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Sorry to disappoint those who visited this blog for having a look at some yet another Sindhi Recipe. But trust me,you wont regret coming here after reading first half of this post(Though you will surely regret reading the later half)

Well , today i am here to share some good things with you.

Firstly, many of you had requested me for the recipe of Tahiri(tairi,taihri,sweet rice) , and due to my sheer laziness and my step motherly treatment to the sweet food, i was unable to share with you  the  favorite of so many Sindhis….A sweet rice.Though i had already Emailed many of you , its recipe ,today i am sharing a link with you,where you can find the recipe of this traditional Sweet rice

Dear Medhaa of Cook with love ,a sweet friend and a lovely lady,who happen to share my work (won’t call it load or burden) of blogging about Sindhi recipes,finally came up with this most awaited recipe of Taihri. So all of you ,who were waiting to feast your eyes ,on a lovely looking Taihri, just hop on to the following link


Now coming to other good things ,

Vidhas of Appetizing Recipes and Nithya of  A Culinary Odyssey , showered so many awards on me and my blog , that i no longer craved to play Holi with water lolz…..

Here they go,







Nithya  also tagged me for…  “25 things you have to say about yourself ”. Whooops….Well i don’t know whether i can say 25 things about myself(i have actually too many to say,but i don’t want  to scare away readers by showing my true colours….lolz…..

Lets see how far i can go..Ummm..

