Digging deep for clues on higher ground !

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Moon and stars sit way up high
Earth and trees beneath them lie
The wind blows fragrant lullaby
To cool the night for you and i
On the wing the birds fly free
Leviathan tames angry sea
The flower waits for honeybee
The sunrise wakes new life in me.
And every hour of every day I m learning more
The more I learn, the less I know about before
The less I know, the more I want to look around
Digging deep for clues on higher ground…

The fishes swim while rivers run
Thru fields to feast my eyes upon
Intoxicated drinking from
The loving cup of burning sun
In dreams I’ll crave familiar taste
Of whispered rain on weary face
Of kisses sweet and warm embrace
Another time another place

And every hour of everyday Im learning more
The more I learn, the less I know about before
The less I know, the more I want to look around
Digging deep for clues on higher ground…

This song by UB40 echoes my thoughts regarding the Existence of God around us .Strange??sure…but not untrue!!

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to hurt any body’s sentiments or religious faith.These are just my thoughts and has nothing to do with any particular community or religion.I used this place to express my views and i am sure many of you will be offended,but be sure i didn’t  intended so!

And let me also clarify that this doesn’t have recipe for food,but just food for my thoughts!

So people looking for any sense, kindly stop reading further…….while others do so at your own risk!

To begin with ,I am not one of those usual religious kind of person who prays in front of idol everyday, nor am i a blasphemer,instead ,i belong to that category of spiritual followers who try to seek out their peace of mind and daily dose of  happiness among other little things around rather than visiting daily a temple or mosque,gurudwara or church.
Many will agree with me,and many more will disagree(and that really doesn’t matters)that nowadays the whole concept of worshiping deities have changed.It’s no longer is a calm and serene procedure to visit temples,but a commercialized one,and if it happens to be a really popular temple,you are whisked away in few seconds away from the idol of God,even before you have a decent look at the Almighty,so that to accommodate the huge swarm of people waiting for their turn for Darshan.The VIP people have special routes  to enter the temple,whereas the common man foolishly stands outside waiting for his turn.Some opportunists  Black market  special reserved spaces in queues and you can pay some amount to him and Ho ! you are escorted inside the temple ,without waiting in sun or rain
I agree that there still are people who genuinely offer their prayers and are true followers of Humanity.These sort of people certainly pray with noble intentions and honest faith.But for me visiting any religious place during festival is a torture since i can’t stand huge mass of people,and all the dhakamduki near the prasad counters,the shrilling sound of bahajans playing in loudspeakers and group of people running helter skelter just defeat the whole purpose of finding peace at religious place
So i feel the best time to visit such places is the time when no festival or occasion is there.Only then i find the whole atmosphere of temple or mosque bearable, soothing and pleasant,and one can actually feel the presence of some divine force around.But still it lacks something?what?Why?
I have experienced a  heavenly aura in few of my visits to places like Titwala Ganesh mandir and Haji malang darbar,Mahalaksmi mandir,just to mention a few.No, not inside the temple or dargah ,but on the way ,on the route,around the temple/dargah.The road leading towards the Ganesh temple in Titwala is surrounded by breathtaking greenery,fresh air,clear ponds,and mesmerizing mountains.The uphill climbing of Hajimalang mountain is such a wonderful feeling,that could never be expressed in words.You are tired,your feet starts swelling,the Dargah seems to be still so far to reach,but the beauty of nature around you gives you the strength to go on.The fresh air filling your lungs give you enough energy to huff and puff few more steps uphill.

The roaring sea around Mahalakshmi mandir is sure to stir your souls so deep ,that you can’t help but admire the wonders of GOD.Even the atheists can’t ignore the ripples created in mind when you are near such places. But alas as soon as i enter the temple or dargah,my mind doesnt feel the same intensity of peace as it did just few moments back outside the temple.The idols of God somehow failed to prove the presence of Him,which was but so obviously felt just outside the temple. I guess the difference lies in origin of things.while the idols are man made,the sea,the mountains,the trees are natural ,and there is always a difference of genuiness between natural and artificial things
These snaps clicked on way to Titwala mandir will surely make you believe that God exists amidst nature






Since photography is prohibited inside Ganesh temple,so no pics of interior of temple or  of the Lord Ganesha Himself

So Let me celebrate this Ganesh Utsav with me and My little Ganeshas (not the idol ofcourse but little kids around) in lap of nature ,sharing lots of sweets and cheer and laughter,for isn’t that a better way to please the Divine power??

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10 thoughts on “Digging deep for clues on higher ground !

  1. Hi Alka,

    I have something special waiting for you in my website. Please pick it up.Thanks.

  2. hello…remember freedom of speech??? he he he..
    i dont want to write much abt it as most of them have already spoken what i want to say. and like u i too visit temples on odd days where you wont find many people pushing you and you can actually sit there without being disturbed for as long as u like.
    these days i simply celebtate the festivals at home with the people who mean a lot to me. nothing like spending relaxing day with ur loved ones than standing in a long queue smelling someones armpit or feet 😉
    happy ganesha chaturthi and i hope u r enjoying it with ur little ganeshas 🙂


  4. Well said, Alka. I think religion has to be a personal code of ethics rather than a blind following of traditional ideas. To me, for instance, it means living a life of non-violence. I don’t think any God would argue with that 🙂

  5. Nice pics. I too hate going to crowded temples which have turned extremely commercial.

  6. Nice post, I am agnostic as well. There are a lot of factors contributing to it. And I agree with most of your views.

  7. Hello Alka
    Love your post..and I agree with Bee. This is your blog and that’s the beauty of blogging. If someone doesn’t agree or feels differently, let them write about it on their own blog!
    The pictures are beautiful and I know what you mean about feeling the presence on your way there. I remember my walks with my mom to the gurudwara and back, early in the morning when the world wasn’t up yet, were beautiful! It was serene, the birds would be chirping and we would walk near the creek (river)…thanks for bring back memories. Lovely pictures.

  8. lovely pics, alka. thanks for sharing them.

    and why do you need to apologise for your beliefs? on your own space? please don’t. there are some people who think others owe them explanations, and doing so just reinforces their sense of entitlement.

  9. Hi Alka, Nice post. everyone feels differently regarding the issue you have stated. My personal experience is the people who act so very religious are the ones who are cruel in life andhurt people. Anyways they think the sins will be washed if they are acting religious.

    Happy Ganesh Chaturi to you too. Modaks are dome shaped too, with rice flour coating and steamed. and plus the fried version like I made but in the dome shape. But we from years have made it in this shape and call it Modak but i do know many people call it gujiya.

  10. Haven’t been there yet. Husband regularly visits and he always tells me about the view:) Thanks!

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