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Since last few months i was planning to announce a Food event for celebrating my blog’s first birthday.But was afraid of few things..deciding a theme was a first hitch,then there was this fear of not being able to manage the roundup,and the worst fear ….what if no body participated and did not bothered to send any entry?

Well , i believe that we can’t live under shadows of fear, so i am trying to overcome my IFS and BUTS and announcing a food event.Doesn’t matter if just a handful participated, it will be any how a learning experience (and a lovely one too) for me

So i cordially invite you all………amazing  bloggers,visitors ,family and friends……to send me your lovely entries for my Maiden food event, passionately named as 

“Just For You”

What do i expect?

Well i want you to cook something that’s favorite of  someone special to you.It could be anything(but veg please)that the particular person is fond of , ranging from humble khichdi to exotic Thai food.

Don’t cook because you want to send me an entry,but send me your recipe because you wanted to cook that for someone special 🙂

And pervert minds,mind you that SOMEONE special could be anyone, your spouse, your kid,your parents,grandparents,friends,guests at home or even maybe your lovely neighbour.But the particular dish should be dedicated to a person.

So just brush up your mind,think for whom you want to cook ,think what he or she is really fond of,cook ,click and send me the recipe

What you need to do?

  1. Cook anything Vegetarian,(and i mean anything edible),write to whom are you dedicating that dish(he or she may be in far away land, so not necessarily you need to make him/her eat that)
  2. OK….i am bending rules and now i am open to cakes and desserts too (with eggs as ingredients) but not any curry or Subzi with eggs please.And no other nonveg dish too
  3. Post it on your blog and link it to this announcement
  4. Using logo is expected but not compulsory
  5. Send the permalink of your post at[sindhirasoi {at}gmail{dot)com] with the subject Justforyou,and mention your name, your blog name,blog URL.
  6. No need to send photo,i will pick it up from your place
  7. Non bloggers can also send your recipes and i will include it in round up,if you can send in the picture of final dish…superb, or else recipe without snap is also acceptable
  8. The last date of sending entry/ies is 12th  February

So now that i am into it, i hope you won’t disappoint me,and help me make this event a successful one 🙂

Ps: Srivalli ,Sia ,Medhaa and Sunshinemom…….I am relying on you all if i am stuck up in compiling the roundup,so you better not ditch me at end moment 😉

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66 thoughts on “Announcing an event ~Just For you

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  18. Hey…nice theme. Just sent my entry.

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  20. sendin u anothe r one ,..;-)

  21. Just sent you my entry.

  22. I am a new comer to ur blog and also to the foodie blogs, my daughter’s bday is on 1st feb and i am making her fav sweet,sooji halwa(rava kesari).It is very common dish, myself and my daughter love it.I have posted the recipe on my blog.

  23. I have sent my entry….all the best for your event

  24. count me innnnnnnnnnnnn

  25. Hi there,

    a very goog idea,will definately send you an entry..all the best for event and congo for ur first blog annivesary 🙂

  26. Hi, came across your site, and think your event idea is superb, and I would be honoured to oin in…however, please could you explain the following: 4.Using logo is expected but not compulsory…..Sorry if I am being somewhat dense! Thank-you…

  27. lovely event – and perfect way to celebrate the first anniv. hope to send something in too!! 🙂

  28. Chanced upon your blog today. What a sweet event, just in time for you to post a round up on Valentine’s day. I have to make something special for my V and post it.

  29. You have an event, don’t worry ur inbox will be flooding of entries before and even perhaps after deadline….. I will try to send u and please someone else at the same time!

  30. Wonderful site and great recipes! I am in for the even! Got couple of questions..
    Is it ok to send more than 1 entry for the event?
    Is onion and garlic allowed along with the veggies?

  31. gr8 event, have something in draft which i can sent for the event, ‘ll post it soon..

  32. Hi, this is a different kind of event, the thought itself is very special, and I hope I can send something too:-)

  33. Alka,..thats a sweet event..entry sent..:)

  34. Hi alka,
    This is such a lovely event, I have sent my recipe for the event, hope you like it. There is a little suggestion. You have mentioned to send the blog url and not the post url, so how are you going to search for the post sent for you. That would be quite painstaking. Its better that you had mentioned to send the post url also. I have sent you the post url.

  35. Gr8 Event…..Mailed u my entry….
    yeah me to wanted to ask u can we send multiple entires??

  36. my entry is on its way…can we send multiple entries do let me knw,..ceeu soon,..nice event,./

  37. I’ve a perfect recipe really liked by my loved one,I’ll send it soon:)

  38. That’s wonderful event Alka…all the best with your event….I’m sending my entry for it

  39. Wow wonderful theme. Pls count me in.

  40. Hi Alka, that’s a great theme…i’m already sending you something today or tomorrow:)

  41. Oh Wow awesome theme… You can rely on me too..

  42. Very nice event Alka. Thanks for your comments and the details of this event. Otherwise i could have missed it. Is archivd is allowed.

  43. I hope to send in something 🙂

  44. Count me in…Will send over something soon!!

  45. Alka, It is a beautiful event. Count me in.

  46. Will try to send something

  47. Yeah I wanted to ask that question, but RC already did..:))…don’t you worry my friend, I am here to help you anytime or anything you want…you will get loads of them, that you will run heheh…mere ashirwad ..heheh..

  48. Excellent approach! umm will try my level best to come up with somethings exciting more malysian indian fusion
    Best Wishes N God Bless

  49. Beautiful idea, and cute cute logo. I’m sure this one’s a hit.

  50. manisha teckani says:

    Wonderful theme. I have already started thinking which veg dish to postwill definitely come up with something

  51. Hi Alka lovely theme atleast this may get me back to blogging, and anytime you need anything just give a shout

  52. Hi! That is a thoughtful theme. I’ll try to send in something. 🙂

  53. Wonderful theme. I have already started thinking which veg dish to post…..hmmm….had nov veg been allowed….wouldnt have thought so much….but never mind…will definitely come up with something…:-)

  54. Who are you calling pervert girl :-). Phew, i know that feeling and experience of hosting and not knowing if anyone will send a recipe or not. But don’t worry it will be just fine and you will get lots of them.
    i will also include your event in FoodWorld, that way it will form a reminder to everybody 🙂

  55. Lovely theme. Count me in. Happy hosting.

  56. Dear Alka,

    A very happy new year to you! lovely theme! Hopefully will be able to participate in your event!

    Best Regards

  57. What a lovely theme Alka, I would love to participate, I will come up with something. Happy Hosting 🙂

  58. Basantlal nagdev says:

    16th January is my Anniversary and on that day I will send 1 EXOTIC dish which all will relish

  59. Alka, what a thoughtful topic for an event: most dishes in my kitchen are born out of love for my family and friends, as I am sure they are in most homes. You can definitely count me in.

  60. Sure,I ll try my best and send it to you…All the best ….

  61. In true bollywood style “Main yeh pratigya leti hoon ki main aapki naak katne nahin doongi”:) What are those ifs and buts about? You are a wonderful cook (slurp…slurp..), and a popular one at that! How could you think no one would participate!! Seeing that I must take some presentation tips from your site I am really proud to be relied on by you!!

  62. sure.. will send in something. nice event!

  63. If you had included Non veg I would happily send my entry.
    I will try to send you something, if i do a veg dish.
    Can we send cakes and desserts.

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