  1. I am very very outspoken and many times speak at the places and situations where i am actually supposed to shut up
  2. I hate hate hate hate politics and people who plays it
  3. I  am very impulsive,though had mellowed down to much extent after my kid was born,but still…..
  4. I am very lazy when it comes to cleaning closets, or in that case even those mundane chores like dusting and  keeping things at proper place….after i started blogging i am getting more and more clumsy
  5. I love spicy food,the food that brings  tears to my eyes( khushi aur spice ke aansoon) is stamped GOOD food by me and no,i cannot consider cornflakes and sandwiches as meals
  6. I cannot live without my Hubby(though at times i feel like running away from him….Talk about hypocrites dear…) , my adorable kid, good food, sound sleep and gallons of water
  7. I am a person who likes to rejoice thinking about pleasant memories of past and squeeze out some feelings of satisfaction and joy from the little things around me…could be as simple as drizzling rains , kids playing in park, my family eating like gluttons when i make something special for them, or even when i chanced upon some nice old favourite song of mine on Radio
  8. I like the flattering comments of the people on my blog,though many of them are not apt,i still love to live in wonderland where everything you do,is liked by people
  9. I really miss my college friends,wish i do meet them, bridging the gap ,and continuing from where we left
  10. I am a crazy fan of Paanipuri and i wish it was declared the Best Food Of the world and i hope silly that someday some scientists miraculously find something really healthy about these tangy thingieesssss
  11. I wish to learn baking, driving, Working Out,eating healthy, and grooming myself ( All these ,just in my thoughts….lolz)
  12. I like to watch movies in the cosy room of my home, with no one to disturb, no interruptions and no intermissions, some munchies(No popcorns plsss), and no kind of other botherations.But Alas,this haven’t been possible since last 11 years…..phew…
  13. Love listening to some cool songs (The New songs doesnt classify as cool songs,except ofcourse the rare few ).Again i like to listen those when there is no body around,coz i have this irritating habit of hummmming along loudly with every song,and poor souls around me( read Hubby ) have to move away or else take a painkiller to overcome the side effects (generally a headache) of listening to my songs…lolz
  14. I cannot stand Egoistic, rude , immodest , cruel, shrewd, Wealth exhibitionist,alcoholics  and those who spank kids or  abuse them
  15. I love to stare at the setting Sun or blinking stars, at some quiet place , where there aren’t any distractions like  Honking cars, smoking chimneys,chattering people, electronic gadgets around (i hate my cell beeping when i am at such places)
  16. I wish to go for a long vacation with my family, especially to a place with stunning greenery,  open fields, mesmerizing waterfalls, where my kid can run and hop around without fearing any corners to stop him,and where i am make to feel like a queen with all the great food,cooked and served,without me moving an inch towards Kitchen(And come to think of it,i am a food blogger…what a contrast !!).What about Hubby?? Well he can keep himself occupied with anything else but Laptop,ipod,or Cell phone(Hard life for him tsk tsk tsk)
  17. I wish i get my Inbox filled with loads of emails everyday, obviously with some kind comments, flattering praises,Nice blessings and casual chats from Fellow bloggers
  18. My biggest Need for the Day(or in that case for months to come) is learning HTML, java,php. etc. Coz it get frustrating to rely on my Hubby for all the mundane changes i need in the layout of my blog, and i hate hogging up his valuable time ,for getting the problems fixed.But to tell you all the truth is ,that no matter how hard i tried to follow the tutorials, all that i was able to learn is HOW TO WASTE YOUR TIME IN LEARNING AND STILL NOT LEARN ANYTHING…
  19. I love everything my mother cooks (i know that hold true for maximum of you), and i crave for so many foods that she used to make before my marriage
  20. I wish people could be more expressive, more tolerant, more approachable,without any airs around them, more sensitive,more Human
  21. I was almost Dead with shock when my hubby SMSed(grrrrrrr..) me that he likes the tea i make than what a Famous Restaurant served him.Alas that was the only praise i got from him(Now dear readers please don’t doubt my culinary abilities,i do cook decent enough, atleast it is more edible than what office canteens generally pass on as lunch/snacks)
  22. I am grateful to many bloggers around me,who had helped me a lot,inspired me a ton and had been around consoling me,cheering me and boosting my morale and confidence.Though  the list  could go on and on,still to name the few….Shilpa of Aayis recipes (she was the first blogger i interacted with,who also happen to enlighten me about wordpress etc),Srivalli,who had  been a great mediator to clear up some misunderstandings with fellow blogger,and who also was generous enough to provide her Blog space to a novice cook ..My BIL .Pooja ,at whose place i participated for the first time for an event,and even Won it.That was my first and the Only victory .Medhaa,who not only told me about TOI,but also created my Feed ,on my behalf. Sunshinemom...well the lady had went out of the way,umpteen number of times to help me out,and i can only say ….dear I owe you a lot….Then there are Soma and Sia,two wonderful ladies i love to interact with.Sia is probably the only one who tried and tasted a recipe from my blog and blogged about it,while chatting with soma is such a great fun
  23. I wish i never lose interest in food blogging and that this hobby of mine should get addictive day by day,year by year
  24. I love to interact with many many people, and it always feel great when somebody leaves feeling happy after interacting with me
  25. Finally i Thank all of you ,who actually read the above 24 ramblings and are still here ,reading 25th one.I appreciate your patience and kindness,and now kindly do me yet another favor and write something in comment box…a thing which most of you escape after reading my posts….lolz

Thanks Nithya, it was fun talking about myself, coz i hardly meet people who would like to know about me.So i seldom get any chance to babble about myself 😉

And i pass on these awards to the bloggers i mentioned above(Sia,Soma,srivalli,Medhaa,Shilpa,Sunshinemom,Pooja).Hope they will be kind enough to accept these

Ps:I am sorry,i forgot to tag you all also for 25 Things About yourself,so kindly if you can,do share at least few things about you,if not 25 🙂

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30 thoughts on “Some Good Things

  1. That was a great meme!! and congrats on the awards!! 🙂

  2. Hi Alka,
    Thanks for the link will ckeck it out.Congrats on the awards! 🙂
    the meme was a great read.

  3. Dear Alka, Good to know you through Sia. As you said, you are very outspoken, all your points about you depicts that. It is always a nice feeling to speak from our heart. Enjoyed reading this post. Will try to gain something new from your recipes. Have a good day. Viji (Vcuisine)

  4. Did u tag me?!! I just saw this!! waaaa i don’t know what to write… I’ll take some time to do this:-)

  5. Nice meme Alka! I really liked the way you remembered to talk about people who helped you a lot!

  6. Hi Alka, Congrats of your awards. Tahiri sounds great. I like your wriiting. Enjoyed.

  7. Great Me-me dear Alka..loved not flattering you as I said..:D..Just felt everything outright honest..Go on gal..:)

  8. arrey sorry using hubbies laptop and not so comfortable with it.

