Happy New Year

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People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, whereas they should  actually worry about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.~Author Unknown

Well i am not worrying about what i ate between New year and Christmas 2008,but i am Sharing some of my Favorites,amongst the numerous food recipes that i shared with you all during the year 2008

Being a Hard core Foodie, it is really tough to select just a few,but still walking down the memory lane,i am picking up some real all- time -favorites- of- mine.And yes,Don’t expect just healthy ones, coz i  am …and will always remain, partial towards street food 😉

So lets begin….

The Two breakfast items that i will prefer any day are:

Dal Pakwan

or Sael(seyal) Pao

An ideal lunch for me could be an option between :

Kadhi chaawal

Or Varriyun(wadi) Patata

Or the simplest lunch,Dodo with buttermilk

If at all i need to snack in during evening,i will, without pondering ,choose between ……what else but Paanipuri

or Batar Papdi

Dinner could be some rice and dal combinations like:

Saayi Dal,rice and karela stir fried

or a perfect meal

or simply this one:

I am not a dessert person but still can have few scoops of lovely  falooda

That’s my Ideal menu combination for any special day.What about yours?? Do share some FOOD THOUGHTS with me.Share with me how would you like to Ring in New year(in terms of food of course)

And Wishing Every one, landing on this page…A Very Happy New Year.May you and your family enjoy all the Joys of World,through out the year(and many more years to come)

This goes to Srivalli’s “Best Of year 2008” Event ,wherein she invited “all fellow bloggers  to share their “Year’s Best” in an event that does not require you to cook, click foodie pictures, anything. Just doing a recap of your own sweet blog.

Keep cooking,keep smiling and be in touch 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Hey, A suggestion: Why don’t you add an Index page with a list of all the recipes. It’ll make it easy to look for recipes and decide what to cook 😉

  2. Hi Alka, I just spent close to an hour browsing thru your blog. It’s yum yummmm!!! I think I’m gonna try the beeh bhaji this wknd. Thanks for inspiring us and spreading the word about our beloved and delicious Sindhi cuisine!

  3. Wish you a very Happy New Year. Wonderful website. For new year, I made Majoon which my daughter loves it.

  4. You really got a very nice collection..I am drooling over the pic…Happy new year

  5. Holy, what a feast!

  6. What a lovely spread Alka! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. Happy New Year Alka! I must go thru the dal pakwan and seyal pao recipes soon, love them!

  8. HUGE Thanks for visiting Alka.Coming from a esteemed blogger like you,its an honour.Sure,I will share the cookies with you,only after helping myself to one of these lovely thalis and especially falooda 😉 HAPPY NEW YEAR

  9. Thank you for your wishes, Alka. Wish you and your family a blessed 2009! 🙂

  10. That looks like a lot of tasty food served out there…

  11. What a lovely collection! I’d be happy with any one of those.

  12. Wonderful spread of recipes. Look so good. Nice to see all of them in one post. YUM! YUM!…. Thanks for stopping by my blog….

  13. Hi Alka, thanks for stopping by. You have a great site here! I have been clicking away for the last 15 mins i think! everything here looks so yummy and nice!Wish u a great year ahead!

  14. Alka, you have really picked well! Your dal pakwaan is on my mind too:) Samosas looked great too – Have a wonderful year, and come here sooooon!!

  15. These are all just so gorgeous, Alka. Wish you an equally productive- and wonderful- 2009.

  16. Happy New Year!

    Love all that food above.. esp. the ones placed on thalis are making me crave.. that kind of arranged food.

  17. mouth-watering spread. Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year 2009!

  18. wish you and your family a healthy, fulfilling and safe 2009, dear alka.

  19. That is delicious food colection. Wish you and your family a Wonderful New Year 2009!

  20. My new year’s resolution is to taste all those lovely dishes you have lister 😉

    Wishing you a Very Happy New Year! Alka.

  21. Gorgeous collection Alka. Warm wishes to you and have a fun filled New Year’s eve. See you next year with mouth watering dishes.

  22. Oh my what a lovely array of food..didn’t you mean to send this to me???..:(

    Anyway Wish you a very happy New year to you and your family Alka..

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