Took Patata~Double fried potatoes and a Good Bye

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Farewell, My Friends, Adieu

I hate to say good-bye
Yet we have to say farewell
For we shall meet again
That I can foretell

The future is unpredictable
Tomorrow is uncertain
Keep our laughs and memoirs
But I wish you have no burden

We shall keep on learning
Remain as students and become as mentors
Face the unknown with confident yearning
Pursue our life endeavors

Farewell, my friends, adieu
I utter it with pain
Farewell, my friends, adieu
In sunshine or in rain

Farewell, my friends, adieu
This day would come, we knew
Our dreams we shall pursue
For now, my friends, adieu

With a heavy heart and these words by Dhainee Pfafflin, I wave you Good bye.

Yeah I am feeling terrible as I write down these words, but then for some unavoidable reasons, I am taking a break from Blogging. For how long ?? Well it may be for just a week or a month or many…future is unseen and unpredictable. But if you…each Dear visitor of this blog, do your bit to keep this blog alive in my absence, by visiting it , digging out some old posted recipes here, Sharing your comments and views, despite of knowing that I may not be able to respond…then rest assured that I will be back with a bang, soon. Or else……sigh….

So keep those Emails pouring in my  Inbox, keep sending your recipes, drop in a line or two at sindhirasoi (at) gmail(dot) com, keep writing few flattering ( Lol) comments , keep updating me with the events hosted and the round ups, so that I don’t miss out all the fun while I am not here. I will surely go through all the mails  as and when possible

Before I move on with a new chapter in my life, here is yet another Sindhi delicacy, though not a healthy one…but those of you, who relish potato chips , cakes, pastries etc, this is not more sinful than those. And taste wise….hmm…its a lovely way to enjoy potatoes

Potato Took as we call this Double fried potato in Sindhi, is generally served with Kadhi Chaawal...another Sindhi Signature dish. But this is equally loved with Bhughe chaawal or any type of Biryani/Pulav too.


The picture here shows, some sinful Took Patata , with vegetable Pulav , Papad, and some paneer burji, which was a leftover from previous meal. The burji doesnt actually goes with pulav, but since i was about to eat it anyway, why not flaunt it…lol


Recipe of Took Patata( Double fried crisp Potato snack) ?? Well there is hardly any, still..

Ps: The plate above (in which food is served) travelled all the way from Uk to Mumbai. Thank You Dear Sk, for a thoughtful gift 🙂

Took Patata~Double fried potatoes and a Good Bye
Serves: 2-3
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • Potatoes 4
  • Salt
  • Turmeric powder ¼ tsp
  • Coriander powder ½ tsp
  • Red chilly powder ¼ tsp (Or as per taste)
  • Amchoor powder(Dry mango powder) ¼ tsp
  • Oil for deep frying
  1. Peel and cut potatoes into four pieces (Take medium sized potatoes)
  2. Slit them in criss- cross pattern, not very deep
  3. Add Salt to potatoes, and keep aside for 2- 4 minutes
  4. Rinse them with some water
  5. Heat oil in Kadai, or frying pan and gently slide the pieces in oil
  6. Fry on high heat for few seconds, lower the heat and put a lid over the pan, putting some extra weight (like heavy utensil etc) above it
  7. Let these cook until just done, and remove from oil
  8. Gently flatten these with palm of your hands (beware not to scald your hands) pressing these on a flat surface like rolling board or flat(back) side of a plate.Do not do this harshly or else the potato will crumble and turn into messy stuff. Skip this step if you are not comfortable with it
  9. Drop the pieces again in hot oil, frying on high heat, until crisp and golden brown
  10. Remove all the oil from pan( or remove potatoes, transfer the oil in some container and put the potatoes back in pan)
  11. Sprinkle some salt if needed, and all other dry masalas, mix well for 2-4 seconds
  12. Do not cover these with any lid, or else these will lose the crispness. So serve immediately and Relish.By the time you crib about calories, the potato TOOK will lose its crispness, so fret upon it later 🙂

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53 thoughts on “Took Patata~Double fried potatoes and a Good Bye

  1. Will surely miss u ! Tried some wonderful recipes from ur site n they came out very well . Pl come back soon!!!

  2. […] and Mrs. B would give me that look again. At the same time, I was talking to someone about Aloo Took, the Sindhi version of potato nuggets. I had always wanted to make this, and the aging Arbi gave me the perfect opportunity. Except, I […]

  3. shaikhmohammed says:

    hi alkajee, i like these aloo tuk as well as arbi but somewhere i had read alloo to be boiled first and pressed in palms and then deep fried. but yours recipes says it is supossed to be fried twise. but i feel yours recipes is much authentic one. still if you can clear the air please. thanks

  4. Dilip Tarachand Bhatia says:

    Dear Alka

    Thank you for all your lovely recipes and wish you all the very best. Have you had a chance to browse through “Panja Khada” which is basic Sindhi/Bhatia cuisine sans onion and garlic.


