A Fool Proof Sindhi Pickle

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Most of the people landing on my blog , are silent visitors, few oblige to comment , few are kind enough to share recipes and tips,while rest of them write for recipe requests specially for Pickles.

I try to reply each and every query as and when time permits. Majority of the people had requested for Sindhi AUR MEIN KHATAIRN or Pickle in mustard seeds(aur) and water .

I kept postponing the idea to make this pickle for three reasons , one Hubby dear can’t stand the SMELL of pickles so these are big NO NO at our home, secondly, pickles are not good for health because of their excess oil or salt/sugar content and thirdly because this pickle has cooling effect on body so these are best consumed in Summer season which is still far away as per Indian Calender.

But after replying many of people, individually via E-mails , I thought to finally give in and prepared this Turnip pickle (minimum possible quantity).

So here I go, sharing this fool proof-quick fix pickle , which is ridiculously simple to make, and fast to mature. In fact this pickle should always be made in small batches, because it has small shelf life (it sours pretty fast) if kept outside the refrigerator .

Aur mein Khatairn is very famous Sindhi Pickle ,with the base of Mustard seeds called AUR in Sindhi and the water. Most common veggies used for this pickle are Whole Onions (small sized), Turnips, Carrots and chopped onions (chunks of onion)

Turnip Pickle

Wash, peel and cut turnips into quarters (four pieces from one turnip )

Boil with turmeric and salt till tender

Meanwhile crush /or slightly grind mustard seeds, taking care as not to powder the seeds.It should be coarse as shown in the pic.

                   Add rest of the ingredients and let the pickle mature for few days

A Fool Proof Sindhi Pickle
  • Turnips 5
  • Mustard seeds 2½ to 3 tsp
  • Salt about 1½ tsp
  • Fresh green garlic 3-4 bulbs and stalks (whole)
  • Red chilly powder 1 tsp (better trust your instincts)
  • Turmeric powder ½ tsp
  1. Wash,peel and cut turnips into quarters (four pieces from one turnip )
  2. In an open vessel like handi, boil turnips with water, salt and turmeric powder.Water should be above the level of turnips.
  3. Do not be scared while adding salt and turmeric, since we are not going to boil it for too long for turnips to absorb extra quantity of salt and moreover this water is to be discarded, so add salt and turmeric without bothering much.
  4. let the water reach the boiling point, simmer it for a minute or so and put off the flame.
  5. Now take out the boiled turnips on a plate and let them cool completely.
  6. Meanwhile crush /or slightly grind mustard seeds, taking care as not to powder the seeds.It should be coarse as shown in the pic.
  7. Take a perfectly clean glass jar (be sure to thoroughly wash the jar ,and if possible keep it in sunlight till dried) with a tight lid.Traditionally the pickles should be kept in thick porcelain jars , but unavailability of such containers should not be an obstacle between you and your pickle
  8. Now put the crushed mustard seeds in this jar, add cooled turnips and keep on adding water (plain drinking water) above the level of turnips. Again this is very forgiving recipe so do not worry about the exact measures.
  9. You can taste turnip at this stage to check out the salt level and add bit of salt now in jar (the amount of salt depends on the amount of water , so again follow your instincts)
  10. Now again add less than ¼ tsp of turmeric powder, 1 tsp of red chilly powder, chopped fresh green garlic and close the lid. Shake the jar well so as to mix the ingredients properly.
  11. The mustard seeds will appear to sink at the bottom of jar, but you need not worry about it.
  12. Let the pickle mature for few days.Do not forget to shake the jar once or twice a day to achieve uniform pickling
  13. Once the mustard seeds change its colour from blackish yellow to complete yellow, the pickle is ready.
  14. Consume it within few days as it sours very fast (will appear greyish in colour if over matured)
  15. The mustard water taste good when few spoons of it are poured over hot Khichdi (Indian style rice Risotto).

Now time to SHOW OFF my possessions…errr I mean the Awards ! Vidhya of Appetizing Recipes showered so many awards to me and my blog that I am just losing the count…but I am loving it lady ! Thanks once again ( and twice and thrice and…….) for thinking of me while passing these awards

Let me hold on these awards for some time, I will surely pass on all of these wonderful awards to lovely bloggers ASAP !

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31 thoughts on “A Fool Proof Sindhi Pickle

  1. Urvashi Chandiramani says:

    please could you email me the recipe for gur ji ambri
    I have looked for it all over and cannot find it.
    My nani used to make it.
    It is awesome.

  2. Plesant surprise to see a post on turnip ka achaar..reminds of of my mom, her fav one….

  3. Basantlal Nagdev says:

    Thanks for this lovely recipe, try using “rai dal” and see the difference. Rai dal is same as mustard seeds only the outer skin is removed and the pickle taste better (less bitter) and the colour is lovely.
    We Sindhis add Cauliflower, lotus roots,whole small onions,Ghogru (Turnips), fresh garlic, Carrot,Mooli, etc.This is 100% Sindhi recipe. In market lots of “Mongri” is now in season and cheap too. Mongri(Marathi) and its called Dongri in Gujrati. This vegetable is like cluster beans but round in shape. Few days back I bought these and asked my wife to add these too to the “pani vari khatair”…..Its really yummy and healthy too. I will soon find the English name and let u know.

