12 awesome Sindhi food combinations that you must try

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When it comes to food, some matches are made in heaven! Here are some of the most delicious Sindhi food combinations that you must try if you really want to taste the true flavors of Sindhi cuisine. Ranging from humble dal rice to ‘inspired’ macaroni curry, from soul soothing Kadhi -rice to signature Saibhaji pulav, here is an exhaustive, lip-smacking list of all the favorite meal combinations of Sindhi people. Enjoy!

Before I forget, please take a note that eating a Sindhi papad and some pickle with many of the  meals mentioned here, will give you that authentic ‘Sindhi maani‘ (meal) feel !

1) Dal- Pakwan : Nutty, mushy dal scooped with crispy crunchy pakwan, with a dash of mint coriander chutney is a hands down winner when it comes to the most popular signature Sindhi breakfast.


To get the recipe of dal pakwan click  here

2) Koki-Papad: Almost a staple Sindhi breakfast, thick spiced up roti called Koki  is often had with papad. Grab some hot chai or chilled yogurt and you will end up eating a quick fix, filling and most satisfying breakfast. If you are lucky enough, you can fetch some spicy dal moong from the nearby thela.


To get recipe of Koki, click here

3) Seyun- patata: The sweet, rich, vermicelli with savory shallow fried, soft, spicy potato chunks is yet another favorite combination. A must try!!

Sevaiyan or sweet vermicelli

To get the recipe of Seyun patata, click here

4) Chaap- Chola : Get over the regular aloo tikki with ragda; the Sindhi chaap chola made from the patties stuffed with boiled and spiced chana dal, and shallow fried till crisp, tastes divine. Topped with spicy, flavorsome kabuli chana curry, chutney and crunchy raw onions, this street food will surely blow your mind!


For recipe of chaap chola, click here

5) The mighty Sindhi Kadhi- chaanwaran:Enough said !!!


For the recipe of Kadhi chaanwaran, click here:

6) Saibhaji – Bhuga chaanwaran, kachalu tuk

Healthy and wholesome, this delicious Sindhi style spinach subzi tastes awesome with rice cooked with caramelized onions. The sinful, crispy double fried arbi adds an element of crunchiness. Have it with some traditional Sindhi pickle and the I bet you will crave for this kind of meal again and again!


For the recipe of Sindhi saibhaji and bhugha chaanwaran, click here

7) Tidali Dal- Dodo: Another healthy combination where the simple nutty flavors of three kind of lentils compliment well with patted sorghum roti. A rustic meal that is best enjoyed with some raw onions and side dish of your choice.

Tidali dal

For the recipe of Tidali dal, click here

8) Ghyarsi Dodo- Bhaji: This satvik, fasting food, a classic combination of sauri flour roti (Doda) with tangy, peppery, tamarind flavored potato and lotus stem curry might just turn out to be a reason to start observing the Ekadashi fast 🙂

Gyarsi_Dodo copy

For recipe of gyarsi dodo ain bhaji, click here:

9) Tayri-Vangan patata:This sweetened rice flavored with fennel seeds, Kopra and black raisins is a sacred food for Sindhis. Served as prasad on all auspicious occasions, this tayri /tairi tastes great with Vangan patata (Brinjal and Potato curry).


To check the recipe of Tayri, click here :

10) Varyun waara Chaanwaran ain Macroli  phoolpatasha: Spicy Amritsari wadi cooked with caramelized onions and rice, when served with macaroni (yes, pasta sneaked into our kitchens eons ago!) and  fox nut seeds curry, will blow up your taste buds !

 veg pulav with badi or sundried lentil cakes

To get the recipe of Varyun waara chaanwaran, click here

 11) Degh waara Chaanwaran ain Bhee patata:A traditional food cooked on logs during wedding ceremonies, this smoky spiced up rice with lotus stem and potato curry was one of the reason that non Sindhis  used to  gate crash Sindhi ceremonies !


To get this awesome recipe, click here !

12) Seero Malpuro:The rich syrupy fried Malpuras with equally rich, melt-in-the-mouth semolina halwa is such a heady combination. Ever tried it?

Malpura or malpua, malpuva

To get the recipe of Seero malpuro, click here

And to wind it up, this Sindhi Thali that is capable enough to send you into a food coma !

Indian Food Thali

Starting from roti, in clock wise direction:

Did I miss out anything? Do let me know via comments and I will try to add it to the list 🙂

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65 thoughts on “12 awesome Sindhi food combinations that you must try

  1. Anchal Luthriya says:

    Awesome sindhi food blog .

  2. What is swandro and dingri

  3. Mayuri Meghani says:

    hi…..! Can you please add chillo in sindhi recipe , tariyal vangan(fried brinjal) and puri with tariyal patata.

  4. Hi.
    Can you also post the recipe for jajar (gajar/carrot) pickle …sindhi style achar i thnk vinegar is added and its syrupy…
    Hv seen ur thali n other recipes …feeling so nostalgic….

  5. Where is Whole some Sindhi Thali available in Mumbai???

  6. Awesome recipes Thank you

  7. Asha Makhijani says:

    Y97 have forgotten GHATHIYAIN JI CURRY. It is very yam I.

  8. N V Ramamurthy says:

    Alka, you’ve forgotten to mention the SIGNATURE mithai of Sindh…. I forget its name….but made of sev and mava…. favourite of Sindhis during Diwali at Khar and Andheri etc.

    It can replace “Seero Malpuro” hands down.
    What say? (Kiya.n, sahi toh lage na?)

  9. Jyoti Manwani says:

    My cousin shared this blog today, while going through all those mouth watering dishes and comments, felt to say thank you for making nostalgic about so many memories attached with these dishes.

