Saayi Dal(Split Green Mung Dal)

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Saayi dal

To begin with, this had been a hell of crazy month so far, for me…..with too many commitments and too many changes in my otherwise routine life.So much that I almost thought of winding up things and going in some solitude.The hustle bustle of life gets too hectic for a person like me who loves to be in her own small but comforting world.I hate being dragged in different directions and I simply loathe myself for being unable to utter NO to anybody.Though there were some amazingly pleasant surprises too ,but those too came with a Whiff of sadness .No matter how much I wish of wishful bliss-es, I am aware that life is like that, so guys love it or hate it…..U have to live in this world (where else can I run away …huh??)

Well, if you are still reading this, then I am thankful to you for pausing and hearing my claptraps, but I promise I wont go on and on and on.So let’s shift our focus on some more useful stuff and talk about today’s recipe

Dal is a very staple food in Indian cuisine and that includes Sindhi cuisine too.There are many varieties of pulses that we consume in our daily diet.No matter how much Modern sindhis go GA GA over American/Chinese/Italian food, but nothing could beat the satisfaction of eating Dal chaawal or dal roti,and that bring them back to their roots(atleast in terms of food).They eat like gluttons when offered with burgers,pizza,noodles,Frankie(with due respect to all these foods), but soon the craze fades away and they start longing for simple Ghar Ka Khana…..and the food they miss most is of course Dal chaawal.
Sayi dal or split green mung dal is yet another dal that I love to cook and eat, coz, its so flavorful and healthy too.So here we go…
Saayi dal:

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Saayi Dal (Split Green Mung Dal)
Split green moong dal with garlic tadka
Recipe type: Dal recipe
Serves: 2
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • Saayi dal (also called as khichdi dal) about a cup
  • Tomatoes 2
  • Green chillies 2 or more
  • Ginger 1" piece
  • Turmeric powder ¼ tsp
  • Salt as per taste
  • Water
  • For tadka:
  • Garlic 4 cloves
  • Curry leaves 5-6
  • Cumin seeds ½ tsp
  • Oil 1tsp
  1. Wash and soak dal for about half hour.You will find skin of dal separating out out, its up to you,to discard that or continue cooking with it
  2. In a pressure cooker, add dal, chopped tomatoes, green chillies, ginger (all chopped), salt, turmeric powder and water, say about 3 cups approx.(water should be much above the level of dal)
  3. Close the lid and wait for at least 5 whistles
  4. Later mash the dal with a wooden whisker or churner and add tadka
  5. For tadka, heat about a spoonful of oil, add crushed garlic, curry leaves and then cumin seeds (in that order only) and let the cumin seeds get brown in color.Immediately add this seasoning in dal and adjust the consistency by adding some more water if required
  6. Now either allow to cook the dal and wait for two whistles (of cooker of course) or simmer it for few minutes till the dal absorbs the flavor of seasoning
  7. Garnish it with coriander leaves and serve with boiled white rice and vegetable of your choice (optional)
  8. I enjoyed this dal with boiled rice and shallow fried Bitter gourd chips (just wash and slice bitter gourd, add salt and keep aside for 15 min, then shallow fry and add turmeric powder, red chilly powder and coriander powder)

PS:This request is nothing to do with food recipes, its just a personal call.

I know there are many talented ladies (some guys too??? hmmmmmmm) here and many of them are doting mothers too.So I wud like to request you all,that if you can spare some time, will you share some good English/hindi poems for 1st grader (5 and half yr old kid)?

The recitation competitions are soon to be held in my son’s school and I had googled enough to find some good simple poems nice enough for my kid to learn in the past two years.But this time I feel short of finding good stuff (time constraints and lack of patience to read and sort from enormous collection)

So if you can squeeze out some moments and send me links or texts of some good poems (not nursery rhymes),I will be obliged

You can send me your poems (or links of your fav. poems) at at gmail dot com)

Hope you generous people out there, will help me out on this !

Thanks !

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15 thoughts on “Saayi Dal(Split Green Mung Dal)

  1. Will try this dal. It looks appealing!!

  2. Saroj Thadani says:

    please send some good and delicious sindhi receips to my email. I am a non-sindhi married to sindhi. He always make me sad saying that his mother cooks delicious food. so i want to show him that i can also cook sindhi food. I cook saayi bhaji, loli, khanna prasad, etc.

  3. Hey,

    Hi, I am a sindhi settled in US married to a guju. Being married in a guju family, I have lately been involved in learning a lot of guju varieties and almost lost touch with our lovely sindhi food. But I am really inspired with your sindhi recipes. Your posts are wonderful and it reminds me of my mom’s food and all the wonderful memories associated with it. You are doing a great job. Thank you very much, I really appreciate all your effort.

  4. Thank you for the lovely recipe. I tried it last night and really enjoyed eating good old saayi daal again. 🙂

  5. I LOVE mung dal! Your food photography is so amazing. What camera do you use?

  6. Alka,

    Need to put in popular Sindhi joints in Chembur.

    Where & How do I proceed??

  7. hunh!!..thats another lovely dhal!..wish I could dig in right now..:)…lovely picture alka..your pictures come out very well..

    abt the poems..when I had to teach my daughter, I finally had to try a telugu one…so :((..cant help on that!..

    and yeah its hectic everyday right..hope things get better soon for you!..:)

  8. I saw your comment on Jugalbandi and followed it here, and then I spy one of my favorite veggies looking so beautiful against the rice! And that pretty dhal…

    I’ve only ever made but one Sindhi dish: a kadhi…unusual- for me- because of so many vegetables, and no yoghurt…but so delicious, and a great, nutritious, one-dish meal (with rice) for cooler days!

    I like the look and feel of your blog- so homey-cozy! And I hope to find time to do some serious browsing.

  9. I cooked bitter gourd this week and was kicking myself for not making dhal to go along with it. No this week though, that will be rectified. 🙂

    Your food is so delicious.

  10. I like sindhi food. made ur blog as a token for sindhi food. Nice collection. will try some soon.

  11. The dal looks yummy and inviting. good one.

  12. thali looks delicious,..dal is new for me,

  13. Hi Alka, this is new to me we never made dal using split moong dal. I will try this soon. Thanks for sharing. And is that fried Karela?

  14. Surrayya Kapri says:

    Thanks once again for such a lovely recipe.
    In the rainy season the mung in Thar (the dessert near UmerKot) grow in abundance and are much sought after in Sindh because they are grown naturally without any artificial fertilizers.
    Moong Daal is also made with tamarind in Sindh, I wish you could also give the recipe for it.

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