Guilty pleasures~Bread Chaat

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Bread chaat

No, I wont talk  about the fire barfing Sun, neither about the “Laila” , the spoiler cyclone that is scaring the hell out of the people of Andhra. I wont talk about the global warming that is responsible for the unbearable temperature shifts, melting icebergs, Ash spewing volcanoes… such talks today…I am too paranoid of heat to even talk about it.

So lets talk about some cool stuff  … Swimming pools, water parks, Beaches,  Summer coolers, Ice creams, Fresh fruit juices, curd….curd? Oh yeah, the humble curd…churn it to make sweet lassi, or spicy Chaach(buttermilk), eat it with pulav(one pot meal..ideal for summers), or simply with rice or Khichdee, make some light curries with it, make a vegetable or boondi raita and enjoy with paratha, Dodo or Koki,  or simply add some sugar to a bowl of curd and relish….I bet, it won’t disappoint you in any of it’s avatars .

At home, I always try to stock some surplus of curd , and most of the time we are able to exhaust the stock. But some times we do have some leftover curd, threatening to get soured if not consumed soon. At such times (specially if its evening time when I finally get to notice the poor curd crying for the attention) I give in to my  cravings for a chaat and indulge in Bread chaat… ummmm delicious ! I wonder why  guilty pleasures are so heavenly ?

bread chaat

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Guilty pleasures~Bread Chaat
Recipe type: Appetizer
Serves: 2
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
The delicious Appetizer made from fried bread slices, topped with spiced yogurt and tangy chutney
  • Bread slices (white/ brown/fresh/stale) 3
  • Curd  1 cup(or approximately 16 tsp)
  • Potato 1, boiled , peeled and chopped finely
  • Salted boondi, soaked and squeezed, 1 tiny cup
  • Khajur imli Chutney 12 tsp (You can just mix some tamarind juice with sugar or melted jaggery when in hurry)
  • Salt as per taste
  • Chaat masala as per liking
  • Black pepper powder for garnishing
  • Red chilly powder for garnishing
  • Coriander leaves for garnishing
  1. Boil, cool, peel and chop a potato. Soak and later squeeze salted
  2. boondi
  3. Sprinkle some salt, red chilly powder,chaat masala if you like.
  4. Whisk the curd and add some water if needed to make a smooth flowing consistency of curd. Add salt.
  5. Cut each bread slice into four, and deep fry/shallow fry/bake till crisp golden brown (PS:I am unsure how the baked version will taste, since I am yet to try that one. Anyone who knows how it tastes, kindly enlighten me ! )
  6. Drain on kitchen towel to get rid of excess oil (takes away some of your guilt too 😉 ).
  7. Let it cool down to room temperature. If not using right away (What??? you can wait to eat it ?? Admiring your patience..really ! ) store it in airtight containers.
  8. For serving, arrange the bread pieces on a plate, pour some imli khajur chutney , some potato and boondi, some generous spoons of whisked curd(use less curd if you like to bite on crispy bread, and add more if you like to relish some soft bread dunked in curd...make a choice ! ).
  9. Garnish with pepper powders and chaat masala and some fresh coriander leaves.You can also use some thin Sev (Nylon sev).
  10. Relish immediately, you don't want those nagging thoughts of calories, weight, deep fried taboo stuff to spoil the hurry up, gobble it down before any revolting thoughts strike your mind...Enjoy !
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26 thoughts on “Guilty pleasures~Bread Chaat

  1. hey the time i saw this recipe i knew i hve to try my hands at this…and i did try it.. it turned out awesome 🙂 i simply loved the crunchy bread with all the goodness topped above…hmmm…need i say one & all enjoyed eating this sunday evening chat 🙂 thanks. do check my blog which i hve kick started lately…

  2. Hi, am a sindhi too and u know how sindhis love to eat. This recipe sounds interesting and will make sure I try it. We make a chat with fried bread but as toppings we use boiled and salted mashed potatoes, topped with onion, green coriander chutney and slightly sweetened tomato ketchup and is a favourite in the house….

  3. hi Alka, made this chat today!!!Wow!!!!! Wonderful dear!!!! tasted so good!!!!

  4. the recipe is really gud an delicious…………

  5. Mrs Rita Dalwani says:

    Hi, While reading the process of making Bread chaat I am so tempted.
    Just one thing to add, if you don’t have bread at home and have some
    chappatis left out, you can even fry chappati and used instead of bread.

  6. they look positively delicious!!

  7. Definately a guilty pleasure!!

  8. Wow, this sounds gr8..i always search for chats with bread..will surely try this..

  9. Yummy chaat Alka…I m definitely gonna try the roasted/microwave frilled verzion….and be guiltfree for once 😉

  10. Yummy chaat Alka…I am definitely gonig ot try the roasted/microwave frilled version….and be guiltfree for once 😉

  11. u r simply great ….awesome and delcious bread chat….

  12. the word guilty pleasures conjures up such lovely treats and ur bread chaat didn’t disappoint at all. stay cool!

  13. Wowwww, wat a droolworthy bread chaat, makes me hungry..

  14. Great idea, Alka…it looks heavenly

  15. mouthwatering click………..

  16. wow! this sounds really good,will try soon

  17. Alka, wow bread chat, never ever heard of it and it looks sinful (I don’t know about guilt free here) 🙂

  18. looks great! thanks for sharing..will surely try this weekend 🙂

  19. Toasted brown bread also tastes good. For the calorie conscious, instead of potatoes and boondi substitute it with sprouted moong. That tastes very delicious too!

  20. Something freaky going on weatherwise indeed. It is scary. A Tornado went thru’ next to our neighborhood and ripped about 15 roofs off of the houses, loads of trees down too. It’s gets ht and cold every other month.

    Bread chaat looks awesome, cool down and spice up at the same time! 😀

  21. Nice idea to use up yogurt and i bet it was awesome!

  22. muhaaaaaaaaa I want the whole plate Drool

  23. Sure a gulit free chat…I luv bread never thought of making a chat with bread!

  24. Ah! I wish I could grab some of these. Neat idea Alka. 🙂

  25. Sunita Lalwani says:

    Good Idea,fried bread pieces are much more easier n hardly takes time than making every single Puri.

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