  5. I LOVE aloo tuk. I must try your method the next time I make these.I also like arbi tuk.

  6. Just dropped by to see whether you are back. Well, I surely miss you Alka Adi 🙂 that is what Sindhis call sister I am sure you know 🙂

    come back soon

    The monsoon season is about to start and that means rain, so here is a verse on rain often repeated by Sindhis:

    Saaiin sadaaeen kareen mathay Sindh sukaar
    Dost mitha dildaar aalam sabh aabad kareen

    (Oh My Lord shower your blessings on Sindh
    Pray bless the entire universe as well)

    This is my rough transaltion of the Sindhi words, any mistake is all mine, the original Sindhi is matchless and timeless…

    • I have tried few of your recipes like dal pakwan , sindhi kadhi just by a random search on google…during the lockdowns period in 2020 and today I decided to cook alu tuk and searche for a recipe by u..and then I came to know about bu not writing any more…’s really sad….cos all your recipes have turned out to be amazing..pls start it again…..u are amazing!!!
      Do reply

  7. Aww, Alka, I am so sorry you’re going away, even for a while, because I so look forward to your delicious recipes. I do hope you have a great time, though, and look forward to seeing you back when you’re ready.
    Take care!

  8. Oh its always so bad to go away taking a short break from things that we love!!! Anyways we shall wait for you to come back!!! Love the paneer bhurji!!! I am so tempted!!!

  9. Come back soon refreshed, rested and raring to go. Will miss your recipes till then.

  10. Lovely potato dish Alka. All the very best.

  11. hey alka ill surly miss your reciepies . do come with a bang n surprise all of us with much more better things . may god be with u
    miss u again . bye take care .

  12. I have been a regular visitor to your site and have enjoyed reading and learning Sindhi cuisine. You will be dearly missed. Hope you return soon. My wishes to you and God Bless!

  13. oh no… i cant bel u r taking a break. i hope u will get back with a bang at the earliest. pls keep posting authentic sindhi recipes. Ur blog is an inspiration to so many. COME BACK !!!!

  14. Hey Alka didi…. u cant go away like this. I am so dependent on ur recipes. I am a sindhi and i love sindhi food that u post, so pleeeease come back for the sake of all of us. We are going to miss u terribly.

  15. Dear Alka,

    I had come across your site just 2 mnths back when I was searching for some sindhi recipes on the net. I liked your site instantly, it made me feel homely and reminded me of the delicious food my mother had cooked for me as a child. I have loved every article of yours and everytime looked fwd to see something new.
    I am really going to miss you !!! you know every time I’m get bored with cooking I read your blog and get refreshed by it. Your recipes look and taste delicious I have tried most of them !!

    I hope you come back soooon with lots more recipes and lots more stories !!!!

    Good bye,

  16. We will miss you.Hope you will be back soon!

  17. Alka, we will all miss your delicious treats dearly! Will be waiting for you to come back.

  18. Hope you are back soon ! We will miss you.

  19. Hey come back soon! All the best for the new chapter 🙂

  20. The took looks so amazing Alka…looking at the crispness i will forget the cals…yummy one.Its really sad to know that you are taking a break…hope to see you back soon with your wonderful recipes again.Will wait until then….take care!

  21. My name is Alka as well – and from one Alka to another, I sure hope to see you soon! I look forward to your recipies.. they are my saviour for dinner parties and potlucks! It has always been a hit! I hope you come back to us soon. I wish you all the best!!

  22. Hey Alka…Hope everything’s well and you are just taking a big-fat break from blogging and hope you wont be away for long.You will be missed,I’m gonna try out your Paneer Bhurji today:)

  23. Its really sad to know that you are taking a break….n dunno for how long!!??But I hope that it wont be too long for the sake of all you blog lovers.
    Thnx a ton for posting this recipe. I had mentioned it in your previous recipe post ( for saibhaji) and was delighted to c it as your next post.

  24. Oh Alka! Why? I am reaching every place really late these days… I will miss you, your posts, & your food. please keep in touch via email. will write to you.

  25. deepak nathani says:

    i had gone through recipe of murbo. I was surprised to see there was no mention of tej patta and kara mirch which are essential to make it

  26. shaikhmohammed says:

    i cant belieave this. abhi to mile hai aur juda bhi ho re hai. anyway all the best for ur future. definetly we will miss u and u rblog. o.k. bye . all the best.

  27. OMG Alka what happened?! Hope all is WELL!!!!!
    You post like the best recipes everrrrrrrrrrrrr……I check your site like every week…..will be waiting to see more recipes but no rush, I totally understand sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do…..
    Hoping to see you back soon and hopefully everything will workout great for you, goodluck!!!!!! 🙂

    Take Care!


