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Falooda icecreamFalooda Icecream: Pic. Updated

The gloomy situation at south Mumbai is the most scariest of News that we had heard till this date. The terror pangs are surely felt by each and every common man, who can’t think beyond Roti, kapda aur makaan (food, clothing and shelter). Yet it is always that same common man who is targeted again and again for no fault of his/her. How long will we be vulnerable to such attacks?

The debate could go on and on, but I want to, sort of run away from all this, cause I don’t want to feel drained out discussing things, which I am unable to fix. So keeping my rants for myself I wish to move ahead and rather concentrate  on those few good things that are happening in my life. Selfish, indifferent, mean ??? Well  call me whatever you feel like , but I need a break from all this maddening stuff !

I made this falooda icecream few days back to celebrate few sweet moments in our lives. Without much talks, I am sharing its recipe with you all.


Falooda Icecream
The famous Falooda icecream, made from milk, falooda sev and jelly crystals, topped with some rose syrup.
  • 1 Falooda pack(easily available at general stores)
  • 1pack of Raspberry jelly crystals (Rex or kings are favored brands)
  • Milk 1 lit
  • Sugar 150 gms or more depends on your sweet tooth
  • Few strands of kesar(optional)
  • Green cardamoms 4
  • Rose syrup few spoons
  • Crushed ice
  1. Follow the instructions given on pack of falooda and let it cool (Boil falooda sev in water for a min., drain the water and add cold water, then soak them in sugar syrup of thin consistency)
  2. Similarly prepare jelly as per instructions on pack and refrigerate for few hours. Chopped nuts like walnuts and cashew nuts can be added if preferred
  3. For kulfi, pour the milk in a heavy bottom pan and add cardamom and boil it, on medium flame, till milk reaches less than half of original volume. Do not forget to keep stirring it occasionally so as to avoid burning of milk. Add sugar and kesar (optional)
  4. Let it cool,then pour this kulfi mixture into molds of your choice, but an easy option is to freeze the mixture in Ice trays, since it will be easy to scoop out kulfi with help of knife and spoon. You can also freeze it in plastic airtight containers. Remember always set kulfi in aluminum or plastic containers
  5. Garnish it with almonds flakes and chaaroli (chiraunji) and let the kulfi set properly in freezer for about 6 hours or more.
  6. For serving, take a fancy glass bowl or ice cream cup, put two cubes (scoops) of kulfi, about two spoons of jelly, some falooda, pour one spoon of Rose syrup (sherbet) and some crushed ice and enjoy before it melts away.

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15 thoughts on “Falooda Icecream

  1. Wonderful recipee
    Try using 1/2 cup condensed milk + 1 cup of full fat milk and boil it for 10 mins . This helps shorten the time needed for boiling milk

  2. wow….it seems very easy,,,

  3. Wow!!! I love falooda Alka. Yours looks awesome.

  4. It was surely scary while it happened. But at least life’s getting back to normal.

    Take care and be safe! Love your colorful falooda

  5. Hi Alka,
    Hope you all are ok there.
    kya bat hey. well falooda was made by mom and recipe too given by her I have never cooked falooda i dont like it I only eat the rabri or kulfi whatever is made. Will ask her and let u know if different brands are cooked differently.

  6. Colorful and gorgeous, Alka.
    I am really sad about Bombay too- it was my home for most of my life.
    To answer your question about the pumpkin cheesecake, I don’t think it can be done on a stovetop- at least I haven’t tried it before.

  7. The happenings in Mumbai is such an inhumane act. What else can we do except feeling sorry for those innocent people who lost their lives for no reason!

    Falooda icecreams looks wonderful! Never tasted falooda before. Looks like I have to try this at any cost! such a tempting pic and nice recipe. Thanks Alka.

  8. Looks great. I have to try this out. Have had them at restaurants but have`nt tried at home.

    I only hope that we Indians stand united in the fight against terror.

  9. Here it is!! Looks lovely. U have used the original way to make kulfi.

    Heartbreaking incident… and it happens time after time. When will it end?

  10. Beautiful colors in your falooda, Alka:)

    Alka, I do not think of you as mean or selfish! I can understand what you feel because the present political and civil condition makes me feel like this too! Externally we are already insecure by sharing land boundaries with other countries. Internally the State Govt. with fanatical fools like Thackerays leading from the ‘back’ offers neither protection to citizens nor does any other constructive work except hoarding money for themselves turn by turn – otherwise who can explain the rise of Narayan Rane or Pratap Sarnaik? A thousand parties and no stable system – what can a normal citizen who wants to lead a simple honest life do? Sometimes it seems best to isolate oneself but then that is not wise in the long run!

    All in all a revolution just waiting to happen!

  11. Nice recipe !

  12. Wow lovely..i love falooda…

  13. I totally agreeit is the inocent ppl who suffer.
    I have a packet of falooda some were in my pantry. This looks so yummy.

  14. hi…
    piyari bhenna alka and all dear sindhis i feel very sorry for the innocent killings in Mumbai.

    i have just got engaged for marriage and forward all your recipies to my fiancee.

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