what i am talking about)

After an extended PTA meeting at my son’s school,in great hurry  ,with lots of excitement,i started my journey running late than predecided time.After few calls to sunshine mom,amongst great confusion,and the  unreliable mobile network,which played the prank ,i came to know that she MISSED me. As decided she was to board the same train in which i was travelling ,at Thane station,dressed in Blue.So when Thane came , i was searching for the lady in blue and to my utter frustration there were plenty of them .To decide who was the one i was looking for ,i called her again and to my  surprise she was in different train. All’s well when it ends well,so finally when we met and started our journey to Carter road from Sion, i was surprised by this bubbly lady,full of energy and enthusiasm,and mind you well she didn’t looked like a mom of teenager.

When after  ,what it seemed like a never ending ride in three wheeler(dhinchaak autorikshaw) ,we finally met Simran ,who was waiting from long long time for us, i was in for some surprises.The one being that Marie will not be able to join us 🙁

The place was perfect(Carter Road Promenade),the foodies were chatterbox, the weather was breathtaking,the breeze was soothing, and the drizzling rains had turned around everything into mesmerizingly  beautiful .

I didn’t wanted to step in any restaurant leaving that beautiful view of silvery Grey sea, and clouds covered sky,but kept it to myself, coz as per plan we were supposed to be having chat over food in some cozy food joint.So i almost jumped with joy when the two  ladies decided that we will rather sit besides promenade and chat for a while. And what did we talked about? No marks for guessing …,bloggers, kids, books,work..practically anything and everything under sun.

A foodies meet can’t proceed without some home made food, so while i handed them koki and nariyal mithai,i got lovely cookies ,with checker board  look from Simran,and beautifully packed  brownies and  cake  that were vegan and made by using minimum possible fat,  by Sunshinemom.

While i was amazed by the passion of baking that both lovely ladies share, the adventurous streak in sunshinemom,and confidence of being independent in Simran was impressing.

The time just flew away, and the lovely evening was coming to end ,not before we enjoyed Coffee latte..a perfect drink in the breezy atmosphere,watching the grey waters turning orange and then lovely black with the reflections of neon light hoardings, creating the most awesome ambience .

After sweet good bye’s all of three headed towards our home,with a warm feeling of meeting like minded people, promising to share more such wonderful moments, keeping in touch and continuing doing what brought us closer…….yeah….food blogging !

When i reached home, my son couldn’t wait for me to first click those beautifully wrapped goodies, and he wanted to have them ASAP.

The cookies,brownies and cake were mind blowing ,though i eat sweets like pauper, hubby dear and son enjoyed them to their heart content,and my son is impatiently waiting for me to get an Oven ,so that he get more such lovely sweets to binge upon day after day

Thank you ladies for the beautiful get together, and those amazing sweets and cakes,chirps and giggles.You both surely made my Day

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24 thoughts on “Ladies’ Day Out !

  1. I like the recipes you’ll are posting.I am happy to know the correct measurements of the recipes. I want to thank you’ll for the good work you are doing and I am waiting to read some more Sindhi recipes like pista halwa,badam halwa,satpura,satto and pava.

  2. Hi,
    Hope u feeling better now, and I hope u had a wonderful new year. Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR and BEST WISHES FOR 2009. Ur reply was so good and clear,I am really impressed .I am going to make the unsalted sev by myself as I have made it many times before, though I will omit out salt.Also if I am not asking too much do let me know when u will be making the Laai so I will be able to try it out .(Iwill definatelty try out the recipeon that link)I do get something called corn syrup I will send u details on this too and then u can guide me .I do have a list of other recipes like Aani, Besan ji Bhaji, Dharen ji Curry etc that I make , but keep me posted as to when u will be making and putting those recipes. Its always good to have the same curries with a different taste.
    Wish u all the best.

  3. Hi Alka,
    Hope u got my reply,I sent via email.

  4. Hi Alka,
    Have been reading few of ur gr8 recipes and just wonderdered if u have the recipe to make laiee (Chikki made during Diwali).I dont know if I have even spelled it correctly. Correct me if I am wrong.I am also a Sindhi and cooking is my passion.Would appreciate if u have some input on this one.

  5. Hi Alka, thank you so much for the comment for my post on the idlis. Rgdg your query, when you grind the batter, you can add poha to one portion first, and then leave it to ferment separately without mixing in the total batter content. This way, you can try out how it turns out. I would highly recommend trying it out, coz the idlis do come out fluffy and softer. Do let me know if you try.

    Also, regarding the blogger’s meet, after reading your post, I realised I did not reply to Simran’s invite though I had marked it to reply! I totally forgot, and have replied to her now. Though I would not have been able to make it on 20th, having had a PTM at my daughter’s school, as well as some pre-engagements. Great to read the post, and hope I can join in next time:-)

  6. Hi Alka , I need some help , actually I have taken a new domain and host and installed wordpress , but not able to change the template , I saw that yours is a wordpress site , so tought to ask u , can u plz help me in changing templates or themes

  7. Hey thats wonderful…good to know you ladies had fun time!

  8. I just read about this on Harini’s blog. Sounds like so much fun! I have one question for all of you: where are the pictures? And I don’t mean the food.

  9. Nice to hear that u had a lot of fun. Enjoy!!!!…. Nice goodies… YUM!

    Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Thank you for your visit and comment.
    Yes, you can also use fresh pineapple slices instead of the tinned ones.

  11. good for u… i also have a couple of blogger friends in LA. I would like to meet them too 🙂 and those narial mithai.. my god.. looks so delicious.

  12. dear alka,
    here’s wishing you and your family a peaceful, prosperous 2009.

  13. Yesterday I read SM’s post. Your narration is also very good Alka. Happy New Year.

  14. Lovely post. & you guys met at Carter Road promenade??? You are making me nostalgic – Carter Road promenade, Otters club, & joggers park …… I want to go there, right now!!! Hey, I definitely was there with you guys in spirit!!:-D…

  15. Jealous over you all for the goodies you have shared. and Thanks for leaving a line on my place!

  16. was nostalgic after reading the post,.:-) glad to knw u enjoyed,…

  17. Nice reading about the meeting..hope u guys enjoyed a lot..

  18. Nice to read about the meeting. Looks like you all had a great time.

  19. It was very nice reading about you all. Looks like you all had a great time sharing stories and also the goodies 🙂

  20. Hey Alka! Thanks for all those compliments:) You, my dear have been so modest not to say anything for yourself – what about your cooking skills, your photography skills and that attitude to perfectly tend to the family? The way you consistently blog despite the larger power cuts than I have and not complaining about it – I salute you, lady! Waiting for you to shift, then maybe we could just meet more often:)

  21. How lucky you guys are.. to be able to meet & share.

  22. What fun and how exciting! Wish you seasons greetings and a great new year!

  23. I just read up at Harini’s and Simran’s about the fun you had.

    Best wishes for the festive season and a Happy New Year.

  24. I enjoyed myself a lot too. Thanks for the barfi – I shared some with my friend, but I think I ate most of it myself (already!)

    Really glad to know your son liked the cookies.

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