It all started with me helping my mother in kitchen, where I was fascinated by the amazing world of spices and vegetables, sweets and savouries, all combined to churn out simple but delicious and memorable meals.
It was this simplicity of traditional Sindhi food that prompted me to come up with a collection of such delicious recipes,before they completely lose their importance in modern kitchens.

I am Alka, born and brought up in a small town in Mumbai-India. After getting my bachelors degree in Microbiology, I got married to the most wonderful guy and was soon blessed with a sweet kid.Life was moving at its own pace when one fine day my husband  came up with an idea to share the traditional Sindhi recipes with virtual world. Being technically challenged I was apprehensive about blogging, but here I am, with lots of efforts of my hubby dear and encouraging words from my families ( my parents and parents-in-law), to share the home style cooking and recipes from a Sindhi Kitchen.

Lots of hardwork needs to be put in,for every single post that is published here.So I will be obliged if every visitor on this site,will leave a comment or remark.It does encourage me to put in more efforts and suggestions are always welcomed to make this site more appealing, endearing ,informative and  useful.

I would also like to appeal to the visitors,that since all the information on this site is copy righted, so kindly refrain from plagiarism,to avoid any legal procedures.

So welcome to my world of simple but delicious sindhi food.Take a tour , search for recipes of your favorite food, walk down the memory lanes with the nostalgia of your childhood favorites and  if the cravings get strong, do try the recipes shared here, to relive those magical moments when you were blessed to savor the humble meals cooked by your mother, father, aunts , neighbors, loved ones or even your friends!

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  1. Karishma Golani says:

    Namaste Alka ji …. I just prepared seyal bhindi patata using your recipe…..so easily you hv penned the recipe and it came out really delicious… thanks so much!!

  2. Mahesh Jhangiani says:

    I am a Sindhi from Chembur Mumbai and now living overseas. I miss the Sindhi Cuisine and the food from the shops in Chembur Camp. Your website brough back memories of Daal Pakwaan, Maal Poowas, Gheear, sayyal Dabroti and Mithi Loli. Going to try your recipes. Thanks. And keep up this good work of keeping sindhi traditions alive

  3. Glad to have stumbled upon your website. Was looking up for a picture to explain a colleague what koki is!

  4. wonderful website 🙂

  5. Suresh Mirchandani Tel 9325148255 says:

    I am interested in starting an Exclusive Sindhi Food Restaurant for both Veg and Non Veg Sindhi Food and then Branding the same. I feel Sindhi food has tremendous depth and variety and has lost a lot of ground to other types of non tasty food. I need like minded Sindhi businessman to come forward and fund the venture Suresh Mirchandani

  6. I am looking drastically for DOLI KI ROTI recipe. Please give me the recipe. Your website is very interesting.
    hoping for positive reply

  7. suchithra.s says:

    please show the masala puri of Karnataka street chaat in your show

  8. soumya pratwani says:

    Hi Alka;
    ur recipes is awesome but i want sindhi recipes in hindi

  9. varsha Chhabra says:

    Hi; I am sindhi I want to know more about sindhi dishes

  10. Hi Alka !! I just got connected to your site . Actually I was surfing when suddenly I came across your site.I want to have a recipe of” SINDHI PAPPAD’ which I had relished at one of my friend’s house. Hope to have this recipe as early as possible.Also let me know as to how you make the flour of it (cleaning ,washing, drying and grinding of the dal ) and bow to store it if prepared in large amount. Thanks.

