Kesar Pista Kulfi

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kesar pista kulfi

Oops it already started melting…..

To begin with, it’s my Better Half’s Birthday today , So Happy Birthday Dear Hubby (Even though you dislike publicly displaying affection and all those mushy sentiments..still….).

Then comes the rantings (Ahh that’s my favorite part of It is a long Weekend here in India and me and kiddie were really looking forward to celebrate this day, since from past many months we hardly had got some FAMILY TIME to relax and enjoy just being together, chilling out with our kid, having fun roaming around, going on vacation…the desires are innumerable, the wishes, unending.

But its hard for me to understand why the corporate world need to be so ruthless and insensitive . Instead of enjoying this day with his family, parents, friends etc, he is working (though it being a National Holiday..Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday ). Worse still…. rest of weekend and maybe next weekend too, for whatever reasons  office people give.

I can understand the issues they have at workplace, still I am furious . I just can’t stand all this and wish I could do something about this.But helpless as I am, I am doing what I am capable of….Rant at my blog, take out all the frustrations , breathe in and breathe out and head on towards the recipe of the day…Kesar pista Kulfi (Saffron Pistachio Ice cream)  ! But something more to share before that 🙂


I longed to bake a cake, but since I am yet to decide upon Oven Vs Microwave, I hunted for a recipe to make a Cake using pressure cooker. I finally found one recipe, but it called for eggs. Nothing for Veg. option. So without having any other option(I was desperate to make one at home) I opted for Pillsbury Cooker cake mix and made the chocolate cake.It was good, came out well, tasted nice, but I really do not like to use such mixes for cooking anything.I love my food freshly made and not with anything having preservatives. But now that I am through with Baking ?(Huh?) , I guess I should wait till I got some Oven or find some  good recipe for COOKER CAKES  from scratch before baking another one.


Ok, I know you just want me to switch over to the recipe, so without annoying you anymore here is the Kesar Pista Kulfi , pure , fresh and pleasantly sweet.

The recipe is adapted from here and I hardly made any changes, except that I had less pistachios in my pantry , so used whatever I had instead of  1/4 cup as mentioned in the original recipe.Also I guess I added more than required saffron, since the colour  looked pale while cooking.But after setting, it turned out to be Deep Yellow, but Who is complaining ? It tasted just perfect.The  texture was smooth and creamy and the taste….Yummm.

Also I didn’t had any Popsicle so I went ahead and freezed the mixture in a plastic airtight container.

Thanks Ramya for a lovely recipe !


So Enjoy the spread of Chocolate cake, Kesar pista kulfi and Rasberry Jelly, while I wait here for Hubby dear to come back home.

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35 thoughts on “Kesar Pista Kulfi

  1. Hi Alka..I love your Kulfi..

  2. nari panjwani says:

    My wife, not an Indian, is very fond of “Falloda”, thin crinkly Sindhi style.How do you make it?

  3. Avisha
    I just want to know where do you stay??????
    Really very tempting clicks and mouth watering creamy delights

  4. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!!

  5. Hi!Umm Yummy pic of kulfi ,but what abt the recipe hve been looking 4 it frantically ,pls send the recipe also include condense or powder milk as in malaysia difficult to get fresh milk,also pls suggest hwe to make perfect sindhi style satanaryan prasad as 2day is guru naank ji B’day,n also thanks for the lovely cake recipe pls suggest one without eggs my sister tried in a rice cooker with cake features also one electrical pressure with cake features did try the pillsbury packet taste good,Awaiting for more delicious recipe
    Thanks N Best Wishes ,God Bless

  6. Belated Happy Bday to your hubby..m sorry m late :(((
    The cake look fantastic dear, i still havent tried baking cakes in pressure cooker, loved the kulfi, slurp!!!!

  7. Hey Alka, I have missed your previous posts. Congratulations on the CLICK award! Loved the picture.
    Wishing you and yours a very happy Diwali.

  8. Beautiful post and kulfi looks delicious!

  9. I want some of the kulfi – melting and all!

  10. we have mango kulfi here and many other flavours mixed with honey hows that for a change mun ir lakhani karachi

  11. OMG.. the first picture.. I am literally drooling on my monitor 🙂
    awesome kulfi!

  12. Sweet dishes, torture for people like us. Kulfi looks great!

  13. Oh btw…I share my bday too on Oct 2nd. Well for now..I will take the visual treat of the yummy spread!!

  14. Woow..what a perfect treat on a bday! Wishes to him.
    I am happy you are back to blogging..I enjoy reading your posts

  15. dear alka,
    there’s something for you at jugalbandi. congrats!!!

  16. Wow…both the kulfi and the cake look moutwatering delicious!!!! Birthday wishes to yout hubby!

  17. Wow…both the kulfi and the cake look moutwatering delicious!!!!

  18. Happy birthday to your sure he enjoyed that kulfi..madam for all you say you don’t make sweets or desserts at home, this is way too much!…drooling over the pictures..that I can see..:))

  19. hey Alka, Happy Birthday to your Husband.

