Celebrating With A Celebrity Guest

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Instead of counting candles,Or tallying the years,

Contemplate your blessings,As your birthday nears.

Consider special people,Who love you,and who care,

And others who’ve enriched your life

Just by being there.

Think about the memories,Passing years can never mar,

Experiences great and small, That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift, So cut your cake, and say,

“Instead of counting birthdays, I count blessings every day!”

Well I am wishing my blog, its first Birthday with this sweet poem by Joanna Fuchs

Yeah SindhiRasoi,born on 29 January 2008 ,turned One today.And this is not the only reason for smiles and celebrations, there are few more.Let me unfold them one by one

Firstly as I told , its this blog’s 1st birthday,then it is also THE 100th post.…yes, I just hit a century with this post.

And on this occasion it is just so obvious that I Thank all those who encouraged, helped, cheered and guided me to sail across the waves of hope and despair, highs and lows, praises and brickbats.Few were rude ( ahh lets forget about them! ), few were nasty, but most of you ,dear Readers, have been so supportive and sweet to me ,that now I have made a huge virtual family around.

Heartfelt Thanks to my family, friends, co-bloggers, readers,Guests (guest visitors) and above all YOU dear Hubby…..my ultimate strength and support system ! Without you and your camera,this would have remained a dream for me!

I have so much to write about ,on this occasion,but I will held my emotions back,because now I need to share yet another excitement with you all !

Every blogger celebrates his/her blog birthday/anniversary with some special sweet /food made by her/him.But not me,because I have something very very very special for this occasion, a true feast to your eyes,especially all Sindhis around, and all this courtesy to an esteemed guest of the day….a celebrity …….Ladies and Gentlemen, kindly welcome , none other than Mr. Suresh Hinduja, The CEO of Gourmet India.com. The forums are the place where some real authentic/traditional/extinct/popular food is displayed to mesmerize us, with jaw dropping captures And for the Sindhi cuisine section, I have to Thank You ‘Saucy’ for initiating that thread !

So dear readers do take a look at those artistic clicks of some wonderful food of Sindhi Cuisine, all courtesy to the most modest person Ihave came across. When I asked for the permission to share his picture of pickle, Suresh not only emailed me the picture, but also amazed me by his words ….What is a pickle between us sindhis, you dont have to credit me. ….wow !!

But since I was more greedy, I requested some more of his captures amongst the vast collection of drooling pics,and he was kind enough to let me share those with you all readers.So Dearies , just walk around this post and seduce your senses with the amazing captures of some authentic and traditional picks from Sindhi Cuisine

Ps:Kindly note that all the amazing pics presented below, belong to Mr Suresh.Hinduja so please do not copy without his permission 🙂

Gathadi Pickle

(This is one rare Sindhi pickle,not made often now a days,but I remember my childhood days, licking these with every meal.)

A pickle made from raw shredded mangoes,seasoned with, salt,turmeric, red chillies, nigella seeds,cloves of garlic, mixed and lumps of these mixture were tied in small white muslin cloth gathadis (like dumplings),pickled and enjoyed later.

It’s called Gathadi aka Bheendi.

Dal Nakul

The forgotten welcome snack for guests at Sindhi homes. Yes, decades back guests were welcomed with roasted papad and/or Dal Nakul.Dal is fried crunchy moong dal and nakul/s are sugared besan strings (I guess, not sure though).The crunchy munchy combination had lost its glory to the latest fad of wafers,cakes and cookies

Then the most beautifully clicked Gulab Jamun , a very common sweet,which is loved by all ! A fried maida and khoya ball, flavored with elaichi, dipped in sugary syrup when dumped in mouth,the only reaction possible is YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM !

And then comes Motichoor ladoos, again one of the commonest sweet among sindhis, there is one at every occasion,for sure. Be it birth, marriage ,festivals or even death (Very elderly people when die a peaceful death,these ladoos are distributed during chautha (pagdi) or Bhaaroh (the 12 th or 13 th day after the demise)

Who haven’t tasted or heard of Jalebis ?? The OH SO FAMOUS, fried concentric circles of Maida flour,with a dash of saffron for the nice orange colour and kesari flavor, soaked in rose flavored sugar syrup, is a heavenly treat to your taste buds (Just try it with dash of rabri, for the complete knock out combination of flavors)

Badaam(Almond halwa) is yet another halwa in the favorite list of Sindhis, just little behind the common Gaajar ka halwa.And tell me honestly have you ever seen Almond halwa presented in a sleek style like this ?

Amongst drinks ,apart from sherbet (rose syrup) , the other most traditional drink is of course Thaadal (Thandai).Its a heady mixture of rose petals,elaichi,blackpepper corns,melon seeds, Almonds, poppy seeds and milk,all grinded together,sieved and diluted with milk,sweetened with sugar .It is also served as Prasad during Mahashivratri

When you talk about Sindhi breakfast, most will vouch for either Dal pakwaan or Chola Dhabhal,chickpeas in gravy served with bread and garnished with mint coriander Chutney….a true delight for spice lovers !

