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Blogadda, the largest Indian blog directory which is a ‘‘platform for bloggers to connect with each other, showcase their blogs and participate in interesting activities”, shortlisted my blog,, for #CreateFearlessly activity, held in association with Hamilton Beach. The selected few bloggers got the best of kitchen appliances to try them in their respective kitchens and cook some innovative recipes using them and blog about them!

The following were the choices provided to the bloggers, and depending on the availability we were supposed to get our awesome appliances. And I would say, I was one of the luckiest blogger to receive the “Party Planner”, a sleek Stainless Steel Hand Blender (59769-IN) including a stick blending wand, whisk, chopping bowl with lid, mixing cup with lid and wall mount and a Countertop Oven with Convection & Rotisserie (31103-IN). My excitement knew no bounds when the parcels reached my doorstep!


In 1910 Chester Beach formed Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company in Racine, Wisconsin USA and since then, the company have come a long way from inventing Universal motor to  manufacturing  electric iron, Manual coffeemakers to revolutionary BrewStation® dispensing coffeemaker. The company is now selling over 25 million home appliances in the USA annually and is expanding globally. This leading appliance company plans to bring 22 different kitchen appliances to India. Their products are positioned in the premium segment with the price ranging from INR 3,000 and INR 12,000.

Let’s unpack the first parcel and check out the hand blender..Shall we?

Hamilton Beach hand blender comes with some impressive features;

The look: The black, silver and grey combination of colors, stainless steel housing, shaft and blades and premium rubberized spray finish, make HB hand blender a gorgeous appliance for your kitchen.

The Motor power: Most of the hand held blenders in India run on 250-400 watts motor. But Hamilton Beach has a powerful 600 watts motor, seriously good enough to chop onions or veggies in jiffy, blend smoothies and gravies, whip the cream and puree tomatoes effortlessly.

Attachments: 3 cups capacity chopping bowl attachment with stainless steel blades, measuring cup, lids, stainless steel whisk attachment, power stick blending wand and a wall mount.

Variable Speed option: Provides 2 speed option with variable speed and turbo. This helps you to have a control on blending speed and you can choose a speed depending on whether you want a chunky or coarse chopping or a smooth blend.

Easy to clean and use. The blade from the chopping bowl could be removed easily to clean it after use. The power stick blending wand is a great tool. One can blend, puree cooked ingredients right in the cooking vessel or in any bowl. No need to transfer the content to the mixie jar and wait for the contents to cool off before blending. The whisk attachment comes handy while whipping cream or eggs. And you get two lids, one for the chopping bowl and other for measuring cup so that you can cover the contents with lid and refrigerate the bowl/cup. It saves you from transferring cooked food from vessel to jar (for blending) and from jar to container (for refrigerating or till further use). Cool, isn’t it?

Warranty: Hamilton Beach Hand blender 59769-IN comes with two years of warranty.

Moving towards the Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven with Convection & Rotisserie (31103-IN), let’s focus on its specifications, features and accessories;

Specifications: The external unit dimensions of HB Countertop oven are 13.11 H x 20.62 W x 16.54 D (inches) and it weighs around 10 kg. The 1500 Watts, black or silver color, superior stainless steel made OTG has a capacity of 32 lit and comes with four pre-programmed settings, i.e. Bake, Convection, Broil and Rotisserie and a 120 min cooking timer. Kindly note, that it does not have a pre programmed Toast option. The transparent glass door helps you to keep a check on the food being baked. The nonstick interior aids in quick cleaning. The easy-to-read temperature dial on front control panel can be adjusted to desired or pre-set temperatures. The temperature markings are calibrated from 65 to 23 degree C.

Accessories: HB Countertop oven comes with 2 slide out oven racks, an enamel-coated baking pan, a small baking pan, a broil rack, a rotisserie lift and forks along with 2 metal skewer

Capacity: The oven can accommodate two 12” pizzas, or two 9”x13” casseroles, or two cake pans or two sheets of cookies or a 2.25 kg of chicken.

Warranty: Two years.

The restless mind ran helter-skelter, virtually combining the ingredients available in pantry with the flavors that would pair perfectly and the various cooking techniques that could be put into use now that I had an OTG and hand blender. I spent days and nights wondering about the various recipes that I can try for the get- together, for unexpected guests, for dear friends and family! Needless to say I went crazy!

My Experience: Both the products were compactly packed and arrived in perfect shape. The look and feel of the blender as well as oven is pleasing.
The first test that the blender had to undergo was of course, chopping onions. The speed control helped me to get nicely chopped onions for the curries as well as minced onions for the salsa sauce. I made Gazpacho soup in measuring cup using power stick blending wand and I was very pleased with the efficiency of the motor. And it was so convenient to mix chopped ingredients to the measuring cup (jar), blend them to make soup and then cover the same measuring cup with the lid provided and refrigerate it. While serving, you can just pop out the cup ( a jar actually) from the refrigerator and place it on dining table for the guests (informal get together) to pour the cold soup into their individual glasses directly from cup. So from blending to storing to serving, I used just one container 🙂
Coming to the oven, I baked a pizza, some pita breads, paneer tikka as well as barbecue vegetables. The timer and temperature settings were easy to manage and so were the baking/ broiling settings. The baking racks were easy to slide out and arrange on different slots depending upon the method of cooking. The broil rack could be fitted on the tray that collects the drips from the marinated food. Two metal skewers save your life when you need to serve hot kebabs or  tikkas or barbecue steaks etc to the guests while you are hosting a party or get together. The circular baking tray that I had from my previous oven was little big to fit in HB oven so I had to bake the Pizza in the rectangular tray provided with this oven.


To know what all I made for the party dedicated to #Create Fearlessly with Hamilton Beach, in association with BlogAdda, do check my other blog !

Well, Blog Adda and Hamilton Beach, thank you  for the wonderful products and thanks a ton for giving me this opportunity to create fearlessly and cook a storm using the awesome “Party Planner”!

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  2. Bhee looks great and like most Sindhis i love bhee.I wish i could get them in Houston,TX.
    So i have to be content with the frozen ones.So i am going to try this recipe.
    Thanks for promoting sindhi food and our culture.

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