Toor dal Kadhi

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toor Dal Kadhi

Home Sweet Home…We all love the simple warmth and comfort of our home,don’t we? No matter how small or palatial the place we live is,no matter how many inconveniences and problems are in our paradise,but still we tend to love our home more than any other place.
I too love my place,despite of all its negative aspects,i adore this place of mine. But then, sometimes we also long to visit a friend’s or relative’s place or some holiday destination to overcome the feeling of routine monotonous
life and to rejuvenate ourselves
Well same hold true for me, and though I love my Virtual place (SindhiRasoi), I will  visit on and off to my friend’s place,now and then.The new place I am talking about is
Beyond Curries

Amongst various bloggers I came across , one  lovely fellow is Sia, of Monsoonspice, the lovely  lady (ill)famous for her  elaborate and perfect restaurant style (even better than that) cooking
All the curries and Indian style veggies that she makes, are shared with all of us with jaw dropping pictures and amusing stories. So now her New place will be a hangout place for me and some very senior and lovely food bloggers too.Yeah…Not being contented with all the popularity sia gets from Monsoon spice,the gutsy lady is coming up with another virtual kitchen,to  let you learn, to share, to enjoy , to clear your doubts, to amuse you, basically to do everything that you want to,to learn Indian Cooking
We the group of foodies and food bloggers, have joined  Sia, to come up with a whole new place called
Beyond Curries.The place which can very confidently boast of ,providing all the necessary information, recipes and answers to your queries about Indian Cuisine.A forum meant to address all the doubts that Indian and Non Indians have about Indian Food habits , spices, curries,utensils required, the regional names of ingredients , the tastes, the recipes, the secret tips…so on and so forth….For further details do visit the link. Also the BC logo at the sidebar will help you to reach my new place 🙂

So do join us ,and we the BC group calling ourselves BC Contributor , hope that we will continue getting all the love and support from you all, the way we are getting for our individual blogs

Now coming to today’s recipe, this is yet another Sindhi style Kadhi, very famous amongst us, and this tangy and flavorful kadhi is loved by one and all
There are many variations in the recipe , depending upon the personal choice. Some prefer just tamarind for the sourness,while other (like me) likes to use tomatoes . Some use the combination of tomatoes and tamarind. Many add besan,while some skip that. And today I followed the
recipe of Mr.Suresh Hinduja,the CEO of Gourmet India, with some tweaking of course, to suit our appetite

Here is the original recipe by Suresh:

Toor dal Kadhi
Recipe type: Dal Recipe
Serves: 6
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
A sindhi Style Kadhi recipe, adapted from
  • 1½ cup Toor Dal (dry measure)
  • 150 g Bhindi
  • 150 g Ghawar(cluster beans)
  • 4 drumsticks(moringa oleifera/murungakai)
  • 50 g Kokam phool
  • 1 tsp fenugreek(methi seeds)
  • 2 tbsp besan(bengal gram flour)
  • 3 tbsp oil
  • 6-7 mild red chillies
  • 400g tomatoes
  • ¼ cup tamarind juice
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  1. Pressure cook the soaked dal with kokum, fenugreek seeds and sufficient water. Let cool, churn/whisk and strain through a colander.
  2. Make a roux of oil and besan, cooking till well roasted. . Gradually add the strained dal whisking vigorously to ensure no lumps are formed. Bring to a rolling boil and add the drumsticks, ghawar, bhindi in 5 minute gaps.
  3. Grind tomatoes, red chillies and ginger to a smooth paste
  4. and add to the curry and simmer for about 30 minutes. Add the tamarind juice to your level of sourness
  5. Serve with a fresh tadka(tempering) of curry leaves, jeera seeds, red chilli powder, garlic and ginger julienne. And lots of coriander leaves.
The changes I made:
  • I didn't strained the dal, and I used 2 tomatoes and a pingball sized tamarind , soaked in water and then mashed it.Discarded the pulpy tamarind and used the tamarind extract.And instead of red chillies, I used 3 green chillies (The kadhi was just aptly hot and sour for my kid,but you can adjust the quantity of ingredients as per your taste). I also added one large sized potato, cut into chunks, along with bhindi and cluster beans(since I didn't had drumsticks at that moment)
  • I know after going through both the recipes, people will note huge difference in both versions, but be assured this kadhi tastes delicious both the ways, and since Suresh himself puts it like this....This recipe is not written in stone and variations abound. Though you have tasted a benchmark here, please tweak this recipe to your liking.
So here is how I went...
  • Pick, rinse for several time, and then soak toor dal for some time In a pressure cooker, boil it with some salt,kokum and water till 6 whistles of pressure cooker
  • Meanwhile, in a thick bottomed pan or kadai, add 3 tbsp(I added 2 tbsp ,and it was ok ok, though stirring the besan in less oil is tedious......) and add besan and keep stirring till the besan changes the colour.You have to be very careful so as not to burn the besan.In mid way somewhere, do add the curry leaves(6-7 leaves), fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds.
  • Keep the grind-ed (pureed) tomatoes handy.While grinding tomatoes, add green chillies and ginger too.You can add garlic also, but I skipped that one, as the kadhi we generally eat is devoid of garlic Now as soon as the besan in pan starts turning brown and your kitchen is filled with aroma of it, carefully add the tomato+ginger+chilly paste ,and keep stirring vigorously so as to avoid any lumps. And once again a note of caution here is to be careful, since as soon as tomato paste is added in besan, lots of fumes arises which can scald your hands , so do not hold your hand above the pan, but at some angle
  • Add turmeric powder, and mix vigorously till oil starts separating
  • Now carefully add this mixture to the boiled and whisked dal, while stirring properly so as to assure, no lumps are formed
  • Check the seasoning, add some salt, or some more tamarind if required and then close the lid of pressure cooker and wait for few whistles (of cooker of course) or you can also let the kadhi simmer without closing the lid, for as good as half hour
  • Again here mid way somewhere, add chunks of potatoes, let the kadhi boil for some time, then add drumsticks , let it boil for some time and finally add bhindi and cluster beans( i shallow fried both of them and then simmered these in kadhi)
  • Let the kadhi boil till veggies are cooked and all the ingredients, nicely blend with each other to create that heavenly taste of THE KADHI
  • Garnish it with chopped coriander leaves and serve it with plain white rice and some sweet boondis

