Lolo (Sweet loli)

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Lolo (Sweet loli)
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 2
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Sindhi lolo is a sweet preparation made from wholewheat flour and sugar and jaggery syrup.Generally cooked on Sindhi festivals
  • 250 gms wheat flour
  • 60 gms sugar
  • 35 ml oil
  • Water
  • Green cardamons (choti elaichi)4-5
  1. In a saucepan boil about a cup of water, add sugar, cardamons (peeled or crushed)
  2. Let the sugar dissolve properly
  3. Alternatively some of sugar can be substituted with jaggery, so in that case boil jaggery and sugar together, also put a spoonful of milk as it will remove the impurities of sugar
  4. Now this is tricky as the syrup consistency should not be too thin or else the lolas will be less sweeter .It should be dark brownish in colour
  5. Now let the syrup cool off properly
  6. Strain it
  7. Take the wheat flour, mix oil and pour the syrup little by little and knead the flour, adding more syrup at intervals
  8. The dough should be stiff and if needed very small amount of water can be added
  9. Take a ball size portion of this dough and with the help of rolling pin roll it a little
  10. Put it on hot griddle and turn it on other side, you need to just roast it little
  11. Then roll it again a little, remembering that lolas are supposed to be really thick
  12. Then cook it on low flame, adding generous amount of oil and tossing it gently at regular intervals
  13. Since it is too thick, cook it on really low flame (some also use two griddles one above other to get perfect results) till small brown patches appears on both side
  14. Taste best with curd or onion pickle

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18 thoughts on “Lolo (Sweet loli)

  1. Hi anyone can deliver lola at dahisar home cooked

  2. Jinal Rathod says:

    Can you plz help me with the quantity of water in your Lolo’s recipe

  3. I want to learn how to make borindas, do you know how?
    Thank you

  4. Jai julelal pls post d receipe of satanarayan ji kutti n ganesh chauth kutti shiv jo rot as we still can’t get d right tasta n texture ur efforts to guide us will be appreciated alka keep sending ib wonderful sindhi recipes to keep our tradition alive jai bhole champs

  5. Thanks for sharing your recipes.I look forward to your recipes.

  6. Is the Thadri and Lolo the same thing.
    I’ve seen today my Friends on fb wishing Happy Thadri. This Thadri looks very tempting and I thought of trying this my own. . and I’m too happy to find out this recipe here… gonna to try this on coming Sunday. .
    Happy Thadri and good wishes to all Sindhis Friends

  7. Hi Alka I just want to know how to make khatto bhatt for sattein to eat with lolo thanks

  8. Wish to have receipe for jowar ji kutti that is made for Somvaar ke sagre

  9. Hi ALka, Thanx so much for sharing these wonderful recipes. Can you plz get the recipe for mesu and palantoll. Two equally delicious mithais.


  10. I am going to try this recipe. measure in cups & quantity will be very helpful. Thanks.

  11. thanks alka for this recipe
    I make but not with proper quantity of sugar
    sometimes it become hard or more soft.
    this time surely i wl try and hopefully will come out nicely.
    Thanks alot

  12. hey…

    nice recipe…i love lolo too but have never really succeeded in making them..hopefully this time i wil after following ur instructions…

    im a sindhi too…n i loveeeeeeeeee sindhi food…

    keep up the good work..


  13. Hi I apprecite the lalo recipe,pls suggest hwe to make fried lolo as this our system in the hse and hwe to make khato baat
    Thanks N Happy Satai

  14. i like lolo very much as whenever i try to make, i cannot make it properly but then too i use to try it, thanks a lot for posting this. i want more recipies of sindhi dishes

  15. Dear , Thnks alot for posting these typical Sindhi recipes,by doing this small things, will keep our culture alive

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