Yet Another Change

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Change…is inevitable !
Yeah, That’s what everyone says, and that’s what I believe now, finally!
Not many Moons back, I was one rigid person, who was always afraid of changes, positive or negative, and who preferred to nest in comfort zones of her life.Any change small or big, scared me like hell.
But life being a strict Master, it teaches you everything that you are reluctant to learn.So no longer I am afraid of changes, infact now I try to welcome changes :-)..see I have changed now 😉
So what else had changed?Hmm..many things….
The season, the food, the Food prices,our lifestyles, The people around, their attitudes, our priorities, our attitude towards life, the political scenario, the skyline, the fuel prices…phew !
Some strangers became friends, some friends turned foes, those close to heart, hurt the sentiments, while those complete strangers, came forward to “balm” the wounds. Some unexpected letdowns and some unexpected timely helps…world changes..people change !
And moving ahead,there is  one more thing that changed…The Year…yeah as per Sindhi Calender, the old year changed to New one today…It’s our new year Today……So Happy Chetichand to all the Sindhis around !

Here are some links which I would like share with you again…

The Behrana Sahib, a procession ritual of Sindhis , the prasad of  Tahiri (A preparation of sweet rice), Juar jo Dodo (Jowar Flatbread, sans onion and Garlic), with some mint coriander chutney , boiled legumes  and Milkrose/sherbet, lots of dances and folk singing, are few ways to celebrate the New Year with fun and frolic. So how are you celebrating it today?

I wished to make something special for the day, but as fate ought to be, I am bit under weather, so out of kitchen for a while . Will surely cook up something good as soon as the bunch of aching bones permits me to do so…till then, have loads of fun and wishing you once again a very Happy Chetichand

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7 thoughts on “Yet Another Change

  1. Kindly guide me urgently how to prepare Behrana Sahib thaal. Rgds.

  2. can you please tell me how to prepare a thaal for Behrana
    Sahib during Lal Sai Chaliha. It is urgent. I have to do it tomorrow. Rgds. Kammu

  3. Kalpana Gangwani says:

    Hi Alka,
    I am posting in the name of my wife Kalpana since I am the beneficiary of your posts and so are my 2 daughters. I sincerely appreciate the amount of effort you are putting in to share delicious food recipes.

    The photos on this web-site are mouth-watering, I am sure you have a great camera / photography skills in addition to culinary skills.

    On the lighter note, you mentioned;
    Change…is inevitable ! …except from a vending machine 🙂

    I guess its never too late to wish you and all the readers happy ChetiChand.

  4. Hey Alka, Happy Chetichand to U & ur family!!!!!
    Our’s new year starts on Gudi Padwa:)

  5. Ooops sorry ..Happy Chetichand 🙂

  6. Belated wishes of Chettinad to you and your family!

  7. manisha buxani says:

    Hi Alka

    Here’s wishing you a happy Cheti Chand as well. Your website is really great and helpful. Do keep up the lovely pictures and the good work.

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