Masterchef India 2|On the Sets with Chef Judges

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Indiblogger team did it again…..the guys gave Mumbai bloggers a fabulous chance to have a sneak peek of the most famous kitchen in Mumbai..the Master Chef India Kitchen.

Those who are loyal followers of MasterChef series, are sure to love this one !!!
On 15th of October, the Indiblogger team painstakingly arranged for the Mumbai bloggers, an evening that probably will remain fresh in our memories for decades to come .The MasterChef 2 Indiblogger meet was held at the Famous Rk Studio at Chembur.

When I reached the place, the moment I entered the venue, I was awestruck….the Masterchef kitchen that we all saw on our television screen during Masterchef season 1, was actually there in front of me….the same set, the same lighting, the seating, the felt almost like a dream !

MasterChef India Set                                                                          

                        The Masterchef India 2 Set at RK studios

The working area                                                          The Working Area

Cutlery                                     My Favorite Pristine White  ones !

                                                   Me Want one :-((((((

Cookware at masterchef India                                                     The Pots and Pans

                                              Some More to oooh and Aahhhhh !

                                                           Tins and Jars

set of masterchefIndia2


Soon the Meet began and we could see our names flashed on two big screens as the bloggers were given their 49 seconds of fame, turn by turn…yeah we were asked to introduce ourselves and talk about our respective blogs and about our passion for blogging. So many creative people, who blog about anything and everything, shared info about their blogs.

But I am sure each one of us was anxiously waiting for this introduction part to get over, so that we can actually meet the celebrity Chef Judges….Viz; Kunal Kapoor, Vikas Khanna and  Ajay Chopra .

Vikas Khanna|Ajay Chopra|Kunal kapoor

                                                   Three Chef Judges..

Finally the much awaited moment arrived and  the Chef Ajay Chopra was there in studio. He shared some real experiences of his life as a Chef and his achievements too (BTW he is a gold medalist in  management training program that was held at the Oberoi Center for Learning and Development (OCLD)). He took up the questions from the audience and gracefully replied each one, with all the honesty.

Then came Chef Kunal, and again the bloggers were excited to hear his story about how his family of bankers doubted his dreams of becoming a chef. And now, he is  rated as one of  the Best Chefs in India by National Weekly Magazine – India Today. You inspired me Chef Kunal !!!!

Then came the moment for which the bloggers, especially the female clan was super excited….the humble, cute chef with a cuter American-Punjabi accent walked in ..the adorable (Don’t know if that is a right way to address ) Chef Vikas Khanna.His official profile aptly describe him as ‘ an award winning,Michelin Starred Indian chef, restaurateur, food writer, filmmaker, humanitarian’. Trust me, you will be bowled over by his humble approach and sweet gestures.He moved us by his intriguing childhood instance, that took place during the infamous Operation Blue star.

Each Chef encouraged the audience to shoot out some questions. Well we all have many in our minds, but few on our lips.Awestruck I was, at least !

There happened to be an argument over the Master Chef India being more melodramatic than MasterChef Australia, and the judges made sure to clarify the fact that the emotions portrayed are not scripted , neither are the decisions rigged. To hit the nail hard, Chef Kunal encouraged us to share our experiences related to the food and emotions attached to it.

Quite a few bloggers shared their lovely nostalgic moments and when I , trembling with emotions and with the fear of camera focused on me, judges waiting to hear me, began, as how overwhelming it was for me to travel down the road of memories, remembering all the beautiful nightouts at RK Studio during Ganesh Utsav, the awesome street food of Chembur that I used to enjoy with my cousins and Aunts.  I told them how I was missing my mom( whom we lost just a month back) while being there in Chembur that happens to be the home of my maternal family…I was about to break into tears when suddenly something surreal happened..The Chef Ajay asked me the name of my Mother, and he requested everyone to observe a minute of silence  for my Mom..and each one of them obliged…..I had a lump in my throat….I just couldn’t believe what was happening around….Thank you dear Chefs…and the rocking Indibloggers….somewhere up there, my mother might be happy and touched with this sweet gesture of you all….I am obliged !

The time was ticking….after taking some more queries, a small Tea break was announced…and this was the time when all the female bloggers got hold of Chef Vikas, requesting him to pose with them…to which he very happily obliged….standing with him, with his hand on our shoulders, posing for a picture…Man !!!!! it was awesome !!!!!

Snacks                                                               The Snacks

With tea and Snacks…chit chatting with the chefs Ajay and Kunal, continued and I was surprised to notice  the ease  with which they mingled with the bloggers. No starry attitude, no acting pricey…..the way they responded to our queries….shared their experiences as Chefs in general and also as the Judges in Masterchef India 1…they were rocking !

Chef Judges of Masterchef India2                                                     In Conversation with Chefs

While many were enjoying the tea break, some of us sneaked into the ‘Tasting area’, clicking pictures, trying to experience how judges might be feeling while tasting the stuff cooked by the aspiring contestants , praising those who excelled, while the less fortunate ones being emotionally ripped apart with the frank comments of judges.

The Tasting area                                                          The ‘Tasting Area’

Cutlery at masterchef India2

Now it was time for some action….yeah the judges were going to test the dicing, chopping and peeling skills of the participants. It began with dicing an apple into perfect 1 inch cubes, which later Chef Ajay taught us.