    Looks yummy ,the yellow color it looks more like mango Icecream ohh I am so craving for mango ice cream or homemade kulfi.

    Regarding the pictures, some browsers like google chrome do not load the pictures at most times, I keep having that issue so its the browser not your post/blog.

    i dont think the packaged cake mixes have preservatives, since they just mix the dry ingredients like maida, baking powder and sugar. we have to add the wet ingredients. Next time I am at a grocery store i shall read the ingredients.

    Mom used to always bake a cake in the pressure cooker for us when we were kids, I shall ask her for her recipe and send it to you if she still remembers.

    Chalo take care hope u have settled down well in ur new house

  20. I still have not made ice cream or kulfi homemade, but I want to try soon.

  21. Happy belated to your better half.
    I was not able to see the pictures and thought you knew about the bug with wordpress.So check into that may be that will help you. One more thing I noticed that one time when I logged into wordpress from google chrome and posted a blog it gave me all kinds of x’s and what nots. So had to log on from ie and redo the post all over again. I dont know if this might help you. These are some problems I am going thru and thought sharing might help you too.

  22. Hi!That’s really a luscious cake. Thank you for coming to my virtual house. I’ve added your blog to my blogroll thanks to an english foodblog. I think yours it is really special, exotic and interesting. Unfortunally I am not writing an english version too, I should do it, but sometimes am too the meanwhile I decide for an italian english version you can translate my recipes using this site:

  23. Cant able to see the picture, anyhow Happy birthday to ur better half..

  24. Sorry Folks, I don’t know whats happening..the pics are there, but sometimes visible while other times not. Can anyone crack this?

  25. I cannot see the pictures!

  26. Oh Alka, the pictures didn’t come on! Could you please upload them again. Thanks.

  27. Can you please upload the photos, they are missing:-)

  28. Even I had the oven vs microwave dilemma when I was in bangalore. I had bought onida convection m/w oven. but i think if one is going to do some serious baking, oven is the best bet. according to me, a simple m/w (heating, cooking) and a oven (baking), both are needed 🙂
    I dont think I have left a comment here before. You have a wonderful blog.

    Thanks for dropping by Nikita, its always a pleasure to hear from visitors of my blog !
    Yes the dilemma over M/W and oven still prevails, wish I could ask for both, but then I find it hard to burn holes in pocket of poor Hubby, and moreover the space in kitchen wont allow me to go ahead with my fantasies 😉

  29. Happy Birthday to you Hubby:-)

    Sorry Alka, I had promised to send you to the pressure cooker cake recipe & didn’t. but that has eggs too.

    I think zafrani pista kulfi is Waaaaaaaaaay better than cake! I cannot see the picture here, tho’ it showed in the reader. what happened?

    Hey Soma, Thanks for the wishes 🙂
    And c’mmon why the sorry? I know how hard it is to respond each and every query , each and every mail..I myself have some handful of such mails to be replied , but its so hard to keep the track of everything.
    Just chill and take care , Get well soon dear, I am really worried about your health issues

  30. Happy birthday to your husband, dearie!

    I can understand your frustration! Just when I thought I could enjoy a long sleep tomorrow morning my daughter tells the school is compensating for the swine flu hols by keeping the school open tomorrow!!

    Thanks for wishes dear, and yes I can understand the irony of situation.And hey why don’t to come over at my place , we can surely rant about the stuff in person 😉

  31. I cannot see the pics and the recipe cannot open as blogs r banned here in shanghai.

    Hi Shivali, nice to hear form you and feel bad about all the issues with pictures…we are working upon it, hope things will get sorted out soon.
    Regarding Ban, well I wish I knew how to help you on that 🙁

  32. Lovely kulfi n cake dear…Same here..hubby went to office even on a public holiday…so spent whole time surfing..:(

  33. cant see the pics,..:-( will chk again…

  34. Each time I see the Pillsbury cooker cake mix I wud want to try it and by 2nd thought will end up not buying it. Seeing urs, I feel I can give a try. Even I’ve a confusion with Oven vs Microwave as mine doesnt have any features n rarely bakes a ud cake!

    Hi Sharmilee,
    Yeah I too picked it so many times only to keep it back in rack…I am not very comfy with such readymix things…still I just want to get rid of my temptation to make a cake for hubby dear, so i went ahead…it was good to taste though 🙂

  35. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    So good to see you back, reading your blog is like an addiction, a nasho as we say in Sindhi.

    Zaafran Pista Kulfi, well its the fall season (what the Brits called the Autumn) and leaves have already begun to fall, some trees have already shed all their leaves, some are shedding. Some evergreens will remain as they are all winter. So I can’t exactly enjoy the dish except in pictures, I still hope you could teleport it to me so that instead of you I will eat it 🙂 but we will have to wait for the tech people to make this technology available possibly somewhere in Japan.

    take care

    Thanks Surraya, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you as well.

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