A Guest Recipe-Daag Bhat|onion rice

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Daag bhaat

This week we have a special guest at Sindhirasoi, who has shared with me, a lot of information about Sindhi Food habits, food culture and regional specialties in past few months.Let me introduce Surrayya in her own words;

Hobbies: Reading about mysticism, occasionally writing on issues which I feel are important to Sindh or the world.

Skills: Fluent in speaking ,reading and writing Sindhi language thanks to my father’s special efforts

Education: Graduate  from United States (did my secondary education in England)

Aim: Promote Sindhi culture (food, fashion/fabric design, embroidery, gold/silver ornaments) to the rest of the world

So today I am sharing with you all a simple but fantastic Rice recipe, which is called Khushka or Daag bhaat.I never knew that Sindhis in neighboring country have such a variation in their food habits.Thanks to surrayya ….now I know!

According to Surrayya, Khushka or more popularly known as Daag bhat, serves as a side dish at lunch or dinner. In the mango season it is served with mangoes which can be sliced on the serving dish/plate or placed separately beside the khuskha dish.When its not the mango season khushka can be eaten with any curry !

I made this Daagbhat and served with potato curry and I must say I simply loved the subtle flavor of this onion rice in comparison to strongly flavorful Bhughe chaawal, wherein more of spices are added
Thanks surrayya, for sharing this traditional recipe with me, I am looking forward to many more of them…….

Daag Bhaat
Recipe type: Rice
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Easy rice recipe.
  • Basmati Rice: 2 cups
  • Water: 2 cups
  • Salt:1 tsp
  • Chopped Onion: 1
  • Cooking oil: 1 Tbsp
  1. Wash and soak rice in water for 20 minutes.
  2. Saute the onion in oil (make sure the onion doesn’t become brown), add salt put water. Bring to boil.
  3. Add rice when water starts boiling, lower the heat to simmer
  4. when the rice is done there will be smoke coming from the side of the saucepan
  5. Serve hot with chopped mango or curry of your choice

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17 thoughts on “A Guest Recipe-Daag Bhat|onion rice

  1. Shobha kaul buch says:

    Daag bhat looks delicious. Will try to mke . Alka with which curry will it go best.

  2. Looks lovely. And thanks to Surrayya for the recipe and Alka the picture is lovely

    Alka:Thanks Medhaa….and how r u doing ?

  3. you make plain stuff look so pretty. gorgeous pic.

    Alka:And this comes from Jugalbandi….the creators of CLICK!…..I m on cloud nine!

  4. Simple and tasty!

    Alka:Thanks !

  5. looks lovely ..

    Alka:And it tastes equally good…do give it a try!

  6. Such a simple recipe, yet looks so appetizing. nice visual.

    Alka:Thanks Divya,i m glad u liked it!

  7. Alka,
    check this site. looks like that blogger has posted a pic from ur blog. http://www.shadruchulu.blogspot.com/

    Alka:Thanks for pointing it out to me…i really appreciate the concern!

  8. Hi Alka

    I made garlic rice on Sunday along with palak paneer and I see that you have posted onion rice.Looks wonderful and very appetizing.

    Alka:Thanks sri,and yeah palak paneer was really yum!

  9. Simple flavorful recipe. cool close up shot.

  10. Rice looks so yummy …such a simple recipe and gives such wonderful result…lovely pic dear

    Alka:Thanks priti,and yes it was so simple to make and good to taste!

  11. Something new and looks awesome.

    Alka:Yes it was new to me too,but me and my son enjoyed having it!

  12. This is really very easy to make…..thanks for sharing

    Alka:Yeah sangeeth it was so easy to make and i will thank surrayya in return!

  13. this sounds yum,feel like tryin,..:-)

    AlkaYes give it a shot!

  14. Rice sounds interesting. Thanks Surrayya for sharing and Alka for giving her the space here.

    Alka:Thanks Jayasree,it was my pleasure having surrayya here in my Rasoi

  15. That picture as usual is lovely..and very interesting one…thanks for sharing this surrayya and Alka for bringing this to us!

    Alka:Thanks valli,there are few more guests recipes which i m working upon,hope i will come up soon with those!

  16. very interesting recipe Surrayya. i am curious as wheather its served with raw mango or ripe one!
    Alka:Sia,enjoy it with anything u like,there cud not be any hard and fast rules for enjoying rice isn’t it?

    • Hi Thanks for liking the recipe and thank you adi Alka for the time taken to prepare it. You eat it with diced ripe mango

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