Two awards,Two friends and being tagged

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This post is about a recipe of  feel good factors in my life,and it’s ingredients are:

  • Two new friends
  • Two sweet awards
  • A tag
  • Lots of nice comments

The method is very simple, just cherish some of good things in your life and forget about the worries and woes.

Life as usual, goes through roller coaster rides, taking you to the heights of worries, stress, backlogs, anxieties etc and then just bring you back to the state of relaxation, where sweet little things make you forget about the cycle of life, which is soon  gonna take you back again to the dreaded heights of sadness,loneliness,helplessness.

But that period of relaxation refreshes you and make you more strong to face the upcoming hurdles.

And some such changes suddenly sprang up in my life,when I met two new friends

One of them is ND,whom I met after many years.I am surprised by the similarities of thoughts and feelings that we both exhibit.Its like that we both are tuned to the same frequency of thinking,and we both react almost similarly in conditions that make us happy or sad.It feels nice when one can share anxieties with someone, and the person just responds in the way you expect.No judging, no arguing, no debates, no fault findings.Just pure tell and listen relationship.

Another one is ofcourse Medha of cook with love,whom I came across just few days back,and I never expected that a little misunderstanding would actually lead  me to wearing my first award on this humble blog of mine

Thanks Medha for my first ever award(actually two)and I will proudly wear them on my blog

The first award is Nice matters award:


“Nice Matters Award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world

The second one is again passed on to me by Medha,which is called”Good Chat Blog”


As the rules suggests  I can pass on these awards to deserving bloggers, and I couldnot help but pass the award of good chat blog  to Nupur of one hot stove and Cynthia of Taste like home,whose write ups are as amazing as the pictures uploaded

Then Medha also tagged me to write about 10 things I hate, well Medha, like you  I too am bit uncomfortable to list them and I too would have been happy to write about things I love rather than what I hate !

Nevertheless here is my list:

          I hate:

  • People who play politics

  • Hypocrites

  • People who spank children

  • Uncertainity of things in my life

  • Jab tadapta hai jahan mein apna koi (when somebody close to us is in pain)

  • People who don’t acknowledge power of science

  • People who back stab

  • When my attempts in kitchen fails miserably

  • My hubby’s habit of never expressing his views on my culinary experiments

  • My inability to learn driving,to control my temper and taking my kid out for picnics

Well Medha, I can never thank you enough for all the difference you made to boost my confidence !

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One thought on “Two awards,Two friends and being tagged

  1. Lovely Post Alka, You deserve it and a very nice person..

    you know my husband too does not react to what I cook, or I should would not, he would even forget what he ate in 5 minutes. But now I make sure I expresses his views and tell me if I can post about it or no. Gosh Men

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