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Tadka Dal


  • Thaadal |Thandai Recipe: A refreshing drink made from milk , poppyseeds, almonds and flavored with peppercorns, rose petals and elaichi, usually served on occasion of Mahashivratri and Holi festival.
  • Rose Sherbet and MilkroseHome Made Rose syrup and a refreshing drink made using the syrup .
  • Mango ShakeThe mighty Alphonso mango creates magic with Milk, in this simple but most loved milk shake.
  • JaljeeraThe tangy, refreshing, minty Cooler .



Main Course


  • Ghyarsi Dodo Bhaji Sauri Flour Flatbread and Potato curry for Ekadashi .
  • Koki The most Famous Sindhi flatbread , aThick roti made from Wheatflour , onion, coriander, chillies, pomegranate seeds etc .
  • Methi Paratha Fresh Fenugreek leaves stuffed along with herbs to make this delicious paratha
  • Paneer Paratha Paneer stuffed Paratha.
  • Juar Jo Dodo – Shorgum flour  Flatbread)
  • Dal PakwanThe ultimate indulgence in Sindhi food, Crisp fried Maida Puris served with Lentils .
  • Chaanwaran Jo Dodo – Rice flour flatbread.
  • PuriFried, puffed Wholewheat flour rotis
  • Lolo (Sweet Loli)A typical Sindhi unleavened flat bread made from Atta and jaggery syrup .
  • Satpuro PhulkoSeveral layered un-stuffed paratha.

Soups and Salads

Side Dish



Sweet Dishes/Desserts

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  1. I want recipe of bhogaro Sindhi recipe made from aata ghee and dry fruits Khus Khus ganud. Similar to churi

  2. K Pardasani says:

    Can u pls provide dhodho chatni recipe?

  3. What is swandharoja gul. Please give me the recipe for dishes made out of it.

  4. Hi. Im new to this site and having been married, all the Sindhi recipes here have seriously helped me beyond any doubt.
    so I am in serious need of the Best Churi Recipes and the Best Katho Bath recipes because Im desperate to impress my in-laws.
    Please help me?
    I would trust any of you who run and visit this awesome site and would truly appreciate it if you could help me with these recipes I need so that I can make my in-laws believe that just because I grew up in the US, it doesn’t mean I don’t have nor know the values and the culture. =)

  5. Reshma gidwani shenoy says:

    Hi alka,

    Hope u doing grt….. winters are setting in and there cant be a better time to eat atta ja ladoos 🙂 …. that is one thing I always wanted to learn and there is no one better than u to do justice to this aweome sweet dish … atte ja ladooo !!!! There are loads of other atta ladoo recipe on internet but nothing like the authentic atte ja ladoo !!! Request you to pls share this recipe soon …. thanks !!!

  6. Hi Alka,I put curry leaves in the end when I make ghee.It adds a lot of flovar to the ghee.Also instead of throwing the orange peels in the trash I throw them into the garbage disposal it really adds a nice smell to the kitchen.My mom throws away the fruit and vegetable peels to the soil around the plants and that makes a nice compost.Pushpa @

  7. Hi alka,

    Merry xmas to begin with …..
    Hv been following you since quite some time now …& hv got to say ur recipes are hardcore authentic … takes me back straight to my mother ‘ home !!!! And since I stay away its comforting to be able to make it by yourself ..

    Was watching x mas cooking episode sgoing on all chanels & missed our own winter goodies …… like churi ladoo ,, majun halwa …. if u know to do these request u to pls post thm soon !!! Xo

  8. hey alka…pls post the recipe of makke ke paniye with daal which is famous in M.P.

  9. thanks alka for the sindhi recipes….it helps me a lot

  10. nitu gurnani says:

    Hi. Im looking for recipe of bhogaro. Please can you share how to make it.

  11. Qazi Aamir Aly Khan Quraishi says:

    Hi, I am very proud that our Sindhi cultural dishes and recipes are here but main Sindhi sweet recipe in winter BUSRI paratha with ghee butter and honey or brown sugar is missing so now it’s up to you guys..
    Best of luck my Sindhiz

  12. hi,
    I am also sindhi ,all receipes mentioned in this site are useful for me .I want to know Is there any published book for all the receipes.If not,so can you suggest any other good book?

  13. Hi
    I came across your site whilst looking for a recipe for sindhi gobi pickle my mother in law used to make with jaggery and vinegar.
    I must say your site is excellent !!
    Let me know whether you have this recipe.
    Many thanks
    Meena Lalwani

  14. Keep up the good work. Technology has no boundaries when you have the will to reach out to all Sindhis.

    • meera manghnani says:

      Made me remember my childhood and my mother’s cooking. There is a typo in Seero malpuro. Also, my mother used to make pethe jo seero. Anybody knows how?
      Thank you.
      Meera Devnani/Manghnani

  15. Thanks for the mouth watering recipes. I tried out a couple of the recipes which I did not know earlier and they turned out very well. Further everyone at home also liked them.

  16. Hi,

    Do you have a recipe for Muthya. It is made like churi and then bound into cone shaped Muthya. My mother used to make them in the winter time for us when it was cold.

  17. Hi..

    please post d reciepe for baryal simla mirchi…sindhi style..if possible…

  18. I like this site to find any sindhi recipe.. 🙂 delicious recipes.
    Can you kindly post how to make sindhi style sayiun (sevayian – vermicelli) which people serve as breakfast with Fried aloo?
    Thanks in advance

    • Sure..will do so soon…Hope you have subscribed to site to get notifications when I Post the recipe 🙂

    • kavita panjwani says:

      take ghee heat it properly . Add packet of 200grams of sivaiya and heat roast till they turn pink till that stirr them properly . add 250 ml of water and mix properly. add ilaichi and sugar .kepp on low temperature for five to seven minutes . delicious sayun are ready .serve with fried potatoes.

  19. Prerna Lalwani says:

    Hi Alka,

    Superb recipes……I tried your Kesar Pista Kulfi recipe today… was very yummy ! Thanks a ton !

    • Today is my birthday so than just try gajar ka halwa and send me at my home..plz its humble request to u… and your comment is so nice.. just try its not only for me.. but also .. for your fo luck….

  20. how to prepare mohan thal mithai

  21. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for this website. i really appreciate it. Any recipe is just a click away…
    I stay away from home so this site really helps me a lot anytime I want one recipe. It has made me reduce phone calls to my mom for any recipe. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    The explanation about the cooking is perfect and wonderful….
    Keep up good work… and adding more recipes …

  22. timple sughandh says:

    Thankyou for the delicious and mouth watering dishes. I feel like trying all of them. My family and me enjoy one dish everyday.

  23. Prakash Hathiramani says:

    Thank you! I was looking for a recipe to make some ‘karaon’ – the sweet dish prepared for special occasions and distributed at religious ceremonies and came across your sits. This is a boon for single gentlemen like myself who pretty much live on ‘take out’ foods. I shall certainly try out some of your recipes (when I find some time to do so). Thanks again!

  24. Wow neatly organised Recipe Index

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  26. Sapna Chandiramani says:

    How shall i prepare rice tikki and sabu daana tikki, kindly send me the receipe. I would also love to prepare dhokla in a traditional manner from daal. Thank you.Sapna.Chandiramani

  27. I love this site I will recommend this site to all my friends and fellow bloggers.

  28. HI Alka,
    Just went through the index. Mouth watering!!!!!! I am too much tempted to try all the dishes. Taking one by one from today!
    Thanks for wonderful recipes.

  29. Need the receipe for Kheema Koftas

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