  4. Am glad to find the turnip receipe and will substitue carrots. Was surprised to find so much on Sindhi food, etc. Love it.

  5. I’ve had turnip pickle before, but from a Lebanese recipe. Very good. I’d like to try this recipe as well … and we have a crock here.

    Do you have a recipe for lime or lemon pickle? I like it very much and would like to make it here.

    Thank you.

  6. Just the colour alone makes me want to have some of this.

  7. Alka

    Your recipes are so different & the presentations as usual unique. waiting for ur kulfi & raspberry jelly:-)

    & adding u to my links.

  8. I have tasted this liquid in another pickle. Turnips would be nice in it! Will try this one out! I think Haryanavis too make something similar because I ate this as radish pickle at one Aunty’s house from Haryana. Any idea whether it is the same?

  9. This is something new … the snaps look awesome! 🙂

  10. i adore turnips. thanks for a great recipe.

  11. Basantlal Nagdev says:

    Wow, Rai dal is nothing but mustard seeds minus the skin?
    So if you get Rai dal, use it or just use pounded mustard seeds.
    This may dis colour the pickle after 2/3 days

  12. Turnip Pickle! This is interesting. 🙂

  13. what an interesting pickle. Never heard of this before. Thanks for introducing a lovely pickle. Pictures are captivating. Congrats on your awards.

  14. How interesting, never tried it before… the pics are very fresh and simple.

  15. never tasted this pickle alka , looks soo good

  16. Looks awesome. i can’t stay away from pickles even though they are not good for us. my big weakness 🙂

  17. This pickle looks awesome. I bet it makes a great paratha or thalipeeth accompaniment.

  18. Basantlal Nagdev says:

    with rai dal enjoy this for few months,as it wont turn sour nor change colour, when kept in fridge

  19. Alka, I read your blog every week. I’ve always loved Sindhi food, and now I can try to make my own. Thanks! Of course, I don’t comment too often and your line about silent blog readers hit home. I don’t think that’s going to change, but now you know another of your readers.

  20. Congrats on your award.
    Love the colour of the pickle, i didn’t know we could make pickles with turnip.

  21. Basantlal Nagdev says:

    Dear alka beta, When i posted my comment i was not sure as my wife was not there. After My wife came back, I asked her about my fav pari wari khatyar (water picke) and she is replica of my mother (88yrs). She told me many Sindhi use mustard seeds (pounded) to make this pickle. But she say’s the water becomes slightly black and more pungent. She has been using “rai dal” instead of pounded rai or “Aur”
    So Uncle recommends “rai dal” and is 100% sure now. Add any boiled vegetable and see the result. One vegetable called “dugra” tastes lovely in this pani?
    Basantlal Nagdev (Director)
    Sai Seva Marriage Bureau
    N-19 Sacred Heart Town , Wanworie
    (Axis bank gate), Opp McDonald’s
    Pune 411040
    Mobile 98501 35324 / 020-40088994
    Email:- basantlal@hotmail.com
    —– Original Message —–
    From: sindhirasoi keswani
    To: basantlal@hotmail.com
    Sent: Monday, November 17, 2008 8:11 PM
    Subject: Re: [Sindhi Rasoi] Comment: “A Fool Proof Sindhi Pickle”

    Hi Uncle Ji,
    Thanks for your comments !
    Never heard of Mustard Dal, the AUR as we call in sindhi is Mustard seed i suppose !
    Still will check out more about that and get back to you

  22. Looks great, my family are pickle lovers and I love to try them at home. store bought ones are a big no no though. In US, it is a bit difficult to try all the pickles we make back in India so I tend to make the quick fix ones. This pickle looks delicious and a simple one too. I will try it someday.

  23. That sounds really wonderful way to pickle alka..beautiful pictures as usual!

  24. Oh yeah I never used to like the taste and smell would wonder why they want to make this at home, but mom just made carrot one last week and we are loving it and actually its getting over now. Nice one Alka

  25. Basantlal Nagdev says:

    Many stores have mustard seeds, but few have “rai dal” or mustard dal

  26. Basantlal Nagdev says:

    Lovely pickle which I love very much and sometimes also can be eaten as side dish. Many call it “paniwari khatyar” or Water pickle. Many vegetables, apart from turnip, are added. For example, cauliflower, carrot, lotus roots, fresh garlic (yummy),etc. I think mustard dal is used instead of mustard seeds? I am not sure?

  27. congrats on ur awards….

  28. This is sure a great way to try turnips, pickle of any form is loved and this one is easy/=,

  29. Wow, a no oil pickle. Sounds interesting. Love pickles of any kind. Of late, had to cut down due to health reasons. This one will fit in perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

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