Suandhro Ain Beeh |Dried tender drumsticks with lotus stem

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dried drumsticks with lotus stem

It seems like ages since I last shared a recipe here ! Life appears to be like a calender being flipped crazily, changing moments into days, days into weeks and weeks into months! And when life seems like a mad rush of events, I tend to switch off my mind towards what’s happening around and distill my thoughts to get a clear picture and a focused vision. That’s what was happening around in past few months  and hence the hiatus! But at the back end some really exciting projects came into my way and I tried to give my best to each of them. Stay connected to know all about those projects, related to Sindhi cuisine !

Now lets talk about today’s recipe….Suandhro Ain Beeh (Dried Tender drumsticks with lotus stem) curry is a traditional Sindhi curry. If you haven’t tasted it before, chances are that the flavors wont excite your palate in the maiden attempt. But gradually the taste sinks in and you will probably start craving for this earthy flavored curry, in course of time.

From its appearance, Suandhro looks strikingly similar to Rajasthani  Sangri (Khejri, Prosopis Cineraria) . Not very sure if both are same, but then the little information that we have on internet, suggests that Sangri is called Kandi in Sindh and it is probably different from  Suandhro. The ‘research’ is on, and I will update you all if i reach to any other conclusion. So for now, assuming that Suandhro refers to dried (very) tender drumsticks, lets head towards the recipe.

suandro, swandhro , dried tender drumsticks with lotus stem

Suandhro Ain Beeh |Dried tender drumsticks with lotus stem
Recipe type: Maincourse
Serves: 3
Cook time:
Total time:
Suandhro Ain Beeh (Dried tender drumsticks and Lotus stem) is a Sindhi style curry with earthy flavors, spiked with Garam masala powder and black pepper powder
  • Suandhro (Dried Tender Drumsticks) 1 cup
  • Lotus stem 100-150 gm
  • Onion 2 small
  • Tomatoes 2 small
  • Curd 2 heaped tsp
  • Ginger 1'' piece
  • Green chilies 2 (or as many preferred)
  • Turmeric powder ½ tsp
  • Coriander powder 1 heaped tsp
  • Garam masala powder ¾ tsp
  • Freshly ground black pepper powder ¾ tsp (or less)
  • Salt
  • Oil 1tbsp
  1. Rinse well and soak Suandhro for 6 hours. Pressure cook it with some water till 3-4 whistles of pressure cooker. Cool and drain water. You can use this water to cook the curry further or discard it if you want to tone down the bitter flavors.
  2. You can cut off the soaking time if you have microwave. Just take a microwave safe bowl, put rinsed Suandhro and pour about 2 cups of water. Microwave this on 'High' for around 6 minutes or till the dried suandhro swell up well and then pressure cook it as explained above.
  3. Similarly, clean and prepare lotus stem. Here again thoroughly wash the stem and get rid of the mud. Cut it into ½ inch thick slants.The pores of stem, if still muddy, could be cleaned with tooth picks, or soak them in warm water and hold them under running tap for few seconds to wash away any residual mud. Pressure cook stem pieces with some salt and water for 3-4 whistles of cooker.Depending upon the quality and thickness the cooking time varies. The beeh is supposed to be done when it pass the skewer test.(Pierce a tooth pick or tip of knife, and it should easily slide in). Drain beeh and keep aside.
  4. Now in a pressure cooker, pour 1 tbsp oil and add chopped onions. Saute till light brown in colour.
  5. Add chopped tomatoes, ginger, green chillies, curd and mix well. Cook on high heat .
  6. Add the drained Suandhro , salt, turmeric powder and coriander powder. Cook well till all the moisture evaporates and tomatoes are cooked well. In this process the swelled up suandhro will now look like mashed stuff.
  7. Finally add cooked beeh, garam masala powder and black pepper powder. Add around ½ cup of warm water and close the lid of pressure cooker. Lower the flame and let the curry cook under pressure, on low flame, for around 10 minutes or so. This curry is generally of a semi dry to dry consistency.
  8. Garnish with coriander leaves and some more black pepper and serve it with roti or steamed rice.
Suandhro is generally available in Kiryana stores or Pasari shops , especially the ones in Sindhi dominated areas like Ulhasnagar, Chembur (Mumbai) Pune etc.


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7 thoughts on “Suandhro Ain Beeh |Dried tender drumsticks with lotus stem

  1. Hi I came across this site accidentally and felt on love with it in one go… This reciepe caught my attention but I hv a small confusion ,,, u mean singhi… That’s is drumsticks or suandhro which is drumsticks flowers …. We all use fresh or dried suandhro so please clear my doubt dear. What we need to use

  2. Simply awesome, love when a new dish gets added.

  3. suandhro is sungree and its origin is from the rajistan belt and its 2be found in khipro and thar

  4. u back after long time alka? Nice Recipe 🙂 i wish i could find lotus stem here

  5. Alka, I have never tasted this bhaji..I will definitely try it out when I am back home.
    Looks delicious.I always buy my special Sindhi groceries in Khar..near the station there is a Sindhi pasari.

  6. Now is it those dark small thin stick like thing the dried tender drumsticks.

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