Ambha Adhu|Mango Ginger Pickle

The pros of being a food blogger is that you come across so many people from different geographical locations, having varying customs and traditions, unique food habits, plethora of  recipes, sharing knowledge about local ingredients and much more. One get to know so much about the traditional food  by just interacting with elderly people across the world. Its hard to document each and every ‘ tip’ you get from grandmas and uncles, be it for ‘how to make a soft rotis‘ or ‘ how to make crisp samosas’. There are many people who are more than willing to share their wisdom regarding food and recipes. One such guy, Hitesh Rajai, from Bhavnagar, often shares how his mother cook lip smacking Sindhi meals, using local and seasonal ingredients. During one such interaction he  asked me about ‘Ambha Adhu/Adha or Mango ginger’ and told me about the pickle his mom makes. I was curious to know more about it, since we do not get any Mango ginger in markets around us. So the generous guy sent a parcel containing more than a kilo  of Ambha Adhu (Mango Ginger) and Bhavnagri desi mirchi ! And thanks to him, I was able to make this  delectable, toothsome, tangy , ‘Ambha Adhu khatairn‘, or  Mango ginger pickle.

ambha_adhu2Ambha Adhu/ Ambha Adrak/ Mango ginger/ Aam adrak , though deceptively looks like regular ginger but it is neither as fibrous as ginger, nor has the typical, sharp, peppery, mildly bitter taste of ginger. It has a fresh tangy flavor, resembling that of a raw mango. Apart from pickles, it tastes wonderful in fresh vegetable salads, with a dash of lemon juice or pan roasted with a sprinkle of salt and black pepper. The rhizome is well known for its medicinal properties, and is often used as a coolant, astringent, and an appetizer to aid digestion. The freshly cut rhizome could be applied to skin to heal cuts or wounds. The curcuminoids present in Mango ginger protects the liver and also work like scavengers in eradicating  free radicals from the body. Google it, to know more about this therapeutic ingredient 🙂

Coming to the  recipe, it’s a  simple, no-oil pickle and could be consumed immediately, though placing in sun for 2-3 days is suggested, before consumption.

Mango Ginger pickle

Ambha Adhu|Mango Ginger Pickle
Recipe type: Pickle
Prep time:
Total time:
Ambha Adhu or Mango ginger pickled in lime/lemon juice
  • 150 gm Ambh Adhu
  • 20 Bhavnagri Chillies whole
  • 10 Lemons/Lime
  • Salt 3 tsp + 1 tsp *
  1. Rinse Mango ginger and Bhavnagri chillies well with water.
  2. Pat dry chillies and slit each of them.
  3. Take around 1 tsp * salt and rub some salt in the slits of each green chilli. If needed, use some more salt, but make sure to salt all the chillies. Leave aside for an hour or so.
  4. Peel and pat dry ginger using a kitchen towel.
  5. Cut ginger into slices or chop roughly (whatever shape and size you prefer).
  6. Take a clean, sterilized glass jar and put sliced mango ginger, salted green chillies, around 3 tsp salt and squeeze the lemons/lime over it. Close the lid of the jar and shake well.
  7. Place in sunlight for consecutive 3 days. Store in refrigerator. This pickle stay good for 6 months or so.


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  1. Simple recipe. Worth trying. Good snaps. Thanks for Sharing

  2. Very unique and simple recipe. Thanks for sharing it.

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