  11. I love sindhi recipie

  12. Anil vanwari says:

    Hi…Alka you know how to make a sindhi sweet dish which is Piss made from milk..and in marathi it saya as Chik

  13. Has any one have authentic recepie for SEYAL Gosht (SINDHI ). Appreciate gettin it

  14. sunita hamlai says:

    Read the recipe in the google site its awesome came to know many interesting recipe and other sindhi cuisine’s also

  15. I came across your recipes on FB one day when one of my friends liked a recipe you had posted. I then went over to your page and liked it. I have now been following you for more than a year. I love the stuff you post 🙂 Thank you

  16. Hi Alka,
    First of all I want to thank you for uploading such a awesome collection of Sindhi recipes. For non-sindhi person like me, it is an extremely knowledgable and exciting..
    We are maharashtrian brahmin family..born and brought up in mumbai and now reside in the US. I love to try new recipes and different cuisines. I have made couple of sindhi recipes as my MIL has a very good sindhi friend who taught the recipes. Me and my hubby are fan of those recipes , so was looking for some more sindhi recipes when I stumbled on your blog.
    All your efforts to make this website are commendable. I love the website as it is very organized, has gr8 photos and simple to follow recipes.
    I found lots of recipes very unique and am definitely going to try them. Please do continue to post and update your site with new recipes!
    Thanks again for such a wonderful website and recipes!

  17. Please can u give me the recipe of khoya & khorak made in winters by we sindhis

  18. Sunita Shahaney says:

    Great website , Alka…delighted to have found it… And am so happy to see Sindhi cuisine being popularised …it’s delicious…More power to you…

  19. Plz rply me hw we prepare kahti mithi gobi

  20. Ramesh Lalvaney says:

    you are doing a very good thing in pramoting our sindhi dishes ..do you have any non veg receipes.

  21. stumbled upon your blog while doing research on Sindhi Kadhi–oh my –i am now a subscriber–love that all your recipes are vegetarian. I am a Gujju, born and brought up in South Africa–but Indian at heart

  22. hello alkaji, i m vishakha i really like your recipe

  23. Hiral manwani says:

    Hello alka

    I married a sindhi guy and I wanted to learn sindhi food so eagerly and than u found your site I m soooooooo happy thanks for all this tasty yummy recipes u r doing great bringing sindhi cuisine to world and specially people like me who don’t know abc of sindhi sooo eager to learn sindhi food and can’t wait to try cooking all of them

  24. I want to know kadukash bheendhi ji pickle water is how much needed please reply me on my email id thanks alka

  25. i am also a sindhi i love to cook sindhi food for my children and my husband

  26. i also am sindhi

  27. Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes and for the clear directions.

  28. Hi pls send me your contact details,In the process of planning an event early this year to promote sindhi culture and cuisine.

  29. Hi Alka,

    I am a new married sindhi..started cooking regularly after getting married…love ur effort to treasure sindhi receipes…i reached ur website searching for receipe what u called pragiri..which is available only during holi…we call is meetho samoso…

    Keep up the efforts..


  30. Vani Sharma says:

    Hi Alka,

    Loved your collection of recipes. Was just searching for an authentic sindhi kadhi recipe and came accoss ur version…….
    I have so many sindhi frens and jus love the sindhi food.
    Thanks for these recipes… reminds me of my school days when we used to share food….
    Vani Sharma

  31. My father is Sindhi but I never really loved the food until I grew up and married a Sindhi. I tried to learn from my MIL but her instructions were too vague (a little of this/a little of that – how much is a “little”! LOL!) for a person who had never cooked any Indian cuisine. I’m so happy to have found your site with it’s detailed ingredients/instructions. Thank you so much for this!

  32. Hi,

    The site is awesome and really helpful to stay in touch with our culture.

  33. How lovely your blog is – i grew up in Sindh, Pakistan and it’s amazing how different your recipes are! wonderful pics too!

  34. Mona Mansukhani says:

    Hi Alka,

    I just stumbled upon this site by chance while searching for some recipe. I am so glad to find a blog of sindhi recipes. I appreciate the efforts you have put in for this. Keep up the good work

  35. Amaging recipee site…….i have found this site from swiftthemes.

  36. Hi Alka,

    I grew up with several Sindhi neighbors. Acutally, my house was next to the famouse Sindhi school in Bangalore :-). Saibhaji, Koki, Brown rice were my favorite dishes so much so that my friends moms’ would always send some home for me. I was so excited when I chanced upon your blog. I am vegetarian so this site really works for me. I used to really like the Biryani that was served in many of their family functions. It would be great if you could post the recipe.


