An Alphonso Treat

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My Dear Husband who is a generally not fond of Food,surprised me one day,when I accompanied him to one of his Friend’s Marriage ceremony, after our engagement(So he was my Fiance then….). That was the first time Icame to know his Love for Shrikhand there.Since that was ,what he enjoyed most from the awesome platter of Traditional Maharashtrian Food.
So like a very curious Wife -To-Be,who obviously believed that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, searched high and low for shrikhand’s Recipe.And mind you , at those times, Internet was an unheard of a thing for geeks like me.Β  So somehow i got its recipe from one of the neighbor, purchased the ingredients required and like a usual bubbly enthusiastic female,trying to woo her would- be -better- half, headed in HIS KITCHEN, in his absence, to churn out a surprise for him.


Now in all this, I had a companion who guided me to the Unknown Kitchen and utensils (since that home was new for me), stood besides me, acted as a perfect assistant, helping in blending etc, and watching with all the curiosity and giggles, the making of shrikhand.Well, till this date i don’t know whether Hubby dear liked thatΒ  shrikhand or not, I only know that it was the first thing I made for him and he did ate it :-). And that Helper was Sk (My Brother-in-law), the little jovial fellow, who after that first brush in kitchen, joined me in many more culinary experiments

Months later, as a new bride, I always had this fellow(Sk of course) , ready to indulge (when it was good) or bear(when food turned out awful) my experiments in kitchen.Who not only relished the good parathas and kokis,but also the burnt toasts and awful gravies with same smile on his face (I know after every disastrous meal, he would sneak out to some restaurant or street food stall, have a binge and return back burping and saying…today’s meal was superb,when are you going to make same again??(You cheat…liar…)

The reason for sharing these memories is that it’s Sk’s Birthday today,and though I am unable to make him eat any of his favorite on his birthday,Iam virtually sending him some favorites of his, with all the fond memories and Hearty Wishes


Every Alphonso Mango landing our home was surely on his TO-FINISH Agenda.So much , that even when everyone at home would be about to retire at night,this crazy mango lover would suddenly remember a Mango lying around home, and would jump with excitement …How about a mango Shake now…Now ??? 12 o’clock (Night)??? Well anything for you dear…and off we use to go in kitchen,and with his help would churn out some quick mango shakes , much to my MIL’sΒ  surprise at the blenders (Mixie) working at midnight in our Kitchen
So dear, for all those Good old days, and of course on Your birthday…here’s CHEERS from whole family with this Mango shake , for you πŸ™‚



The recipe…well there is hardly any, just throw in a ripe Alphonso Mango, peeled and diced (save one slice for garnishing) in a blender (mixie) along with about two glass full of boiled and cooled milk, about 2-3 tsp of sugar, some almonds and ice cubes and blend till a smooth mixture is obtained

Pour in glasses (will yield about 3 servings ), topped with some Almond slivers, some mango cubes (yes the one slice that you saved), some ice cubes, and for that ROSY kick, you can addΒ  few drops of Rose syrup while blending.

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42 thoughts on “An Alphonso Treat

  1. MIlk shake looks awesome & tempting.. belated wishes to Mr. sk. thxs for visiting y site & ur comment…

  2. Hello Everybody out there,
    Thanks a million for your wishes to Sk,he surely is delighted with all the attention and wishes he got from all the ladies out here ;-).And Thanks a lot to you too Ravi,for being with him and having fun.
    And for all those ,sighing for an Alphonso mango, don’t you all worry dearies, everyday, i will eat some slices of Alphonso in your name one by one πŸ˜‰

  3. Milkshake looks very tempting, especially with the chunks of mangoes in it. Yum! πŸ™‚

    Nice pictures, Alka!

  4. What a sweet BIL you have. And mangoes are already in season? I miss alphonsos sooooo much!

  5. I love Srikand ..:)..This combo with most tastiest mango looks gorgeous..deep happy yellow looks yum..:)

  6. just had an alphonso mango shake with my whey protein powder. the protein powder tastes yuck, but the mango conceals it.

  7. Hi Alka, Enjoyed reading. I love to read your writing. Happy birthday to SK. Awesome pictures. Love mango shake, can you please pass it to me Alka.

  8. The season is on here also Alka. Can’t resist this drink. My wishes to SK. Viji

  9. May be belated wishes to SK. Really he deserves such a treat to bear all ur experiments πŸ™‚ That is a very delicous dessert!

  10. Hi! Sweeeeeeeeeety
    Admire the amazing Mango shake ” Happy Birthday ” to your favorite Buddy n cocook S.K,PLs be kind to share the recipe of mango Barfi if u hve one,Ur amazing write up brought memories to my mind ,of my late aunty in malaca of her fab khorakh mitai she would parcel it to my dad n bugsl mau Keep up the excellent receipe dairy
    Best Wishes N God Bless

  11. Hi,

    Wonderful site with awesome recipes. Keep up the good work!~!!!!