    loved reading ur post you sure have a creative mind and are a great human being, love those ppl who spk their mind, so dont worry abt what others say.

    love Medhaa

  9. Dear Alka
    Well it was fun reading your post. You are a good writer too besides being a good cook.
    Baking is something I learnt from an early age so feel comfortable baking things. There are a few methods that you need to master and then basically you can bake anything. You can have fun with baking by changing the ingredients just like you change/substitute cooking ingredients… The earlier one learns something the more confident one gets in it over time.

    You will be surprised, its the making of a maani or more specically kneading the dough that I am not good at. Making Maani is the first thing that you used to learn in the past lols…

    take care

  10. I just discovered one more way to cook rice (looks delish) and 25 things (more actually) about you. 🙂

  11. Lovely post, Alka! I enjoyed getting to know you more. I too hope you never lose interest in food blogging! 🙂

  12. yes alka every time iam also having the same prob. with this sweet rice i don’t know how this time that is little better then every time .
    nice post and congrats on your awards enjoy your awards

  13. Nice to know so many things about you Alka!
    Even though I have only recently started visiting your blog I am already hooked to it … and your recipes and snaps. 🙂
    Congrats on the awards! Maybe this’ll help you for html/java … … couldn’t find you mail id. 🙂
    Looking forward to more great recipes and posts. 🙂

  14. Very happy to know more about you and I openly (and secretly) agree with some things eg: 6th point esp one in bracket ;).You also echoed my wish with the 16th point.
    Congrats on your awards and thanks for the wonderful recipes.Hope you had a wonderful holi

  15. Are you me? Seriously, are you me? Is their another part of me that maintains this lovely blog, and I dont know about her. You are me…you are…

  16. Congrats for all the awards!! Good to know that there are others who have similar tastes like me 😉 and am planning to make Tahiri for Cheti Chand, which is a few days away. Love reading ur blog, u rock dear 😀

  17. Though not a sweet person, Tahiri looks different and delish..Congrats on all your awards..Enjoy..Nice to know more about you..

  18. Was fun to read and knowing about you. Tahiri looks good!

  19. Alka, Nice to learn more about you– you sound sunny and warm, and that’s the absolute truth, so no need to visit wonderland 🙂

  20. Tahiri looks good. Will check Medha’s place.

    Congrats on the awards. Nice tag! Very well written. Enjoyed each sentence of the tag! I can’t held my laugh while reading some of them. Good one Alka! I like your writing style! 🙂 Wish I could write like you!

  21. lovely post ,..glad to knw more of u, wa sur holi,..??/

  22. 🙂 🙂 bahut maaza aya.. & I am really honored to be mentioned by you. & now I will not lsiten to u & take my liberty to mention you:-) for I cannot stop my itch.

    I love Pani poories & evn tho’ nobody finds anything healthy in it, i’ll still have them for dinner like i do.

    Don’t worry Alka, even tho’ u got appreciated for tea ( which I hate making & find it a very tedious & boring job) we know just by looking what an awesome cook u are. hope sometime in my lifetime i get to taste atleast once … tumhara haath ka khana:-)

  23. and congrats on your awards and thanks for passing to me!

  24. Thats great to read alka..wonderful to know more abt you..

  25. Congrats on your wonderful awards and it was a good reading about 25 things about you.

  26. LOL Alka, u crack me up lady 🙂 and guess what I love paani puri, not fond of sweets, love spicy food and hate popcorns and love to watch movie in home at my own comforts. and there r many other things that i share with you. so if someone to pass this tag to me i can simply copy and paste yours and say it’s mine 😉
    and thanks for the award.
    by the way i have mailed u ab something. write bk to me when u get time.

  27. Congrats Alka..happy to know more about you..lovely

  28. Congrats on your awards. It was nice to know more about you.

  29. Tahiri sounds and looks so good!

    LOL @ #5!

    Enjoy all your awards Alka! 🙂

  30. Congrats on the awards. Enjoi. Nice to know more about you.

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