  37. Nice recepies

  38. Alka,
    You have got a very delicious blog cooking here. I’m very inspired with your cooking and just cant wait to go home and get some cooking done.

    All the recipes are mouth watering.


  39. I have been reading ( and cooking)with interest several Sindhi Recipes. The recipes are written wonderfuly well step by step and I cannot thank the author enough.
    All these recipes are vegeterian though….Can someone write recipe for Sindhi style Teewan/Tarkari (meat) or Machhi/Palo or Keemo or Jhinga etc………Pleeease!!!!

  40. I would like to know the recipe of “Khorakh” A sweet dish made out of aata.

    Thank You


  42. i like these racipies

  43. grt recipies

  44. Hi Alka, I appreciate your efforts for making Sindhi food a big hit. I would like to know if there are any restaurants that serve sindhi food around Powai/Ghatkopar? Sometimes we really miss Sindhi food and it becomes difficult to find one here.. You can think starting your restaurant too 🙂

    • Hello Dear,
      Thanks for your kind words!
      You can try Bhagat Tarachand and kailash parbat in R-city (Ghatkopar). Also Chanchaldas in Kharghar serves Sindhi Thali (But reach the place before 3:30 pm).Their address is Address: Shop No 33 & 34, Patel Heritage, Sector No 7, Kharghar , Navi Mumbai

  45. Blog is worth visitng.I clear all my doubts over any sindhi dish i have.Thanks a million for sharing this.

  46. Stumbled upon a great site. Wonderful stuff! Thanks.

  47. Deepshika Pritwani says:

    Hi Alka ,

    I really love to hear that there is a specially blog created by you for sindhi food . I appreciate your efforts and waiting for your recepies.

  48. Great site,can I have recipe for Sindhi Lola made from wheat and sugar

  49. Hello Alka,

    Recently introduced to your site & liked recipes. I will try few in coming week.


  50. Hi Alka,
    I discovered your site today thru your comment on another foodie blog. You have a great blog and I can see you have put in a lot of hard work into it. The blog has a really neat, polished look. Would you believe it, I am a Microbiology graduate from Mumbai too! Maybe we were in the same college? I grew up in a Sindhi colony and my best friend Bella is a Sindhi, so Sindhi food brings back childhood memories. So off I go into your blog world to look for kokis, lolos and chana Dabhroti.

  51. Hi Alka
    hope everything is well now.
    We miss your update.
    I grew up in sindhi camp and have many memories of good sindhi neighbours and food.
    I am following your site from 2009.
    Please give us an update about you.
    Missing your posts

  52. Hi Alka, I must say your website is truly marvelous and the receipes are just too good. Brought back alot of childhood memories I would appreciate if you could provide the receipe for gheehars. Since Holi is just around the corner and here in Singapore we dont get gheehars. Would appreciate it very much. God bless.

  53. Hi Alka,

    Visited few of your sindhi recipes and loved ithem, really nice collection of recipes and definately a lot of effort. Shall follow you to learn the wonderful sindhi cusine.

  54. Hare Krishna,
    Dear Alkaji,
    I like Your website Very much and I love to cook varities of Recipes.
    I request you to put Your recipes on Video or on You Tube.
    This will become very easy to fallow Your method of presentation.
    Ramkrishna M kaoshik
    Advocate Bombay High Court.

  55. Hi Alka,
    Found u on twitter….I am new to Sindhi food….thanks to u I can now get a few Sindhi taste in my kitchen….following u on twitter.

  56. Dear Alka, I found you on Gourmet India, and followed you here. we are both very fortunate to have learned to cook at our mothers’ side and I just wanted to say “thank you” for writing so nicely and so clearly. It is much appreciated. You may be surprised to know that an Italian (me) has such an interest in Indian food, when we obviously have many yummy things of our own, but Indian food is really my passion. I could eat it every day as if I were Indian, and not as most Westerners might, as a change from the usual. Go Go Alka ! Kindest regards paola

  57. Hi Alka

    I am a Sindhi and I love Sindhi food. But havent been cooking a lot of Sindhi food lately. U have inspired me to make some of my favourites again.

