Bhindi Basar Patata~Okra with Potatoes in Onion Base

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Do you believe in Astrology? Do you believe in Daily/Weekly Horoscopes/Predictions ?

No, I ain’t gonna start an Anti- Astrology debate or whatsoever for now (or am I?? Who Knows?? I can’t foresee future). It’s just that my Daily forecast for today says that I am gonna outsmart myself  today with some great writings …Me ?? Forget great one, on the contrary, from past few days I am facing the most dreaded situation for a blogger….. A Blogger’s (writer’s) Block  !

Few Days back one newspaper said for my sun sign that i will enjoy a leisurely day, while actually it was one of the most Hectic days of all 🙁

Other day , one of those Fortune Tellers at a News Channel predicted that i will be lucky enough to be surprised by a beautiful gift (and since my birthday was around, I actually wanted to believe it…lol). But surprised I was, with unexpected expenses on the same day and though I waited hopelessly till night, not even a teeny weeny gift came my way 🙁

Sometimes you wish to believe those predictions that sound positive or beneficial for you, like one day there was a prediction for my sunsign that I will gain tremendous  support from my mate, and do I need to tell you what happened bang on that day?? Yeah you guessed it right…we fought over silliest of issues. A prediction said that I will enjoy a very sound health on a particular day, and poor me, my day started with terribly  Low blood pressure, Headache  and sore throat,  all at one time .

Few years back, I unnecessarily plunged into a serious debate between two of my close friends, going by a prediction for me on that particular day, that I will play a pivotal role in solving a crisis. Well, their differences did got sort out later, but I lost two of my friends each accusing me of supporting the other one 🙁

It’s not that I always got to bear a negative outcome . Once, someone said that I am at risk of failing in my up coming exams while I was in my degree college . I lost my sleep for few days pondering over it, and also promised myself to study hard so as to prove that one wrong. But then as all of you, by now , know, how fickle minded I am, I simply got back to my Take-it-easy attitude, after burning the midnight oil for few days(nights). And still managed to score better  in those exams, than the previous ones

And before you wonder why I am all into predictions today, well I have a reason. On a lazy summer afternoon, when I just finished cooking a darn simple veggie dish and some humble Khichdee , my son (who had an eye on what I was chopping and cooking) PREDICTED that its gonna be one boring Lunch today. Grrrrrr…But do I sound like those who will accept defeat that easily ? Do I look like one,who will give in to the predictions and accept the fate as it comes?? Nahhhhhh  I try my best , not to succumb to these forecasts, and though I do fail many times, I still believe in the saying  “It’s Better to try and fail than failing to try “

So I just played a treasure hunt game with my refrigerator, found some Black Gulabjamuns (kala jamun) and Rabri , placed the Khichdee in a bowl to give it a cake shape( I generally do this to take a pic of rice, but My kid is sort of fascinated by such rice cakes ), a sliced carrot, all served in Exclusively- reserved- for taking- food -shots- for -my- blog-Tablewares , my son was one giggling kid by the end of lunch time


Here’s the recipe of simple Okra (bhindi) with potato in onion base

Bhindi Basar Patata~Okra with Potatoes in Onion Base
Recipe type: Side Dish
Serves: 2-3
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Easy recipe of Okra and potato in onion base.
  • Bhindi (Okra/Lady's Finger ) ¼ kg
  • Potato 1
  • Onions 3
  • Green chillies 2-3
  • Ginger (1/2 inch knob)finely chopped
  • Tomato 1 large sized
  • Turmeric powder ¼ tsp
  • Coriander powder ½ tsp
  • Garam masala powder few pinches
  • Oil 1 tbsp
  1. Wash and pat dry bhindi, trim the heads off and cut these in about 1 inch pieces (Note :Its good to slit the bhindi and then cut, to rule out any presence of worms or spoilage inside)
  2. Peel , cut potato in cubes and rinse with water. Drain, add some salt and keep aside for 3-4 minutes
  3. Fry Bhindi on high flame till slightly dark
  4. Drain on tissue paper and then add little salt
  5. Rinse potatoes again and fry till almost done
  6. Heat some oil in a pan and add chopped onions, Saute till it softens
  7. Add chopped tomato, green chillies, ginger,dry masalas, and salt (Remember there is already some salt in okra and potatoes) and stir fry till tomato is cooked properly
  8. Add fried potatoes and okra, mix well, add a spoonful of water and let it simmer for about 3-4 min
  9. Garnish with coriander, and serve with Phulkas or steamed rice or Khichdee (Plain rice cooked along with handful of split green moong dal beans)

That’s all for today folks, and I am leaving you with this bowl of Black Gulab jamuns and a glass of Hot Rabri …Enjoy……


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25 thoughts on “Bhindi Basar Patata~Okra with Potatoes in Onion Base

  1. i love ur website and ur dishes.. i always prepare new sindhi dishes for my boyfrnd and he is amazed that how come i being a punjabi can make such tasty and authentic sindhi dishes… thanks for ur support.. u r my secret!! ** shhhhhssshhhh*****

  2. Wow yummy okra aloo dish 🙂 interesting debate i have it all the time with my parents…every day morning at 9.30 they see todays horoscope on aaj tak channel…i m not firm believer in this but sometimes its interesting too 🙂

  3. Love your blogs. You make simple or ordinary topic so interesting. Horoscope – how can one prediction apply to millions…… na na. I am not a believer but yes I do a little of coffee/tea leaves reading which I learnt in Iran and which my friends think is pretty accurate.

    I always wanted my bhindi and allu to turn out like my neighbour Gopidadi’s but it never did. It would go all mushy on me. I did not know that the main ingredients had o be fried separetely. Now I know so am going to try it again, but your way.