    • Archana Chhabria says:

      My mom use to make in Sindhi sonjare ka Gul, drumsticks Gul…that bhaji was so delicious….but I have forgotten the recipe… please guide..

  10. Kavita dadlani says:

    Very popular for breakfast is Seyal Mani and saye masala bread.

  11. Chandru Kriplani says:

    What about Palo, gosht daba rooti bookyoon kapoora?

  12. Pooja Kukreja says:

    Tayri Saag is also one of the traditional dish which is yum.

  13. yogesh moolpani says:

    All dishes I like so much
    If sindhi restaurants in every mall then people also know the sindi dishi and cultur

  14. Tani Aruna Sadarangani says:

    Yaav a jo saag–as in wedding subzi..which tastes great with tairi has bee(lotus stem) alu baingan
    With palak chuka ….yumm!
    Also bhugggi dal with pickles and roti

  15. swati dadlani says:

    Loli with Bassar kotmirr mirch with annardhana
    and also bughal bhaji with lotus stem meha and potato
    Mirch bhajiya and lotus stem bhajiya

  16. Naresh Bellani says:

    stay connect to the roots.. . khirni.. daal moong.. kunne ja beeh… beeh ja pakoda.. sanha pakoda.. tikki..foodney ji chutney..
    tidaal…phulko. .maahin jo seero… and everybodys favourite…. Halwo…

  17. Please share the recepi for aur wara khatta onion pickle. I think we also call it paani waro sandhyal basar. Thanks

  18. When will I get to taste all the lovely sindhi food presented


    Dont forget our traditional food gwar patata and singhi patata….

  20. Smita Gurnani says:

    Seyal bread or seyal fulka… quick breakfast recipe!

  21. Kaushy Lal says:

    3 cheers for your page jeeye muhinjee Sindh ……!

  22. May be you forgot The killer ‘ besani bhaaji’
    Lola and achaar combo is also too much..

  23. Great collection n description of some Sindhi Classics. I also love Swanjhro and khatto bhat.

  24. TAKDIR APTE says:


  25. Sneha rode says:

    Nice dishes…I’ll definitely try dal pakwan

  26. Priya Ailani says:

    I would like to add in the list..
    Mung dal paratha, Kupar and mithi tikki with mango picke ( Thadi Rodi)

  27. Sunita Lakhani says:

    Mung daal Jo phulko, meetho lolo, aci palak will be ideal combination.

  28. Sunita Lakhani says:

    Daal Jo Phulko, Meetho Lolo and aci palak will be ideal combination.

  29. Thanks for sindhi famous varieties !

  30. I would love to add Seyal Bhesan Jun Tikkyun. The most favourite in my list.

  31. Our famous combination also is seero malpuro

  32. Sushil Inderlal says:

    To be in touch with sindhi food lovers would be simply amazing.

  33. what a awesome thali! Drooling.
    Alka I am doing a Sindhi A-Z , looking for recipes with alphabets like Ę, I , X and Y. Do you think you can think of something? Thanks a ton.

  34. Dal mung bread and mutter paav are also famous Sindhi nashta at our ulhasnagar

  35. Nice blog, may be if you could also suggest good eating joints in India which caters sindhi food. I still can’t find a restaurant serving sindhi cuisine in Delhi 🙁

    • Hello Jatin ji,
      I am trying to compile a list of all possible places where one can find Sindhi food, be it streets,shops or large and small eateries. Do check it here:
      I wish someone from Delhi can let us know if there are any Sindhi food joints there.

      • chitra bhatia says:

        Hellow Jatin and Alka,

        I am Chitra from Delhi and you r right.No single Sindhi Joint is there in Delhi and I am also trying to contact if anyone is ready to open a food outlet at lest for sindhi breakfast / snacks. There are lot of combinations available viz a viz Saiun patata, Pakwan daal, Sahal Bread, Sahal phulka, Koki, Satpudo and baide ji bhujj, mungan ji daal jo parantho (daal pai), Mungan jo parantho sayi thoom varo dodo with butter, Sai thoom wari koki with butter etc. etc.

      • There used to be a little Sindhi hotel outside BHU campus which BHU-students regularly visited (I ate there once; good food). Don’t know if it is still around.

    • Meghna jumpal says:

      Every Sunday you can have Sindhi thali for lunch only at guru Krupa at SION it’s a very big joint and also you will get dal pakwan ever morning

  36. Kavita Amarnani says:

    Great work and detailing.. Maybe missed out on mitho lolo and sarhain ji bhaji… And of course, all the yummy non- veg options: gosht dabroti, seyal machhi, pava, chops… Would love it if you could share some lost non- veg recipes..

  37. bhavna Kewalramani says:

    Guar pakora
    Gobi pataya & sukkhi khichni
    3 daali dal & guar.

  38. mitali thavani says:

    Hi u firgot to mention the famous recipe “Baat”

  39. Please do link to the recipes you have featured in the thali..:)

    • Done ! Have linked those that are up on blog.The rest (ladoo and tosha) were store brought but I do have those recipes in case you need to make these sweets at home. Papd and kheecha (rice poppadom) too were store brought !

      • Hello,

        Is it possible for you to post the recipe for making “Kheecha”? I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but would still like to give it a try. If not, do you know what is “Chaniyo”, that is added to make Kheecha, called in English?


  40. Alka, you got me drooling over with all those fantastic pictures..I am now floating in a food coma!..that thali is something I am planning to make!..

  41. So nice to see all our traditional recipe combos…I crave for so many things that we don’t get here in Brazil. I do try to bring as much as possible during my visits to India.

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