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28 thoughts on “Toor dal Kadhi

  1. Very unique recipe, you have made it with a great combination. I will try this recipe soon. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Innovative kadhi & delicious too. My daughter always says alka aunty wali kadhi banao… in my house it’s named alka dal kadhi

  3. Hey..
    It was amazing…
    your preparations are authentic.
    Thanks 🙂

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  5. Deepa Lohani says:

    Hi Alka…I tried your version of the Kadhi yesterday and even if I thank U million times it wont be enuf… hubby just simply LOVED IT!!!!!!

    The only change that I made was I added 1 tsp of ghee in it….also I used 1 green chili and 1 red chili along with tomato puree and as you rightly said…I cannot imagine Sindhi curry with garlic…so I just used Ginger in it.

    Thanks a ton again!!!!

  6. pic is temptin me to try this one,..

  7. This is something new … besan and dal. The snap is awesome Alka! 🙂

  8. Kadhi looks mouthwatering..lovely photos

  9. Alka those pictures & the recipe is so good. Ur recipes are sooo different. I have never used dal & besan together.

    I visited BC.. Congrats!! I’ll visit my friend’s now:-D

    I found the cake recipe in PC.. like i had told u once. will try to scan & send it to u asap.

  10. Hi!
    Excellent recipe of tur dal,infact I usualy boil the dal without salt and kokam as i prepare it on monday the shiva fast day ,my version of tur dal ,mixing up of channa n tur equally, I do put some green pumpkin/doodi or maiya as we call,but ur version is gr8t will surely try out ,Bye n Good Wishes for some more fantastics recipes ,pls be on U tube would love to ce ur videos of recipes

  11. Nice effort Alka on BC. Lovely concept. Will have to go thru completly to comment further.
    Kadhi is totally different…We normally do not mix Bhindi and drumstick. Looks too delicious, very similar to our sambar.

    • Hi AlkaThe pics looks amazing and the green plant gives them a enivronment friendly look. As for the loadshedding of the electricity, its the same in Sindh as well. We too are going through some glourious bouts of power failure. I have not heard of chilra? I have eaten chilas made of wheat flour and a bit of sugar fried on griddle traditionally and nowadays increasingly made in frying pans.well done with the curry though, its looks yummy.take careSurrayya

  12. Yes Alka, its really comforting to have sambar(as we call it) with rice anytime! Its a little diff from our version, nice one! 🙂

  13. mmm, the kadhi looks good… as you said there are no hard and fast rules to cook and a small variation makes a great deal… Nice to see all colorful dishes at your space…

  14. Hi Alka
    how are you. I knew you will be whipping up some Sindhi culinary delight and you have done it again.

    Keep it up.

    kind regards

  15. Hi Alka

    I foolow ur blog from time to time & i had tried ur koki recipe also it had come out very nicely & even this kadhi recipe is very nice , will surely try it out , on ine thing i have to praise u , ur pics r jst getting better & very professional.The above photo had come out so very nicely.

  16. i’ve started using kokum a lot now and really love it.

  17. Hey Alka,

    Love your blog (as usual). As Haru says, this curry is close to Sambhar. I have tried your daal puri and the family lovd it. Will try the daal curry tomorrow but minus the drumstick and gavar (indian store too far!). Thanks

  18. I’m glad to have found a link to your blog… First pic’s I see look so tasty… Now I have to go have a look around 🙂

  19. simply superb looks so delicious pic. looks so beautiful

  20. Hi Alka,
    Thanks for the visit and comment at my blog 🙂 hope to c u more often.This is a wonderful blog. I haven’t tried any Sindhi recipes so far …I try out some from ur blog thanks dearie .
    Happy weekend.

  21. Love the Sindhi dal, photo is so beautiful! 🙂

  22. thanks for updates. says:

    Very inspiring recipe delicious well done and you are an inspiration when it comes to sindhi culinary.

  23. Wow….it simply looks divine. A new way to cook dal 🙂

  24. wow…………. really i never dreamt of kadhi with dal. Its a grt combination and my husband loves sindhi kadhi which i make and other version of it ,really makes me excited. i am going to definitely try soon.
    thanks for a grt recipe.

  25. Intresting, Modified Sambhar

    I will try next week and see how it taste.

  26. Totally awesome recipe alka..havent even dream of such a unique one..kokum and daal ? will be trying this one soon..great click and hearty write up…You are a very genuine soul with no doubt Alka..

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