    Also would you know any sindhi caterer or cook who makes authentic sindhi food.


  58. Hello Alka,
    Beautiful website and wonderful recipes. Grew up in a half-sindhi household and used to love eating my grandmother’s food (Dad’s side was the sindhi half). After moving to the US, missed all that food. I recently came across your website and started trying some of the recipes. All of them have turned out beautifully, just like I remember from back home. Today is going to be the day for Saayi Dal, mmm!!
    THANK YOU for all your hard work in putting this website and sharing your knowledge and recipes.
    Kind regards,

  59. Hi Alka,

    Love ur site! Simple recipes, look so delicious! My curiousity to try Sindhi food led me to your blog on FB. And the best part is, all ur recipes are Veg! Keep the great work going! Happy Cooking.


  60. i love sindhi food n e wants more receipes pl ask me i wil help u out

  61. EXCELLENT SITE….. oh ur going to have one more frequent visitor now 🙂 im sindhi too but a timepass cook.. just shifted to india and have a lot of time on hand …. will try your recipes … thanx buddy 🙂

  62. Bhavna Shivalkar says:

    Hi Alka,

    I was born and brought up in Ulhasnagar ..and a huge fan of Sindhi food. Especially sel bread, sindhi curry, sai bhaji and dal pakwaan…..I love reading your blog and your amazing recipes…

    Keep posting.

  63. First time here…U have a Wonderful Collection of Sindhi Recipes with lovely n Tempting Clicks…Keep Going..

  64. Thank you for your recipes. I am married to a Malayali but I miss the sindhi food that I used to get at home.. Thankfully, I can cook them by going through your blog.. Fortunately, my husband is very encouraging and adventurous, trying out all cuisines.

  65. Sonita Kataria says:

    Hi!! I am a sindhi, and my mom is a superb cook. All the recipes are genuine and authentic, just the way my mom has taught me to make them. But, it is wonderful to have them described so systematically, and with precise ingredients (and not from ‘andazo’)!!.

    Rina, the dish you are describing is called ‘chanaa chanwar’, and if you are still looking for the recipe, i’ll be happy to share it with you.
    Happy eating

  66. Hi Alka,
    You have done a great effort by sharing the wonderful sindhi recipes. I am still learning sindhi recipes and will always be thankful for giving us this wonderful wonderful sindhi recipe website.

  67. Hi Alka,

    Thank you so much for putting such a wonderful website. Every time I want to cook something good, I know where to get the PERFECT recipe from. It is very different from other websites, they way you write and explain your recipes is remarkable and leads to confusion free cooking. I am a Sindhi too and love cooking. There is no subsitute for “home cooked sindhi food”.

    Thanks again 🙂


  68. Hi,
    I grew up a small town of Maharashtra with a huge group of Sindhi friends.
    I loved their food so much that we would often share our lunch boxes at school.
    I tried to make the recipes thousands of times but never could get that taste.
    So today while searching for some good sindhi recipes I came across your site and was a little dissapointed as I did not find the recipe I was looking for.
    I loved this curry my friends mom would make, it had white kabuli chana and potatoes and I think the gravy had tamarind flavor to it. They would also make this curry made out of the seeds of Okra or Bhindi, God knows how, and I forgot to ask.
    Their Arbi curry was out of this world.
    also the drumsticks with rice roti I think.
    Their koki was delicious too, but I dont think they had onions in it.
    But I may be wrong.
    I loved their aloo paratha and also the moong daal paratha.
    I didn;t see any of these recipes so I was a little suprised.
    Can you please post these recipes.
    I would be so grateful.
    BTW even though I didn;t find my favorite recipes, your site is wonderful.
    I can see the hard work and I appreciate that.
    All recipes are mouth watering.

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