Ambriyun ji Khatairn(Raw Mango Pickle)

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A lazy weekend,  when loads of  mundane chores stare at you, and you just show your back to the piled up work, sitting in a corner, wondering which one to avoid and which one to nail. The moments, when you wish you have a magic wand, to get the work done, problems solved, miseries banished, worries shunned…If only that was possible !

But then if wishes were horses , beggars would ride…sounds cliche I know, but then so very true.Not all that we wish is bound to come true. There are wishes, but then there are wishes… which do come true…like the one,when I wished to get a Sindhi pickle recipe and  the wish was granted.Thanks Pooja Juriani, for sending the lovely recipe and for all the efforts that you took to click the pictures too.

Ambriyun ji Khatairn, as in Sindhi, is a Raw mango pickle, highly popular in India. There are many variations of the recipe, each one imparting a unique flavor to the mighty Mangoes, pickled and relished in almost every household in India.

The recipe is shared by Mrs. Pooja Juriani, and the picture is also courtesy to her.
Thanks Pooja for sharing this with us.
Raw Mango Pickle
  • Recipe: Ambhri ji khatairn (Spicy Raw mango pickle)
  • Prep Time:5-6 hours of marination, 5 days for pickling(In summer of India)
  • Cooking Time:10-15 mins
  • Makes: 2 kg
  • Shelf Life:If stored properly under sterilized conditions, it stays good for about an year.


  •     2 kg Raw tender mangoes
  •     500 ml of Edible Mustard oil
  •     15 cloves of garlic
  •     125 gms of husked and coarsely ground Mustard seeds(Rai Dal)
  •     100 gms of Ready Pickle masala(Ram Bandhu Ready pickle masala, or any other brand will do )
  •     Salt approx. 4 tbsp
  •     Special Utensils:
  •     Sterilized porcelain jar or Glass jar to store pickle


1. Wipe the raw mangoes with damp cloth and then cut the mangoes (or get it cut from vendor) into small chunks.
2. Add salt and turmeric (optional) and keep in Sunlight for 5-6 hours.
3. Meanwhile boil the Mustard oil till it reaches smoking point.Put off the heat.After 15 minutes add chopped /crushed garlic.5 minutes later, add coarsely ground husked mustard seeds(Rai Dal) and finally add the readymade pickle masala.Mix well.
4. Pour this mixture over the mango cubes and mix well.
5. Transfer every thing into a properly sterilized and dried porcelain or glass jar.
6. Tie a muslin cloth at the rim of jar and close the lid well.
7. Keep the jar in sunlight for 5-6 consecutive days, and do not forget to shake the jar once in a while, each day.Depending upon the climatic conditions, the pickle will be ready to consume within 5-8 days.

Special Notes/Tips:

* Always store the pickles in porcelain or glass jar.
* Never use a wet spoon to scoop out pickle.
* In case of oil based pickle, make sure that the contents of pickle are completely immersed in oil. The stuff above the level of oil, might get spoiled with fungus pretty soon.
* Never be greedy while relishing pickles.The high salt and oil content is not good for health, if consumed in generous quantities.
* This pickle could be stored well with or without refrigeration for atleast 6 month to one year.
* If at all a white fungal layer is seen on the top of pickle, just remove the spoiled portion, heat some more mustard oil, let it cool, and pour over the pickle.

If you do not want to use readymade pickle masala, do try this recipe for Sindhi style mango pickle i.e Ambhryun Ji Khatairn!

Raw mango pickle, Sindhi Pickle

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15 thoughts on “Ambriyun ji Khatairn(Raw Mango Pickle)

  1. Sanjay kalro says:

    Please send recipe of this mango pickle

  2. Can you please paste the recipe as the website is not reachable

  3. Aanchal Larecha says:

    hi Alka
    tawahan sardiyun mein sindhin ji ghobi gajar gogurun beh ji khatarien kiyy thaybi aahe post kayo plz

  4. Can you please email me the recipe of this delicious recipe —
    > Ambriyun ji Khatairn(Raw Mango Pickle)

  5. good pickle please send me the recepi so i make thanks my e mail. id is

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  7. Hi Alka,

    I love eating and your blog fulfills 50% of my desire by just reading about making food! I am not much of a cook but appreciate people who can do it really well. And you seem one such person.

  8. I can so relate with you about the wish of having a magic wand one of those days. Love the recipe of this pickle. I love all these different kind of pickles 🙂

  9. hmm.. drooling 😉

  10. Slurppp!!!tangy mango pickle tempts me a lot.

  11. Can you please post Ambh jo Chhundo.(Raw mango grated ) mix with sugar red chillies powder etc.I can email to my wife kavita.She love cooking.This will inspire her.

  12. nice and tangy pickle recipe Alka looks so tempting.

  13. Hi Alka,
    Can u pl post an ambriunji methi chutney recipe on your site? I’ve tried various recipes but hasnt come out as a “super chutney” recipe.

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