Two Awards….Toh kuch meetha ho jaaye !!

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Bhaat jho seero(lapsi halwa)

Well June started with rains of monsoon in my real world and rains of awards in blogo-world! Now my July also had started on good note,with Two awards……Good going Alka…Let me pat my back..he he he;-)

On some serious note, I am grateful to Medha of  Cook with love for passing on these wonderful awards to me, I am sure whoever gets an award will be able to imagine how elated one feels after receiving them!

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And Medha, let me take your kind permission to pass on these awards to deserving bloggers in my next post and also I will “Un tag “myself in my next post ! So kindly allow me to hold on these awards with lots of care and love until then

So let’s celebrate this occasion with something sweet.People who had followed my blog from start would have noted the step motherly treatment given to sweets and desserts  by me.I swear I don’t do that purposely, it’s just that Idon’t have a sweet tooth and I can’t gobble down anything sweet. I even prefer my Cuppa of Tea without sugar and if with sugar, then it has to be  with either spicy biscuits or Khari, pakora or samosas. I feel astounded when I spot somebody eating a piece of Mithai (sweet) or ladoos and by  just looking  at them eating sweet make me crave for having something spicy and hot ASAP…..lolz !!

But I promise now that I will occasionally come up with some sweet dishes too and this one is just the beginning……

Lapsi or dalia or burglar wheat or broken wheat or Bhaat as we call in sindhi….different regions know this wonderful grain by different name.This cracked wheat is really nutritious as it is unrefined wheat, high in fibre and manganese (with reference to Tarla Dalal)

Bhaat jho seero or Lapsi halwa, is a simple preparation but generally loads of oil is used to make this.My version is bit different, as I had used minimum of oil,which had made this halwa crumbly and not soft and mushy as it should be.Just play with the amount of oil and sugar and you will get many variants of this dish

This Bhaat jho seero goes for Nupur of onehotstove who is hostingMBP-Less is more which meansthat you have to browse through your favorite blogs and your bookmarked recipes and choose those that have FIVE ingredients or FEWER to make for this event.

So here I go with Bhaat jho seero, a recipe inspired from The cooker


Two Awards....Toh kuch meetha ho jaaye !!
Recipe type: Halwa
Serves: 2-3
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Broken wheat halwa, a delicious sweet made from lapsi.
  • Broken wheat or bhaat 1 cup
  • Oil 2-3 spoons
  • Sugar ½ cup or more(depends on how much sweet you like it to be)
  • Green cardamons 4-5
  • Water about  3 cups (I actually needed to add some more water to cook it completely)
  1. Take the oil in a thick bottomed pan and heat it
  2. Now add lapsi and  green cardamons, roast these properly on medium flame, tossing it regularly so that it doesn't burn
  3. Roast it till lapsi changes its colour and a pleasant aroma starts filling your kitchen
  4. Now carefully add the water (beware of spluttering) and mix properly
  5. Let it cook on low flame and keep stirring at regular intervals
  6. Add sugar when lapsi  is almost cooked and mix it properly
  7. Let it cook till all the water is evaporated and lapsi is cooked properly
  8. It could be served, hot, warm or cold and could be garnished with almonds or nuts of your choice

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9 thoughts on “Two Awards….Toh kuch meetha ho jaaye !!

  1. Very glad the halwa turned out ok.

    You have quite an amazing collection of Sindhi recipes!

  2. Congratulations!!!

  3. btw. i love spicy stuff more than sweets too…if you wake me up and offer me samosas at 2:00 am..i can easily polish off 2 or 3 araam se 😉

  4. Alka…congrats on ur awards :)…

  5. nice post nd recipe,,congrats for theaward,,,

  6. This was made during winter at our place, looks yumm. Will ask mom to make now

  7. nice hubby loves this..but i have not made a perfect one for him as yet..

  8. Just found you.You do have a beautiful blog and very traditional recipes, will browse!:)

    Dessert looks wonderful. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. What a beautiful sweet treat! Thank you for a lovely entry.

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