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First things first….Hello Everybody…Hope everything around you is working just fine. For me….umm…I am kept madly occupied with crazy things here, and no..i am not here today to crib for petty issues.I know each one of you struggles with life on daily basis, so lets forget about ugliness around and talk about some good things…Shall we?

Well i cannot move ahead without Thanking all the lovely people around here, who kept in touch with me viaΒ  comments, Emails, Twitter, Facebook , orkut etc. I am Overwhelmed !
This is not my proper comeback, its just that i find it hard to resist Jugalbandi’s Click , so despite of utter chaos around me, i was tempted to click one for this month’s theme…STACKS.
So Jai & Bee, this one is for you guys…though i know that fried stuff is considered inedible thing in your Lexicon, i couldn’t hold myself to click this, when i made some Sabudana wadas.To compensate for the unhealthy fried thingiessss, there is some Tomato and spiced paneer slices, and some Mango cubes, and yeah some spiced yogurt drizzled over wadas…
all stacked up :-)…..A perfect match for the rainy season here……


So enjoy this dear readers, while i gear up for upcoming hurdles in my life.No …Do not worry…its just a shifting of home to a completely new place, that is driving us crazy, so just give me some more time to adjust to my surroundings before i revert back to blogging.
Till then do keep in touch, and enjoy good food, good life !

Ps:Nowadays i am constantly worried about what to pack in my kid’s lunchbox , coz his new school have two lunch breaks, and he refuses to
eat lunch , after coming back home. So i have to pack some good healthy stuff, to ensure that he is getting his daily dose of nutritious food.
So can you all, the innovative mothers(and fathers/aunts/sisters etc.) share some good ideas about Kid’s Lunchbox, keeping in mind that his school do not provide facilities like food warmer or MW.
I am planning a food event with the same theme, but till i breathe some peaceful moments to work upon that, do keep pouring all your suggestions.If possible do send me the pictures of packed lunchbox, to give me some idea , how to pack particular things.And please..No pastas, maggies etc.
I will anxiously wait for all the suggestions and tips on that. So do share with me some workable Recipes for kid’s Lunchbox.My Email Id is
Until we meet again, Good bye and take care !

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21 thoughts on “Back For Click

  1. first time here through FB..
    loved your blog and writings, will come back for sure to read more.
    BTW keep blogging even if it is a bit infrequent..

  2. Hey I know you are very buzy with shifting job but its nice to hear from you after so many days … Nice click & do come back soon with all your spirit …Take care …

  3. welcome back Alka. hope your new surroundings are as pleasant as the ones you leave behind.
    keep up the good work and keep the hungry folks salivating.

  4. I know how this whole shifting process can drive anyone crazy. Anyways, hope everything goes well with you. Take care.

  5. A stack full of goodness!

  6. Hiiiiiiiiiii! wellcome back

    Nice to see something new, I knew you’d take time out.
    Well as for packing a kiddie lunch, then how about an uphrata roll with mango milk and/or make a mango crepe (this is a french version of what Sindhis call chilla, only they add eggs to the chilla (u can omit the egg if you want a vegan version), and they fill it with a salasa like salad, you can take advantage of the mango season and fill the crepe with mango cubes. that is just two suggestions. I think the good old uphrata is much better than the western style baked bread which is just air with no energy, but again it all depends on what the child actually likes to eat.
    take care,

  7. Welcome Back..Nice click..looks so gud

  8. Shifting is such a hassle Alka. Wish everything goes smoothly for you. I too will be facing the same issue reg. lunch from Sept onwards. My son will be going full day and he has already told me that he wants only pizza.

  9. I sent a similar stack too πŸ™‚

    By the way, your paneer dish has been chosen as Recipe of the Day on The Recipe Diary πŸ™‚ Do come and check it out!

  10. Alka glad to see you , even tho for a little while:-) what a delicious CLICK!

    i am going pretty much crazy with my routine, & it is hot enough here to get ourselves cooked. Enjoy your new home & shopping, then come back here with full spirit!

  11. hi Alka,
    good to see u back, the click is so very beautiful and tempting πŸ™‚ great job! best wishes to u πŸ™‚

  12. bad bad bad girl. yummy vadas. thanks for your entry and enjoy your new home. alka, pls. check your camera settings. when your pic comes into my inbox, it’s turned sideways. happened the last time too. i don’t know if the problem is at your end or with gmail.

  13. Hi Alka…nice to see u back with this great click!
    Good luck with your move!

  14. That’s one awesome click!

  15. Awesome click! Best of luck with the move! πŸ™‚

  16. pretty..I esp. like the tomato and paneer..I love nut butters Alka. They are super easy to make at home and are a protein packed meal.

  17. Nice click. I am happy you are back.

  18. Its good to hear from u . Will surely try to share with u some recipes ….waiting to see u soon .

  19. What a click Alka..!!
    Enjoy your time.

  20. Welcome back, as I belong to F&B Dept. hence ur recipes and site is very informative and intresting my whole family members do enjoy and prepare food as per recipes.
    wish u good luck

  21. I did not think you could stay away from us. welcome back.

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