  12. oops forgot to mention, the mango milkshake looks yumm. Adding almonds is new to me.

  13. Happy Birthday SK. The word Alphonso makes me want to weep. We don’t get good mangoes here, the ones that are avialable are fry cry from the best varieties we get in india.

  14. Alka, that was such a sweet post.

    Happy b’day to SK πŸ™‚

    Can’t resist being a bit jealous of those mangoes though πŸ˜‰

  15. Happy Birthday to SK! Enjoying mangoes already…I am jealous. The shake looks very delicious. I enojoyed reading about you in your previous post. Good one.

  16. pic itself tempting me to take this away and run to my place…. yum and yum dear/

  17. Happy Birthday SK

    Alka what a lovely post, its feels so good when you have someone like SK when you are new to everything.

    Love Mango Milkshake thats the only way i like mangoes and maybe icecreams we used to have this every nite when mangoes were in season..yummm

  18. We love mango milkshake too. Actually we like with banganapalli mangoes. The picture is really tempting. I too agree with Soma, there should be something to experience atleast the fragrance.

  19. Happy Birthday SK. That is a great looking shake. Yumm

  20. Happy b’day to you wonserful brother in law.

  21. Great read alka. and greater looking shake there

  22. u got me drooling all over the shake,can just imagine how delicious it must be!

  23. The snaps are lovely…as usual!! Nice touch adding badam to the shake!

  24. Lots of sweet memories there alka…Happy birthday SK..Awesome awesome…can imagine the delicious fee…Great superb clicks !!

  25. that a doubly sweet read,for the mangoes and the sentiment:)

    mango shake was a regular midnight treat during summer vacations when all cousins used to get together, only the mango used to be ‘chaunsa’, alphonsos was almost like imported maal in Delhi!

    Thanks for reviving beautiful memories and sharing your recipe.

    Happy Birthday SK

  26. Nothing as cool as alphonso in summer…….. glass is looking yummmm….. Wish ur bro-in-law a very happy birth day from me…… I am also as lucky as you b’cause my brow-in-law also helps me a lot in my experiments……

  27. How sweet of SK to have been your accomplice in that plot!! Happy Birthday to him. We are gorging on alphonsos too:) My children are not allowing me to use it anything just yet! Your shake looks lovely!

  28. Heena Deepak Motwani says:

    Amazingggg…. we certainly miss these Alphonso mangoes in California … but will figure out mango shake with some other mangoes … cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicioussssss mango shakes!!!

    Wish some one can send these mangoes here from India … πŸ™‚

    – Heena

  29. That was a cute read Alka. πŸ™‚ Love the look of your treat. πŸ™‚

  30. clicks r refreshin,..:-) do covey my wishes to Sk

  31. oooohhh that looks awesome i too love mango shake please pass me some!

  32. Dear Alka

    Well the technology to teleport objects does exist, its not available in the market yet. So I will be the first to try your treats when it does happen :), it will nice to get a plate full or glassfull of some yummy treat teleported to another place.

    Take care,

  33. The shake looks so much tempting…wish I get mangoes soon here too πŸ™‚

  34. Happy Birthday to SK! You are enjoying mangoes already. The shake looks oh so delicious. What is the white cream stuff? that looks delicious as well. Shrikhand?

  35. Hi,
    I would love to have this dish in u.k.
    Many Happy Returns of Day, Sanzu πŸ™‚
    i would lik to make this dish, s.k. ke sath milke bana lunga
    cheer s.k., cya in ofic πŸ™‚

    Jai Jhulelal
    Ravi Santlani

  36. Happy Birthday SK. What a treat just for you. Am about to go in the kitchen to make some for myself and hubs. But I will be using mango pulp, since have no fresh mango in the house.

  37. Thats a very easy recipe and pictures looks so delicious and wonderful Alka! πŸ™‚

  38. aww, thats a delicious glass of shake…. wish i had it now.

  39. yaar.. humko bhi milega kya? when is technology going to make it possible to aleast have a sniff over the net? fresh alphonso shake… can anything get better than this in summer?

  40. whoops missed to thank Simram. πŸ™‚

  41. hiya, πŸ™‚

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooo glad to read this. Its like keying F5 (refresh memories πŸ™‚ )thoda senti bi ho gaya tha. lol.

    I’ve got all the tools here as well, so I’d treat myself once i get mangoes here.

    thanks for giving me special space in your blog.


  42. Lovely shake, and a daily treat now that mangoes are here. Pass on my birthday wishes to Sk too

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