Gulabjamun and a comeback

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Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. I never knew I could stay away from blogging this long. After  I bid Goodbye to Blogging in June, I thought things will go on smoothly and I will resume blogging in no matter of time.But I was wrong !

Shifting to a new Home is no mean task, and it did take away all my time and energy , so much that I was neither cooking anything great nor clicking anything to show off. I almost gave up the hope of turning to Blogging again, since I neither had any enthusiasm to cook something different nor the patience to dust off the camera for the photo shoot.

But it is really hard to stay away from lovely bloggers and sweet visitors who kept dropping Emails and messages , asking me ,when will I be back. No matter how cliche this may sound, but I am really touched. I have so much to share with you all, about our new home, about  family, my kid, his new school, about the new places I visited in past few months, new friends I made (Both online and In person), the ups and downs of life , the roller coasters of emotions I went through…so much to share and so little time to pen down my thoughts in words.  My blog was a source of much personal thoughts and feelings, and it was therapeutic to write them down helping towards exorcising them in the process.”

Yes, right now I am in great hurry to move ahead , since in all the hustle bustle of life, I failed to realize that the deadline to participate in Click -The food photography event hosted by jugalbandits,  is just round the corner. So without any further delay , here are some pictures of Gulabjamuns that I made few days back.

The Recipe is coming up in next post..promise…. I know its too late for asking this, but can you all help me in deciding which one to send for Click. I have only one day to decide, so would appreciate a quick response.

This month Jai and Bee came up with a wonderful theme…Heirloom, and I guess Gulabjamun, an Oh-so-popular sweet delicacy from India, fit the bill, isn’t it?Moreover the bowl that is holding these Jhamu (As we call it in Sindhi) is a sweet gift from my hubby’s Grandmother, passed on to us as a token of love on House warming Day, when we shifted to our new place. More about this Deep fried flour ball, soaked in rose watery sugar syrup, in upcoming post. Right now just look around the pictures of this sweet bomb and help me decide about the most suitable entry of the lot.





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29 thoughts on “Gulabjamun and a comeback

  1. […] from scratch. Srivalli had suggested 3 recipes one from Yum Blog, second from Indo and third from Alka . I followed Alka’s recipe to make Gulab jamun since it uses less quantity of milk, but she has […]

  2. wow Alka..gulabjamun’s look awesome . They are one of my favorite and I never imagined they can look so amazing when made at home.

  3. ummmm perfect start for morning yummy jamuns

  4. Hi Alka. Though I got introduced to you through FB, this is the first time I am visiting your blog. It’s great to hear that you will be blogging again.
    The Jamun have turned out well, nicely firm, perfect colour and shape.
    Do find time to visit my blog, would love to hear from you dear.

  5. Hi Alka
    Welcome back the jamnu look fatastic just a request for danbetes can I substitute the sugar to splenda or equal what do u say ?????

  6. Hey Alka. Welcome back, we missed you and your wonderful recipes, hope you are going to stay long. The 2nd pic is perfect and waiting impatiently for the recipe.

  7. Welcome back!! wonderful pics, was missing ur blog and wonderful recipes v much!! about pics well — the first, third and the last one are perfect :), looking forward to the recipe for jamuns.

  8. Hello,
    Welcome back . Grt to see u again . I like the first pic of gulab jamun. I really looking forward for a recipe. Really i am very happy to see u again,cannot express by words.

  9. Hi Alka,
    Nice to see you back. Nice clicks of the Gulab Jamun.Your 1st 2 pics are really good and very well focused.

  10. Hi Alka, So nice to see u back! Can hardly wait for the recipe.

  11. Hi Alka, Welcome back. The last pic looks just perfect !

  12. Hey Alka! Great to see you back! Waiting for the recipe. I like the third snap. 🙂

  13. vinita chugani says:

    Welcome , I glad u r back, good luck. The gulabjamuns look yummy.

  14. Welcome back! The jamun’s look mouthwatering, they are a favorite of mine 🙂

  15. Hi Alka,

    Welcome back. The 1st picture is by far the best in its tonal qualities and grouping though the shape of the yummy gulab jamun in picture 2 and 3 is different from the picture but overall the picture no.1 is the one you are recommended to opt for. Good Luck.

  16. Hi Alka, Welcome back. Missed your lovely recipes, but just in time to give us recipes of all the yummy mithais for Diwali.
    I liked the second picture of the Gulab Jamun.
    Cheers and keep smiling.

  17. Soft jamuns looks prefect and gorgeous, glad to see you back Alka!

  18. Welcome back! Look forward to the recipe and many more on your blog.

  19. Its such a lovely looking soft jamuns…looking very delicious

  20. shaikhmohammed says:

    hi, this is great post (gulab jamun) and i belive it is absulately aproprite on coming back episode. dear alka welcome back. i m indeed happy to see you again as i was missing you. hope this time you stay with us for a long. thanks

  21. Alka ji!
    All the snaps of Gulab Jamun are fantastic and mouth watering.I do also prepare GJ from Khoya, maida and chenna.I regularly visit ur website in search of authentic sindhi recipes.
    I req U to watch my Rasgulla videos on youtube and leave ur valuable comments. Part 1 Part 2
    Dr Rajesh, Ahmedabad

  22. welcome back with such lovely sweet treats…
    1st pic is good..

  23. Welcome back, Gulab juman bang on time its festive time 🙂 . I like the first and the last Photo.

  24. Welcome back Alka!!!! I am so happy to see you blogging again:)

  25. welcome back Alla, with a sweet mouth and sweet face. We did not think you could stay away from us for long time.

  26. Dear Dear Alka, am i glad to see you back.. hugs to you & don’t stop now:-D

    Sweet bombs indeed.. i will be waiting for the recipe from the scratch, hubby has been wanting to do it for a long time… even went to the extent of frying a ‘sandesh’ !!! & soaking it in syrup:-D

    I like the 2nd one & the last one.

  27. hi, welcome back, nice to see your receipes, as u asked which picture i like it is the top one, that looks good, wait for your receipe. take care.

  28. Great comeback with glowing yummy looking jamuns!

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