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Yet Another Change

Change…is inevitable ! Yeah, That’s what everyone says, and that’s what I believe now, finally! Not many Moons back, I was one rigid person, who was always afraid of changes, positive or negative, and who preferred to nest in comfort zones of her life.Any change small or big, scared me like hell. But life being […]

This Day That Year

Yeah..this day, that year…7 years back on this day, I was waiting for my life to take a drastic turn, waiting for the baby to arrive in this world, for a moment when I will actually hold my baby, marking an end of nine months wait of hope and despair, fear and excitement. When finally […]

Hello and an Update

Hello everyone, For those who are fed up of the same picture¬† staring at you since past few weeks, whenever you visit Sindhirasoi (This means I am expecting some of you to drop in few times just to, here is something different to look at to ūüôā Dear Friends, Visitors, Well wishers and lurkers […]

Back For Click

First things first….Hello Everybody…Hope everything around you is working just fine. For me….umm…I am kept madly occupied with crazy things here, and no..i am not here today to crib for petty issues.I know each one of you struggles with life on daily basis, so lets forget about ugliness around and talk about some good things…Shall […]

Honey & Oatmeal cookies for Click

Cookies are yet another type of food which i am not really fond off. The Refined flour, sugar and loads of butter is not my way of adding up calories. I will prefer to¬† indulge in some Chaat or fried savory munchies for same number of¬† Kcal, then nibbling on some sweet stuff like this. […]

Click April ~Autumn/Spring

Jugalbandits declared this¬† month’s Click Theme¬† as Autumn/Spring In India Spring lasts for too short and by the time Jugalbandits announced the theme, Summer had already set in .The harsh sun rays doomed the blossoming flowers , and the green vegetables were no longer green when they landed at my refrigerator So with reluctant¬† mind, […]

Some Good Things

Sorry to disappoint those who visited this blog for having a look at some yet another Sindhi Recipe. But trust me,you wont regret coming here after reading first half of this post(Though you will surely regret reading the later half) Well , today i am here to share some good things with you. Firstly, many […]

Clicked Wood For Jugalbandi

Jai Bee of Jugalbandi (No Introduction Needed) had came up with yet another¬† resplendent Theme for this month’s¬† CLICK¬† Event The Theme being WOOD , it surely boggled me for few days, since no matter how hard i tried, my right side of brain refused to generate more Alpha waves (Scientists have shown that highly […]

Rules are meant to be broken

Hello everybody, This is to let you all know that the last date of JUST FOR YOU Event had been extended till 18 th of February Reason? Well firstly ,many of fellow bloggers complained that they are planning to make something special for their dear ones(read… hubby dear) on V-day.So they cannot send me their […]

Bartho~Eggplant chutney

As far as my memory goes, I was the most non fussy kid amongst siblings,where eating vegetables was concerned.I adored Bitter gourds and bottle gourds as much as Paneer and Potatoes.My father who is a real foodie, encouraged us to eat everything from vegetables to fruits, nuts to berries. Every Sunday, he used to purchase […]