An Event Announcement~30 Best Recipes of year 2010

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Some time back when I received a mail from Abraham Chacko, asking me whether I would like to co- host an event “30 Best Recipes of 2010“, I was both surprised and shocked. Surprised coz, I was actually unaware of this lovely couple, Susan and Abraham, having a lovelier place called “Chackos Kitchen“. Checking their blog made me drool over many recipes and the best thing is the way each  recipe is explained…crisp clear method, and so easy to follow instructions !.Wow..I thought…it would be great co-hosting an event with them !

But Shocked I was , to hear that  hosting this event would require me to judge some of the best recipes of 2010. How difficult that would be!!! Judging ?? me?? he might be kidding, I thought !

But when I came to know that there are two more hosts associated with this event, I was bit in control of my fears, and felt, that I can manage with so many people around to help me..I mean, you know how I am…always in a dilemma when given options to choose from 😉

And dear readers of this blog, let me share my pleasure of coming across two yet another awesome blogs, that would be co-hosting this event along with Susan and Abraham and yours truly…..“Thas” yeah, thats what Thasneen likes to be called, and I just loved her first line of intro...” I surprise myself with Cooking! ” She has a lovely blog with step by step pics, too…I just checked some of her recipes and oh My!…I felt hunger pangs even after  having a hearty dinner moments ago!

And last, but not the least, Smita of ‘ Little Food Junction’, with her amazing creativity found yet another Fan of her, in me ! She is a  graphic designer pro, painter, salad artist, poetry writer and a great mom all rolled in one. The way she arranges her food is simply unbelievable …you must, MUST visit her blog if you have fussy eaters at home (and of course otherwise too !).

Now coming to the event, This is to call the lovely bloggers out there, to submit their best of best recipes for this event, and you might find your recipe in TOP 30 Recipes of the year 2010.

Here’s what Abraham shares with us about the event…

Year-End is Where the Fun Begins!! Year end ranking madness has begun and at Chacko’s Kitchen it is no different. Carrying on with the success of 2009, this year four of us have decided to replicate the same to create ‘The 30 Best Recipes of 2010’. Read here The 30 Best Recipes of 2009.

This event will be co-hosted by four of us ;

Abraham and Susan of Chacko’s Kitchen
Alka of Sindhi Rasoi
Smita of Little Food Junction
Thasneen of Thas Cooking


  1. Must write or tweet about this on their  Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and their own blog/website.
  2. Participating Bloggers must mail us the LINK of the published recipe ONLY (within the time-frame, as mentioned below)
  3. Participating Bloggers send their LINK as comment to any ONE Host ONLY.
  4. Participating Bloggers can send in a maximum of TWO posts; and both must be send to the same HOST.
  5. Once a recipe is selected in the magical list of ’30’; the blogger MUST post a LOGO. The HTML tag for this logo will be mailed to you once the selection is done.

best Indian recipes


  1. The participating blog (as a whole) MUST have been on the web at least since 31 Dec.2009.
  2. Recipe send by the bloggers must have been published on their blog on or after 1 Jan 2010 and not later than the entry closing date. The recipe send for this event could have been posted for any other event as well.
  3. Event START DATE: 1 OCT 2010 / Event CLOSING DATE: 25 NOV 2010.Results are expected to be announced  by 2nd week of December.
  4. Must not have any offensive remarks or comments against other bloggers, persons, religions or politics, on the recipe post.
  5. Must be posted by the blog/website owner; not a guest post.
  6. Must write a few lines and let us and the readers, know why you like this recipe so much (do you have any sentimental or nostalgic value to it?).
  7. Recipe post would go through the following selection process:
  • 40 Marks on Photos (presentation / Number of photos / clutter free photos / step-by-step process photos)
  • 30 Marks on the recipe (clarity of steps / ease of use for a non-blogger and for those who cook sparingly)
  • 20 Marks on the bloggers note about the recipe post .
  • 5 Marks on the number of comments accumulated.
  • 5 Marks on the presentation of the whole recipe post itself .

8. Judges decision is final.

9. Participating Bloggers send their LINK only as comment to any ONE Host ONLY.

10. Participating Bloggers can send in a maximum of TWO posts; and both must be send to the same HOST.

1. The Hosts select based on the above criteria (especially on the points system).
2. Each individual will be notified by email.
3. Once selected these Bloggers would have to copy and paste the HTML code send to their email id, onto their blog homepage.

If you have any queries please do mail or post a comment and we all will be happy to help !

The doors are now open to the best-of-the-best!!

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3 thoughts on “An Event Announcement~30 Best Recipes of year 2010

  1. Nice event. I wish I could participate, but my blog has not been online since Dec 2009, so I will wait for next time 🙂

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