Sweet and Spicy ~A Life with You

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It seems like only yesterday
That our wedding date was set;
Although it’s been so many years,
The memories linger yet.

I guess that we’ve experienced life,
In almost every form.
We’ve enjoyed the greatest pleasures
And weathered every storm,

We’ve walked together side by side,
As we traveled on through life;
And I have always felt so proud,
That you chose me for your wife.

Happy Anniversary Dear !

(I had somewhere read this poem,though i am unable to locate the origin right now,but it lingered in my memory since then !)

Marriage….Its a  strange but divine, difficult but necessary, sweet but demanding , joyful but harsh change in one’s life . So is it for me !

A decade back when i entered into this sacred Institution called marriage, little did i knew what fate has stored for me. As any other bride, i too rode the roller coaster of emotions .Emotions like pain of leaving my home and parents, friends and relatives , emotions like fear of facing new people,living with them, adjusting to the whole new way of life.There was happiness of being with my soul mate ,but at the same time a stinging feeling of leaving behind all the wonderful memories of  lovely childhood gripped my very soul . And with a heavy heart and hopeful mind i  began my new life as a wife,as a daughter-in-law,as a sister-in-law etc. Whole new set of relations and relatives ,a new family,a new home, a new role to play, i was scared of fumbling and falling , but that one person on whom i trusted enough to hand over my life, that one person on whose assurance i move ahead and accepted new relations, that one person who never failed to support me ,that one person….my soul mate ,always made sure that i was comfortable and happy in the new surroundings !

Now after a decade , when i sit back and count my blessings and grievances, there is lot to say and wish…..but still it has been a nice journey with all its ups and downs, tears and  giggles, fights and  sorries.All these years i tried to be a dutiful wife(what??), a sensible better half( What a joke !) and loving and caring life partner(man i surely do have a funny bone !).Those who know us, know what does the phrase “Opposites attracts ” means ! Yeah..we are poles apart….While he is calm and irritating, i am hot tempered and irritating 😉 .The two pictures explains our nature .

There had  always been fights  between his Rock music and mine soft numbers, an ongoing  tiff between his technical knowledge and my culinary prowess.His liking for bland or sweet food is always opposed by my love for hot and spicy stuff. I darn his love for tea while he loathes my drooling over paanipuris.He loves Sunrises,while i adore sunsets.The remote control of Tv  never heaves a sigh of relief as there is constant switching of channels from  CNBC  to Comedy shows. Even today as i am struggling to hold my emotions and pen down my thoughts, he is busy banging his head with programming codes at office.Still we are together ( Miracles do happen) and today we completed a decade of togetherness !

Our sweet and adorable son just made our family a picture perfect one. And today i am using my space to let you know, dear hubby, that despite of all the differences between us, i still consider you my best friend !

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26 thoughts on “Sweet and Spicy ~A Life with You

  1. Basantlal nagdev says:

    Marriage is an “Investment”. Invest with Care. It pays Huge “Dividends if you keep “Interest” till the end.
    “It’s an agreement in which a boy loses his bachelor’s degree and a girl gains her Masters.”

  2. Belated anniversary wishes Alka. Wonderful post. You have very well summarized a decade of your marriage. Shortly I will also be touching that milestone.

  3. Hey Alka,
    Happy Anniversary to both of u…What a wonderful post..u made me laugh and at the end few drops of tears also filled my eyes , because you picturised my married life, too…both r my hubby’s fav., too….thanks for droping by me..

  4. Belated wishes. This was a lovely post Alka.

  5. nd ya nice poem,…pics r too temptin….tk cre,..nd hppy bloggin,..

  6. congrats f,..:-)could relate alot while readin ur post

  7. Happy Anniversery Alka. Very nice poem . Enjoyed reading each and every sentence. Yours resembles our marriage life. Very intreseting, Jamoon and Bhajji looks delicious.

  8. congrats and belated happy anniverasy alka…

  9. wow, what a wonderful post! Beautiful poem too! Hat’s off to your memory. Enjoyed reading each and every sentence of your post. Everyone can relate to your thoughts! A very happy marriage anniversary! Wish you many more happy years of togetherness.

  10. Hi Alka,
    Just chanced upon your site. Lovely post and congrats on your anniversary:)


  11. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful expression, and such a delicious way to celebrate with gulabjamuns and mirchi bhajjis.

  12. A very Happy Anniversary and wishes for many, many more years of sweet and spice.:)

  13. Happy Anniversary !! Yummy dishes.

  14. Sweet and Spicy like the jamoons and bhajjis 🙂 a beautiful ode to life itself! Happy Anniversaray!

  15. Happy Anniversary Alka .. you have described your journey in beautiful words .. Lovely dishes out there .. hope you had a great day

  16. Wish you a Happy Anniversary

  17. Happy Anniversary Alka..wishing ur more n more happiness, wealth n healthu…wonderful post…bothlooks awesome..

  18. Alka..thats such a wonderful post…Many Many happy returns of the day!…its really nice to know that so many differences make such lovely reasons to stay attracted..LOL!

  19. Happy Anniversary!!! Wonderful post. God bless.

  20. What a wonderful post. You did makeme smile few times in this post.
    Happy 10th and wishing you many , many more years of this .

  21. Happy anniversary to both of you. What a beautiful post.

  22. Congratulations to both of you, Alka!! So well written – it brings out the realities that only years can bring out. Very sweet – now I know for sure who is the romantic one:) The Deewani!

  23. Happy Anniversary!
    Such a heartwarming and delicious post..wish you both a lifetime of happiness together

  24. Congrats Alka!! That was a very sweet yet emotional post. what i feel is its actually the north pole & south pole feeling that keeps the magic going…. Life would be pretty boring if 2 people living together would be same. I got married when I was 20, and after so many years I really have fun with the differences (well most of the time:-) )!! Wish u a forever together with each other!

    BTW Food looks good too!

  25. Congrats and Happy Anniversary Alka. Yes I also went through all you have described in a marriage. jamoon and bhajji look so yummy.

  26. Man oh man! That was so sweet and aptly put. The last part about your differences just made me sit and laugh. You must have practically described all marriages.

    Wishing you a very a happy and blessed anniversary. Wishes for more to come.

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