         Chef Ajay demonstrating as how to dice apples perfectly !

                                              A closer look !

It was followed by slicing Ginger into julienne…again, chef Kunal impressed us with his skills when he demonstrated us the same.

Now it was the turn of cutting the potato to dress it for French fries…and this time it was Chef Vikas who showed us the perfect way to get those much adored perfectly equal sized french fries.

The enthusiastic and not-so enthusiastic bloggers enjoyed their moments of fame, while they were judged for their skills.And the winners went away with the Gift vouchers worth thousands….what a day for them !!!!

Then it came the mystery box challenge….we have to identify the ingredients and based upon those, we have to mentally cook up a recipe, name it and provide a brief method. We have to be innovative and trust me that was the toughest thing. Well that too ended up on a sweet note when the judges were impressed with those who came up with an innovative recipes on the spur of moment.Kudos to them !

Well now it was the time to bid goodbye, but before we call it a day, we found ourselves waiting in a queue to get our Wish card, Masterchef Apron, MasterChef Mugs autographed by the ever-so-obliging judges.Yeah we did received all of the above stuff along with a Masterchef-Indiblogger Tee….Envy us , dear folks 😉 (pics updated now !)

Masterchef Apron

Thermal changing Mug from Amsterchef India season 2

Indiblogger masterchef India tee shirt

The day came to an end….It was one of the most memorable day of my life..I did made some friends over there….met so many bloggers….I will update this post with other pictures, the URLs of the fellow bloggers and their experiences  as and when they are ready to share the way they felt about this event.

Thanks everyone…for making this real for me..and thanks to the readers who are still around reading this loooooong post.




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24 thoughts on “Masterchef India 2|On the Sets with Chef Judges

  1. preeti daswani says:

    i like this show soooo also drem to come & cook in MASTER CHEF kitchen….hope i will be there soon …..
    i want to come….

  2. I loved this show very much…. waiting for season 3.

    Congratulations to master chef Shipra

    Shipra and shaziya were my favourites.

  3. I love this program.It is different than other cookery show.All the 3 chefs are great.they cook amazing dishes with great ease.I agree with you Chef Vikas Khanna is adorable.From his first look I could make out that he is a genuine human being.You are really lucky to have interacted with such personalities. But Alka, you are also no less than them.Your way of presenting the things is marvellous. Keep it up.God bless you.

  4. I really enjoy watching this show. Host chefs are great and very attached with contestants. I love the episode Especially when their families joined them. Go for GREAT CHEFS

  5. Manisha Jaiswl says:

    good work ,good show,good luck.

  6. Alka,Glad to See ur presence in master chef,india…U r really rocking ,babe..

  7. kanchan sachdev says:

    wowww bhabhi…dats an achievement…Many many congratulations………….m feeling dhin ka chika …dhin ka chika……….\m/

  8. Wish you and your family and blessed and a happy Diwali. Warm Regards Abraham & Susan

  9. I missed it 🙁 But I am sure it must have been a great experience, the beautiful clicks complemented by your heartfelt words say it all… thanks so much Alka for taking me there virtually 🙂

  10. Wow…. Congrats!! and nice pics… It must have been quite an experience for u am so happy for u :))

  11. Wow…..sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time.

  12. whoa girl, that is surely dream come true. I would do anything to be there, if given an opportunity. Amazing, congrats !!!

  13. Hi Alka,
    Congratulations and thanks for posting this blog. Its too loong as you have told, but its equally very interesting blog. It is a very wonderful post and the pics are awesome.

    I never watch the Master Chef show, but the way you have described the sets , i have already become a fan of Master chef and will watch this show here onwards.

  14. I sure do envy u Alka!! But I am so very happy n proud too. A fellow sindhi on the sets of Masterchef India!
    The pics r really nice n a lovely post as always :))

  15. Impressed!! great job indeed and quiet a quick work dear. I was not only impressed by work but also as a human. You are simply amazing.. you touched my heart .. and this is coming straight from my heart.. I mean it. 🙂 World is definately a better place after meeting you and few more people including judges, so humble, so down to the earth, connected instantly. Thanks Alka.. Keep in touch!!

    • Aww..thts so sweet of you dear..and yeah , the judges just bowled me over…esp. Chef Vikas….too good..will never forget how humble he was while talking to us and getting clicked with us :-).
      I am glad I met you there dear….Do keep in touch !

  16. Good work! Good show! Good luck! Looking forward to the next Blog! Cheers.

  17. Thanks .. you are a fantastic blogger you captured every moment and you shot every tiny detail that I as a street photographer could have never visualized the plates the jars tiffins ..I am highly impressed with your clarity your perception your idioms your emotion restrain and above all your matsery over your food blog..
    Take care keep up the good work.. all my childhood was spent at Colaba Strand Cinema among Sindhi friends who are now my extended family..

  18. Excellent snaps covering the whole event, Wow.

  19. Your post made me relive yesterday 🙂 It was such an amazing experience.. Glad to meet you there 🙂

  20. wow, its really a dream come true:-) I am happy that you got the chance to attend it. congrats Alka 🙂

  21. Good for u! Many congrats, absolutely a treat to eyes. Thx for sharing your wonderful experience & the pictures with us.

  22. Wow,.u must have felt so good:)

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