Falooda Icecream
The famous Falooda icecream, made from milk, falooda sev and jelly crystals, topped with some rose syrup.
  • 1 Falooda pack(easily available at general stores)
  • 1pack of Raspberry jelly crystals (Rex or kings are favored brands)
  • Milk 1 lit
  • Sugar 150 gms or more depends on your sweet tooth
  • Few strands of kesar(optional)
  • Green cardamoms 4
  • Rose syrup few spoons
  • Crushed ice
  1. Follow the instructions given on pack of falooda and let it cool (Boil falooda sev in water for a min., drain the water and add cold water, then soak them in sugar syrup of thin consistency)
  2. Similarly prepare jelly as per instructions on pack and refrigerate for few hours. Chopped nuts like walnuts and cashew nuts can be added if preferred
  3. For kulfi, pour the milk in a heavy bottom pan and add cardamom and boil it, on medium flame, till milk reaches less than half of original volume. Do not forget to keep stirring it occasionally so as to avoid burning of milk. Add sugar and kesar (optional)
  4. Let it cool,then pour this kulfi mixture into molds of your choice, but an easy option is to freeze the mixture in Ice trays, since it will be easy to scoop out kulfi with help of knife and spoon. You can also freeze it in plastic airtight containers. Remember always set kulfi in aluminum or plastic containers
  5. Garnish it with almonds flakes and chaaroli (chiraunji) and let the kulfi set properly in freezer for about 6 hours or more.
  6. For serving, take a fancy glass bowl or ice cream cup, put two cubes (scoops) of kulfi, about two spoons of jelly, some falooda, pour one spoon of Rose syrup (sherbet) and some crushed ice and enjoy before it melts away.
Recipe by Sindhi Rasoi |Sindhi Recipes at https://sindhirasoi.com/2008/11/falooda-icecream/