  28. Hey, Kabhi alvida na kehna!! Please say “Phir Milenge”. and please come back soon.
    Take care. Will miss you. All the very best.

  29. You will be dearly missed. All the best in the new chapter of your life.

  30. shalini alvares says:

    hi alka,
    very upset to hear this but anyway wish u gud luck in whatever u do. Pls do come back as soon as possible.

  31. Hey girl see you made a whole bunch cry…tell us that you will come back soon ok…enjoy your break and hopefully you would capture lot more delicacies!

  32. Dear Alka,
    I love your blog and your write-up, recipes and wonderful pictures. Thank you for all the good work. I am a frequent visitor of your blog and I will surely miss your updates.

    I sincerely wish you the best in your future endeavors and really really wish to see you back soon.

    Take care and God bless!

  33. Alka dear, you sure will be missed. I will miss your gorgeous photos, interesting sindhi recipes and your engaging write-up.

    wishing that you get what ever you aspire for… For what ever reason the break is, hope to see you back when you feel so. Best wishes to you and your family.

  34. Best of luck, come back soon, you’ll be missed.

  35. hi alka,
    Wish things at ur end get resolved soon and u come back with a bang 🙂 The recipes look mouth watering …the took patata wow! looks superb.
    Take care and stay happy

  36. Please return soon. Will miss your asli Sindhi recipes.Have a great time and enjoy yourself.

  37. Miss you dear… come back….will wait for you… Enjoy your break and recharge to come back with bang……….Recipe’s looks yum…will try that aloo one…..

  38. Will surely miss you.
    And will be back ehre to dogg up the old recipes.
    Hopping to see you back here sooner than later.
    Enjoy your break, short or long.

  39. We will miss ur lovely entries..come back soon..take care..

  40. Well well. I hope you are coming back with a bang, no one expects anything less from you 🙂

    Its summer and summer means mangoes, there isn’t a Sindhi living on the face of the earth who doesn’t like mangoes, so we expect you to come and teach us some delicious mango dishes and create a mango mania. Right now the whole of Sindh is busy sending manog baskets as gifts to friends all over the country and Sindh’s mango growers are busy exporting them to the Far East and Dubai and England.

    Newspapers are running articles to highlight the legendary mango orchard owned by Sindh’s Kachelo family in Mirpur Khas. Sindhri mangoes from the Kachelo garden are considered the king of kings of all of the mango varieties. They are so special that the owners don’t bother to even present them in the annual mango festival held in Mirpur Khas. Even the late Princess Diana had asked that they be sent for her annually.

    So dear Alka come back soon

  41. no good bye..instead, “see u soon”.
    Take care and don’t worry..u can always get back when u feel like it. The blog will always be here! Aloo took looks amazing. I haven’t had it in ages.

  42. Hey Alka, such a disappointing new on the weekend morning 🙁 I hope everything is good at your end. I will going to miss you……….. but as you said, I’m going to try all your recipes………specially Dal Pakwan. Hope to see you soon with lots of more recipes……. Bye and take good care of yours….

  43. Oh no! Just when I have found you and your blog! Hope everything is fine. We will be waiting for you. All the best. 🙂

  44. hey Alka, at first i thought it was a joke, but then guess this is serious. We will miss your posts, recipes and all the interesting write up. Good luck with everything and hope you come back soon 🙂

  45. Hi,
    I will really miss u a lot. Hope to see u soon with a bang and sharing with us grt recipes.Actually ur recipes are grt but by heart ur such a nice person that makes u stand extraordinary.So wishing u all luck and happiness and waiting to see u back soon.

  46. Dear Alka, I am really sorry to see you go and I sincerely hope that you will be back. For the last few months, I have visited your blog frequently and loved your recipes. I am a Sindhi married to a Tamil,residing in the U.S. and your recipes and the pictures take me back to my family in India everytime. I love Sindhi food and so does my husband and my kids. I have loved every post of yours…all the recipes….but there are still some recipes that I would love to see here….so I really hope you would consider coming back someday.
    Take care and good luck

  47. Alka!! Why? I just found you. How could you? But you have my goodwishes until we meet again. Take care of yourself and your family.

    Hopping to see you and your mouth waterring dishes very soon.

  48. I am disappointed at the “good bye” but i am expecting something bigger and much greater things from you

    jai jhulelal


  49. will miss u and ur delightful posts filled with details of sindhi life


  50. Oh dear hope everythings alright..will miss you a lot.
    Potatoes look heavenly, i love fried ones.

  51. You will definitely be missed, but I wish you all the best with your future endeavors. If you ever need an ear to listen, feel free to contact me.

    Potatoes look delicious! Nice one.

  52. Oh No! Alka. Will surely miss you. Good Luck with whatever you are going to be doing in the future.

    This is truly a delicious snack. Potatoes make me weak and I give in every single time. No regrets though, got to enjoy sin some time or the other.

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