Starting from today, is an ongoing event at Sindhirasoi, an event wherein I request you all (Especially,  the adorable and awesome food bloggers here !) to link back here, the recipes from you blog. If that recipe is not yet published , write in brief about the ingredients , measurements and the procedure in the comment section.This holds valid for non food bloggers too, who want to share their recipes.

The event is as simple as it could be, wherein every week we will pick an ingredient (Like potato, Paneer etc) or a  cuisine (like Maharashtrian, Manglorean etc) or a particular style  of cooking (like Dry/ curry/ Stirfries) and all you have to do is to dig in your blogs and  find the recipes that you have posted , that fits in the announced category.

No need to make a fresh post, just update the old post with a link back to the post on my blog, announcing the event of the week, and then submit the link in the comment section. But if you have ample number of posts published on your blog, for that particular category, then you can make a single post on your blog, providing just the links, and then linking it back to the post in my blog. Confused? Well, I will try to explain with an example !

Suppose we picked Potato as our star ingredient, then the event will be called as  LINK YOUR RECIPES OF# POTATO

So all you have to do is search your blog for the recipes having potato as a main ingredient (Or at least an important one), edit that blog post with a link back to the post announcing that event, and then submit the link of your recipe in the comment section. No need to intimate me via mail, no fuss of sending pictures of food…just the permalinks !

Since this event will be ongoing one, once an ingredient is announced, you can link your recipes every time you cook something with that ingredient. Like if you submit some potato recipes now, and later after few weeks you make anything else with potato, you can come back again, link your recipe to ” LYRO# Potato” and accept my gratitude  :-)

But don’t forget to put a link back of the “LYRO# Potato”  in your blog post, or else the entry will be invalid ( C’mmon dearies, talk about some mutual

Regarding submission of your entries, then kindly put the name of the recipe, and then hyperlink it with the permalink of that recipe. Here is the image to clarify your doubts if any .

The text appearing in the comment should be the name of the recipe and not the URL of the recipe. As in above picture the text is  ‘ TOOK PATATA ‘ which is the name of the recipe, and then click on the ‘ link ‘ button, copy paste the permalink of that recipe (in this case, the TOOK PATATA RECIPE ). Kindly make sure you are providing the link for particular recipe and not of the home homepage. Eeesh..I know all of you are smart enough, but just in case….you know..just to make myself  loud and clear, I have to go in details..sorry about that !

Now its up to you if you want to put multiple comments for each recipe, or many links in same comment or make a blog post on your blog and archive all the potato recipes , and as obvious, link back that post to the announcement page on my blog….thats it !

The whole idea of this linking back is to provide the visitors a choice of many recipes from various food bloggers, to select and cook. I seriously hope that you all will pitch in, and make this event a successful one.

We are still working upon the way the whole concept will look like in terms of arrangement, accessibility and proper presentation, so kindly bear with us.As for now, just submit links in comment section

Coming up next on SindhiRasoi is a curry with Macronis and Lotus seeds…a damn favorite of mine !

So see you soon …first with the event announcement and then with the Curry recipe. Stay around !


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