  4. Used to be a decade ago I used to read astrology and predictions/horoscope. But not anymore. I somehow cannot believe that one prediction will apply for millions of people around the world sharing the same sun sign. I would rather live blissfully in the ignorance.

    Adding potatoes to okra is new to me. Looks very pretty.

  5. Interesting debate… I think it is as unpredictable as life itself… sometimes comes true, sometimes doesn’t 🙂

    Lovely sabji… though the last time I ate aloo bhindi was in the office dabba… and I hated it.

  6. hot rabri? have you posted the recipe? if not, please do.

  7. Hi! Am an ardent believer of astrology,will go to the limit of doing something new on good days on special lucky days ,even while visiting the doctor or just opening an acc ,feel weird abt it afterwards even go to the nitty gritty of analysing people with the hindu moon signs,looking up the almanac for prediction ,well the bindi recipe is of my fly favorites ,alternatively we can make the same in coriander chutney ,but u very well know that in asia region there is lack of it,n difficult to preserve It’ll will be nice if u can add white pumkin/maiya,bringals,n best of all baby onions
    Bye N Best Wishes for more mouthwatering recipes

  8. Alka, I used to be like that at one time.. always reading my horoscopes waiting for them to come true or not depending on what it was 😉 but I have been very busy in life these days so that habit is passé now for me…but u’re righ

    Re ur recipe, it’s one of the most oftenly made bhajis at home.. what I do instead of frying is stir frying the bhindis in a little oil on high heat and boil the patatoes.. saves a lot of calories but the flavour is awesome as ever.. 🙂

  9. Bhindi Basar is my favorite ! Just cooked yesterday, can you believe that ? Yours looks even more delicious…

  10. Whoa! I was able to relate to ur story so much.I remember while at college,i used to read the newspaper everyday to check for my horoscope and lucky color,the stupidest bit was i used to wear clothes based on the lucky color mentioned….huh now i can jes laugh over it.Most of the times the predictions was false….so decided not to go with it.But there is this website which i check religiously every month,i wait until the 1st till the months prediction is up…this is by Susan Miller – me till date the predictions have been pretty perfect…atleast 80-85% true.You may want to check this:-).
    Coming to the recipe…u r truly innovative and each and every recipe of urs is jes so perfect:).Loved it!

  11. What a great presentation. I can imagine your son’s face seeing his lunch platter. How I wish some one does this for me.

    As for horoscopes, i never bother to read these columns. Like the way you write.

  12. Hi Alkaa,
    Interesting and debating subject!!! Horoscope! sometimes horrifying, but sometimes, really helping, if we dont take it more seriousely.
    For recipe, I love Aloo and with bhindi, its feast. Thanks.
    Will try soon.

  13. Horrorscopes .. I call them. 🙂
    Always love bhindi … and what a delightful presentation that is Alka. You are a great mommy … innovating … and a great cook too. 🙂

  14. A nice recipe with a grt picture , really Alka i really love the way u start ur story and the way u end it.
    I believe in astrology but to a certain extent. Becoz i know nobody can take away my destiny , whatever GOD has store for me. So just work hard .

  15. wow thats a lovely dish and perfectly made too!!! breath taking jamuns there!!!

  16. Me loves this bhindi style, although it does not make it to the table very often for some reason. Actually, I’m not very impressed with the okras u get here, they’re huge and not tender at all.
    Sweet presentation- glad your little guy was smiling!
    I don’t believe in horoscopes at all Alka. I do believe that there is some science behind it but who’s to know which dude wrote this stuff you read today! I’m sure there are some genuine astrologists out there but till I can make out the difference, its not worth the time to even read them!

  17. This is nice, looks tasty, I will bookmark!

  18. what a meal!:-) my daughter loves bhindi and potatoes and I usually make this dish but avoid onions becoz she ‘hates’ onions:D Love your pics..

  19. That spread is FAR from boring! LOL how i wish someone actually did that for me. The subzi looks & sounds awesome. Your food makes me salivate.

  20. Writer’s block or not, you certainly make up for it in creativity. I couldn’t have turned bhindi into such an interesting feast.

  21. KAVITA KALATI says:

    only if we can avoid frying okras

  22. It happens to me too, my horsoscope sometimes is the opposite of what actually happens, nevertheless, its a fun read .. I love okra, yummy curry

  23. Hmm thats quite interesting,it is really fun to read that column…..sometimes it ll be true n sometimes it is not..

    Okra with potatoes seems like a great combo..yummy..I loved the kala jamuns pic..

  24. LOL Alka, I read astrology for the fun of it, sometimes you can twist what they say to suit what happens on that day but most times it is just plain wrong.

    Have never tried okra with potatoes and this sounds really tasty.

  25. Hi
    Well its been a scorching day and to have a new entry on your blog sure is refreshing 🙂
    Bheendi is a common veg at this time of the year I guess and the Sindhis are rather good at it, frying them for breakfast to eat with uphratas (flat bread laced with a little oil) and making a healthy looking curry like the one above. As you know Sindhi food never swims in oil, Sindhis say we are humans not bulls to drink oil like that 🙂

    As for astrology, I used to read my star all the time when I was still in school doing O levels but now I know belief in astrology is silly because as you said it doesn’t come true. It used to be very popular in medieval times in Europe, at the time of Queen Elizabeth, she used to consult astrologers to conduct wars etc. That was of course the time when the three infamous English merchants arrived in India and got mesmerized by the country’s wealth (it was the richest country after all 🙂

    The three English merchants have recorded that their queen Elizabeth 1 was just the Queen of an island and the subcontinent must be enslaved for the riches it has. They came because they didn’t have spices to keep the meat from going rancid in England, or so they said.

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