Taryal Vangun Here’s how Suresh explains this most loved Brinjal recipe among Sindhis:

Eggplant/Aubergine/Brinjal scored, fried, topped with Cumin, Red Chilli and Mango Powders; fresh Coriander/Cilantro and onion. We normally have this with a Dal and Chapati/Rice.

There are many many more at Gourmet India,its not at all possible to summarize all of them in a post,but yes, I am sure, you all would like to join the forum to explore more about Sindhi as well as Global cuisine, ranging from Gujrati to Andhra,Thai to Indo chinese.

My sincere Thanks To Suresh  for letting me go ahead with this post and sharing such amazing clicks with me.Sorry for all the botheration caused and I simply bow down to your generosity.

Ps:Wanna watch a video of some really nice spread of food ,then watch this….Awesome pics by Suresh,compiled by Sekhar.

Gourmet India Food

Thank you Sekhar for providing this link 🙂

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54 thoughts on “Celebrating With A Celebrity Guest

  1. Belated blog anniversary wishes Alka. Your site is definitely a treasure for both Sindhis and Non Sindhis who would like to cook authentic sindhi dishes.

  2. Hi Alka,

    Oh this is an awesome website! Thanks for putting it up together!!
    Im kutchi jain married to a typical sindhi guy from Chembur!!

    I was generally browsing when I ran into this website and showed him… We just spend almost an hour on it and he got so thrilled to see his favorite eating places names from Chembur….

    These recipes are gonna be very handy to me to make typical sindhi dishes from him…Tomorrow morning(Sunday morning), Im gonna make daal pakwaan… Ive tried to make this chana dal so many times, but it never turns out right…. and he always teases me… but will try to follow this recipe tomorrow… Hopefully I will succeed…

    Thanks a lot!!



  3. Not sure how I missed this post…A Big congrats from me for your blog birthday and of course your lovely 100th post..I have drooled over all your pictures and yes these are exceptionally good…thanks for bring such a beautiful site to my knowledge, will check it again in detail!…

    Once again wishes for many more years dear Alka!

  4. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary… Pictures are fantastic..makes me drool. Wonderful write up aswell. Keep up the fantastic work. Thanks to Suresh and Sehar.

  5. congrats Alka… and what a wonderful way to celebrate blog b’day 🙂 glorious pics…

  6. Hearty congratulation on the blog’s anniversary.

    Suresh’s generosity says that there are still many good people out there. I absolutely love it all. I want to try making gulab jamun so I am heading over to this site 🙂

  7. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary and what a tantalizing post with amazing pictures.

  8. Hi Alka, seeing these absolutely lip smacking pictures and your wonderful write up takes me down nostalgia lane. Happy Birthday and keep up the fantastic work.

  9. Jyoti Dhingreja says:

    Congrats for your century!!!!!
    wish you many more centuries….
    The pictures look very tempting….
    Keep up da good work…take care…

  10. Congrats on your blogversary and your 100th post…may you have many more. Btw, my older brother’s birthday also falls on the 29th of Jan 🙂

    Thanks for bringingb us those gorgeous pictures 🙂

  11. Congrats on the double achievement Alka! And that treats you’ve laid out are gorgeous, thank you 😀

  12. Congratulations, Best wishes for many more…great pics

    Aparna Rao

  13. omg i was droolin lookin at pics,..congrats,..:-)and wish u many more celebrations like this,…

  14. Thats called celebrating with a bang! Congratulations and wish you a very happy blog birthday. You always bring lovely photos and delicious dishes yourself, and now you have treated us to these awesome snaps as well! Good Show!

  15. Congrats on your blog’s 1st birthday and the 100th post. It was wonderful.

    Alka, as far as I remember I havent thanked you for pointing out the problems my blog is facing at Foodworld. I appreciate and thank you humbly and gratefully. You are a true and thoughtful friend.

    I have mailed the lady at her personal email id at redchillies.us but no response. When I checked last, it was the same status. I will follow it up.

    take care
    all the best for more wonderful posts.

  16. Congrats Alka. Looking fwd to many many more years of blogging from you. Lovely pics those are

  17. congrats Alka and so many lovely and delicious here… right choice for the right time dear.. keep rocking.. my best wishes to you.

  18. Congrats Alka….lovely pics….felt hungry looking at them 🙂

    You have been a true inspiration to help me make Sindhi dishes with such ease and master them too.

    Thank you and may you have many many more such anniversaries 🙂

  19. Congratulations Alka, lovely poem. Never had that pickle though even now in India we always have dal nakula at home all the time.

  20. HI! Congrats 4ur great version cookery blog,u hve maid sindhi food look n taste delicious ! ur r an honour sindhi community ,Hat’s off
    God Bless U In ur future demo of receipes

  21. Congrats on the anniversary and the 100 posts, Alka! And yes, have never seen badam halwa presented like that!

  22. Hey Alka, Congratulations for the 1st birthday as well as ur 100th post.Each and every picture is so amazing and wud make anyone drool.Yours is one of the best blog that i’ve seen.Truly amazing and great effort.Kudos to you girl;)

  23. Congratulations Alka!! Way to go dear, keep it up and God bless u. Thanks for all the delicious Sindhi dishes and reminding me of my days at my maika 🙂 Once again lakh lakh vadayun aayin tawankhe!

