Murba(Mango jam)

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ambha_jo_murboThis mango jam or as we call it MURBA in sindhi, is a jam like preparation, made from raw mangoes and this is my entry for WBB# 22 Mango madness.

Mango….It is hard to describe what does a mango means to a Mango-eccentric person like me.Those who knows what does eating a ripe, juicy, sweet Alphonso means, surely knows what does heaven means. We in India, specially in Mumbai are blessed  to have such a great variety of mangoes.Alphonso, Badam, Totapuri, Rajapuri, Daseri, Langda… name it,we get it here in Mumbai.No childhood have grown without sucking those tangy Kacha Kairis (unripe mangoes) with salt and red chilly powder, eating outside school gates (Don’t know about boys, but female folk will nod in yes for sure). Almost all of us have those fond memories of relishing sweet mangoes in hot summer afternoons.I remember my childhood as enjoying the succulent portion of mango attached to its seed, without being bothered about the mango juice trickling down the arm.Who cares for the food etiquette when you are enjoying the King of fruits?


So here is one more way of having your mango Murba is a grated Mango pickle that is sweet and bit tangy. It has the consistency of a marmalade but with lots of grated slivers of mango in it. It could be compared with the Chunda made by Gujratis, in its appearance and ingredients, but the difference lies in its taste (Chunda is more authentic and tasty) and the time of preparation (chunda is sundried for 40 days, while this one is instant). It could be used as  spreads  onto anything and can be used as a relish. One can enjoy this with,koki or parathas too So here is Recipe of this mango jam, which comes from my Ma-in-law.I am sure whoever makes it, will love it! Now what are you thinking? Just go and grab some raw mangoes, there’s no better way to make use of this sultry summer, except making lots of this jam and storing to last for whole year.

Murba(Mango jam)
Recipe type: Jam
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Easy and delicious Mango jam recipe
  • 1 kg Raw mangoes (always prefer Rajapuri or Totapuri variety of mangoes and be sure these are very raw and firm)
  • 1 kg sugar (or 1.25 kg if you want it more sweet and less tangy)The proportion should be 1:1 (or 1: 1.25) of mangoes:sugar (in kg)
  • Green cardamons 6-7
  • Red chilly powder A spoonful
  • A glass of water
  • Lemon juice 1 or more spoon
  1. Wash, pat dry and peel mangoes.Grate them with a manual grater
  2. In a thick bottomed pan or vessel, mix sugar and water (water should cover the sugar, so adjust the amount of water you need)
  3. Heat it, while mixing at frequent intervals till sugar dissolves completely
  4. Skim off any grey foam, which are impurities from the sugar
  5. Now add lemon juice.It will help to avoid crystallization of sugar
  6. Add the grated mangoes, few cardamons and mix properly.Beware of the spluttering.
  7. Let it boil for few minutes and then put it on medium flame .
  8. Keep on stirring carefully at regular intervals. It will take almost 50 to 75 minutes to be cooked properly.Add red chilly powder anywhere in the mid of procedure
  9. When the mixture reaches a consistency similar to that of easily spreadable jam, it is supposed to be done
  10. Let it cool properly and store it in clean, airtight glass containers (jars)
  11. The shelf life of this murba is 4-5 months without refrigeration and about a year in refrigerator, provided that no wet spoon is used to take out portions from the jar and the lid is secured properly
  12. Some prefer this murba to be very smooth as jam, in that case cook it on low flame, for some more time.

Note: View This Recipe with Minute Details at Beyondcurries

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17 thoughts on “Murba(Mango jam)

  1. wow very intersting recipe, I would love to try this today only, thanks for sharing

  2. I am literally drooling over few of your posts…muraba being one of kids I use to have amla, carrot and not to miss mango murba but I have never tried making them myself..will gather some guts going through your posts and surely will try some 🙂

  3. what a great web site,
    thanx alot dear

  4. thanx alot dear
    thats good info for me

  5. what a great site,
    it would be great if someone can upload some pickle recipes, real sindhi ones, like ‘basar pani waro’, vangan jo achar.

  6. tehminahasan says:

    woh, so appealing,tangy wangy,sweet spread,idle for puri,papdi,fried leftover paratha. it reminds me of our summer breafast of our childhoodday. thanks for the prefect receipe.

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  8. Surrayya Kapri says:

    This is a divine recipe. Thanks

  9. Surrayya Kapri says:

    Thanks. I will definitely make this. Its the season for the raw mangoes in Sindh, since May I have made the ambrian ji chutney for my dad and he loves it. (you know the one with little grated onion, grated raw mangoes, mashed coriander leaves & salt and pinch of chilli powder). Why am I telling you this? you are the expert.

  10. Hi surraya,
    A spoon of chilly meant a teaspoon,and it wont make a difference if it will be few pinches more than that,coz there is lots of sugar and sourness.Also you can squeeze half of lemon and use it.size of lemon and quantity of juice may vary but it dont make much difference
    I guess thats the uniqueness of this murba recipe,its very forgiving
    Even if after storing it,the murba gets bit hard(which cud be due to the overcooking or crytallization of some of sugar)all u need is to heat a cup of water and boil the murba again to achieve a desired consistency
    Do let me know if these are helpful to u
    get back to me in case of any other doubt

  11. Surrayya Kapri says:

    Thank a million for this recipe. I was looking all over the place for a Sindhi murbo. I do have a question though, for a novice cook like me its necessary to know the “spoon” of chilli and lemon juice measurement. Is it Table spoon or teaspoon? If you write the exact measurement I would really appreciate it
    Thanks in advance


  12. Hi kamlesh,
    That is the biggest compliment my humble blog ever got!
    It’s true that one can dine out in exotic restaurants,but nothing can ever beat the satisfaction of eating “ghar ka khana”that too”Maa ke haath ka khana”.It might be not perfect as the professional chefs cook,but it has so much of love mixed with the food,that people always tend to get nostalgic(like u)

    Hi vani,
    The murabba not only looks good,but also taste amazing,try it out
    Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me wid ur kind words,coz these are my rewards for the hard work that goes in posting these recipes

  13. The murabba looks great! Loved your paneer burji too. Looks delicious! Lovely recipes here, Alka. Will be back for a more leisurely look later!

  14. Reminds me about my mom.

    Alka all your receipe my mom cook, but since i am away for many years I use to try myself to cook but never reached till I got married. I miss her and her home made food. Whatever we needs we dont have to look out, she loves to cook for us. From Sindhis to South Indian food. From North Indian to Italian,Chinese…anything she sees even on TV shows she makes perferect.

    Thanks for posting this here as such posts reminds me all my childhood or number of years I have spent back home and I am sure this blogs will go on and on until all generations. Todays generation is more work alholic – no time to cook and no time to eat too, hence fast food are easy to grab and eat. But I have learnt lesson out of it. We should eat such food atleast once in a day.

    Whole heartly thankful to you for putting up all this typical sindhi food. I am loving it.


  15. Hi sangeeth,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving back precious trails of words
    I am sincerely working to fix up something that wud be worthy enough to get some space in ur EAT HEALTHY event
    Bye till then
    Take care

  16. Lovely entry to the event alka…..ur recipe is very yummy! Waiting for your entry for Eat healthy event 🙂

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