Celebrating Food Blogger’s Day With Sanjeev Kapoor

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November 6th 2012, a day chosen to be celebrated as Food Blogger’s day, a day chosen to make us (The food bloggers) feel special, the day when your’s truly got yet another chance to meet Mr Sanjeev Kapoor….the day when Mumbai food bloggers were invited to be with Sanjeev sir, the day of fun, food and laughter ! Surely the day is now etched in the memories of most of us who got this wonderful opportuinity to meet Sanjeev sir at his Office/Studio!

The Office/Studio

The thrill of meeting one of your idol, makes you go bonkers ! And you hate yourself when you babble and fumble when the moment arrives ! It was hard to maintain an attitude of grace and composure when your idol recollects your name and identity. You just feel like yelling a ‘Wow’..and well, we all uttered the three letter word ‘Wow’ plenty number of times during the hours that we got to spend with Sanjeev Sir.
The session began with formal introduction by Rushina M G and then Sanjeev Sir came to each of us for one-to-one introduction. He put in lots of efforts to remember our names and also shared some rib-tickling incidences related to it. The ‘ice’ was ‘melting’ and soon every one  became comfortable in his presence. We all were gazing curiously at the ‘Mystery box’ sort of plated ingredients and were wondering what he is up to. Soon he did something capricious..yeah, instead of giving a cooking demo himself, he asked for two set of volunteers and made them cook on the spot with the ingredients available. The volunteers very sportingly took up the challenge and while they were struggling to cook and plate something impressive, Sanjeev Sir continued sharing his experiences  that were a blend of hilarious, amusing, inspiring and challenging ones !

Then came the interesting part. After the teams cooked ‘Mushroom Risotto’ and ‘ Meat Kebabs (Galawat)’ , SK plated these in somewhat unusual way….. since the theme was ‘GolGappe‘,  everything that was made, was served in Golgappas . The Spoonful of flavorful risotto stuffed in puffed puris and placed over a shot glass filled with basil tomato cold soup..it surely appeared appetizing !
Similarly, the kebabs were crumbled and stuffed in puris, to be chased with Minty buttermilk served in cute glasses…amazing , isn’t it?

Kebab stuffed puffed puris to be chased with Minty-lemony-buttermilk

Next in the queue was the dessert…some Motichoor ladoos, crumbled nicely, and mixed with melted chocolate and cream mixture,  looked like chocolate pearls, and these donned a puffed puri stuffed avatar. Obviously these were also supposed to be chased with some drink..and hence a concoction of  chocolate, cream and espresso coffee was served along with the chocolate pearls stuffed puris !

And now came the moment that excites a food blogger in a way that nothing else could do..clicking the pictures of the well styled food ! The cameras clicked from all the possible angles twisting and turning food to suit over own individual angles and style of capturing food pictures.It was chaotic to say the least, but we all were surely enjoying the madness!

Each blogger wanted to freeze these moments of  ‘Thirty seconds of fame’ and hence each one got himself/herself clicked with ever-obliging SK who made sure to address each one of us, with our first name :-).


A food blogger’s meet would be incomplete without having  a hearty spread of food to hog upon ! So we all were ready to sink out fork and teeth into a delicious spread.

The Buffet ! Food and Picture courtesy Sanjeev Kapoor

The Menu was :

  • ThaliPeeth With Kharda (Chutney)
  • American corn Sevpuri
  • Tikka Pita Paneer (For vegetarians)
  • Tikka Pita Chicken (Nonveg)
  • Khullad Biryani (Veg and Non veg)
  • Mirchi Ka saalan
  • Lulla Mussa Dal with Brown rice
  • Jamun Bappa Doi
  • Motichoor GolGappa Espresso

The chit chat session continued for a while and Sk shared some more inspirational thoughts about using  our blogger power wisely. He shared some more incidences and thoughts and we all sat there listening to this man, in person, the one, we grew up watching on Television, Sunday after Sunday, with his mesmerizing smile and the almost patent dialogue….’Khana khazana dekhney waalon ko Sanjeev Kapoor ka pyar bhara namaskar’!

The meet ended with a personalized autographed group picture of ours, and a token of love in the form of Sk’s special Pineapple raisin chutney, bottled up cutely, along with a recipe on a lovely scroll and Diyas for Diwali !

And here is the support system of Sk..a team that works really hard !

Thanks Sanjeev sir and Rushina M for letting us live our dream moments !


To know about my first meet with Sanjeev Kapoor, click here !

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Food Blogger’s Day With Sanjeev Kapoor

  1. […] Slather some butter or jam and enjoy the fresh and healthier home baked brown bread . I  enjoyed it with the Raisins and Pineapple Chutney, courtesy sir Sanjeev kapoor ! […]

  2. Wow ! you ladies are sure the luckiest..how sad that I was not in Mumbai at this time.
    These are cherishable memories for all of you.

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