  24. Congrats on your 100th post and also your 1st birthday. Very lovely pictures, mouth watering desserts!


  26. Hi Alka dear,

    Let me wish a very Happy Birthday to Sindhi Rasoi! Beautiful clicks, what a feast !!!! unfortunately only for my eyes!!!! Keep it up and wish you a happy and successful continuation.

  27. Hi Alka, Very happy birthday for your blog, and congrats on 100th post. This Post is mind blowing with awesome pictures. Beautiful spread.

  28. Pooja Thawani says:

    Lakh Lakh Vaidayu…..May You have many many more to come…..

  29. Hi first congrats on your first year finishing and 100th post also many more to come like this in your place and each and every pic is simply superb so so so mouthwatering

  30. Congrats Alka for completing an year and on your 100th too. Here is wishing you many more og happy blogging years ahead. I still remember the days when you started your blog. And its hard to believe it has been an year too soon.

    What a mouthwatering array of pics you have… Good compilation job. A celebration indeed.

  31. Happy Blog Birthday and Congrats on your 100th post. All pics are awesome. I saw this at work just before lunch and was literally drooling 🙂 Wrong time to check the reader 😀

  32. Congratulations!… That gulab jamun pic is to die for, you made me crave for it. Each pic is a gem.

  33. Well done… Alka for completing a year. Love those beautiful photos. Hope to see more.

  34. Congrats Alka, each dish and pics are amazing. Like the authentic Sindhi pickle..

  35. Wow, those photos made my mouth water. Huge congratulations on your blog milestone!

  36. Congragulations Alka for the double dhamaka, 100 posts and 1st birthday! that was a great visual treat..

  37. Wowowo what do I see a pleasant virtual feast. He is so generous 🙂 Congrats on ur great milestone and I wish you many more Happy blogging ….U make me speechless with those pict 🙂

  38. Congratualtions Alka. Happy Blog Birthday! And looking forward to many more birthdays in the years to come. I have been a frequent Visitor to ur site.

  39. Congrats for the 100th post, Lovely mouthwatering n eyecatching pics, Happy blogging for many more years with more delicious dishes Alka…

  40. Congrats,aap sirf picture dikhayengi kya.Mouthwatering spread,esp love the jalebi pic thgh if a favourite is neede I would choose chola dhabal and egplant dish.The guest writer is definitely a good photographer.But Alkaji,where is my plate? Aap ghar ka rasta batayiye,mein fly karke aa jaaongi 😛 😛

  41. Congratulations 🙂
    thank u for visiting and your blog is just AWESOME… will spend a lot more time going through it and trying out recipes 🙂

  42. wowowww mouthwatering pics yaar…iam so impressed and so tempting…
    btw Congratulations.

  43. Wowo this is what i call a celebration.

  44. Congrats dear Alka for the a year of beautiful blogging & your 100th post! what timing? did u plan this?

    & thanks for those visual treats. That motichoor laddu is beckoning me ( i love it ) & the picture of te jalebi is beyond compare.the badam halwa, the baingan & the pickle. All the pics are jsut absolutely gorgeous! & its a torture for just havin to look at them & not getting a bite of it.

  45. mouth watering picture make feel very hungry we r proud of u ALKA blees u love u

  46. Congratulations on the birthday..Very nice spread..Nice way to celebrate.. Everything looks yumm and tempting to have..

  47. Happy Blog Birthday! And looking forward to many more birthdays in the years to come

  48. This is a mindboggling spread, Alka. Many many congratulations on your blog’s first birthday, and I hope you have many more.

  49. Congratualtions Alka. Thanks for the visual treat, truly special.

  50. Hi

    More Power to You, I have been a frequent Visitor to ur site , and I have Learnt so much about Sindhi Cuisine that , I am contemplating opening a Sindhi Speciality Restaurant



  51. Congratulations to Sindi Rasoi for completing 1 yr. All recipes are very delicious.
    All photos are fantastic

  52. Alka dear,many hugs and best wishes on this cheerful occasion..Its a great fact that we take an opportunity to turn back and see,evaluate the worthy effort we have put into something special…Go on and enjoy..
    And,what a fine celebration Yaar !! Amazing with all those yummy pictures and the prescence of a celebrity..

  53. Basantlal nagdev says:


  54. Basantlal nagdev says:

    I still love and have regularly “bhindi” ji khatyar, which is tied up in a muslin cloth. I still wonder why its called “bhindi”.
    I remember when I joined school, my dad distributed “nakul” to other students. “Nakul” is famous “bhavnagri” sev (Gujrati item, though we Sindhis make it bit thicker and its not spicy) which is coated with 1 tar wala syrup. The main ingredients are besan and sugar.

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